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Alaska Division of Elections will continuously evaluate membership in ERIC, with no final decision to stay

No final decision and no decision final: The Alaska Division of Elections is evaluating its membership in the ERIC database system, which is the Electronic Registration Information Center that helps states keep their voter rolls accurate.

Nine of 33 member states have dropped out of ERIC membership because of concerns about the organization’s partisan origins, current political biases, connections with leftist groups, and various data policies that appear to favor Democrats.

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The Pew Charitable Trusts, which gets funding from George Soros, was party to the creation of ERIC with an initial grant, but has no official role with the organization currently. Yet suspicions remain. Pew Charitable Trusts has given grants to several states — including Alaska under former Gov. Bill Walker — to take part in ERIC.

Earlier this year, three more states — MissouriFlorida and West Virginia — left ERIC. Then Ohio and Iowa left at the same time. Recently, the Texas legislature passed a bill to withdraw from ERIC. That bill has passed both the House and Senate.

That leaves only 24 states and the District of Columbia that will be part of the ERIC information-sharing system by this fall.

“As Secretary of State, I have an obligation to protect the personal information of Florida’s citizens, which the ERIC agreement requires us to share,” said Florida Secretary of State, Cord Byrd, when Florida withdrew on March 6. “Florida has tried to back reforms to increase protections, but these protections were refused. Therefore, we have lost confidence in ERIC.”

“I cannot justify the use of Ohio’s tax dollars for an organization that seems intent on rejecting meaningful accountability, publicly maligning my motives, and waging a relentless campaign of misinformation about this effort,” Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose wrote in his letter explaining the separation from ERIC.

Alaska officials, however, are continuously weighing the value of staying, because the information is still valuable to law enforcement officers who are investigating voter fraud, officials said. But these officials are keenly aware that as fewer states participate, the value diminishes.

The dues to belong may be also higher with fewer participants.

The remaining members of ERIC are:

(Iowa leaves June 2023)
New Jersey
New Mexico
(Ohio leaves June 2023)
Rhode Island
South Carolina
(Texas has voted to leave, date uncertain)
(Virginia leaves August 2023)

District of Columbia

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. A very bad excuse, since this state doesn’t prosecute voter fraud. Kind of like littering, deficating in public, indecent exposure, ect.

  2. Why would we take a chance on giving personal information to unknown entities? Seems like we are in bed with information scavengers.

  3. With somewhere between 6% and 9% over registration of voters, depending on whom you believe ((The ADN or The JE, (NEITHER)), then ERIC isn’t doing a very good job nor is our Lt. Governor.

  4. If Republicans are so concerned about voter fraud, why are they so intent on eliminating a voter registration cross-referencing system? Because it encourages people to register to vote? That makes it sound like Republicans just want to suppress the vote. It’s just illogical and is another piece of evidence of the harm Donald Trump did to our republic.

    • Yep. Plus Paxon the attorney general of Texas and big on this ERIC concern and he is in some VERY concerning impeachment experiences right now. We always get w/Paxon on this things the Republican party wants-here to invoke the states’ governments to do their bidding. In effort to reduce voter registrations to aid their party’s candidates.

    • It’s been a long time since anyone could legitimately state that we are a practicing republic. Communist form of government might be more accurate.

      • Are you comparing a government type with an economic system?

        Look at how you REALLY feel and compare a Capitalistic country with a Communist one. Be sure to look at underlying belief in individual freedom compeling Capitalism. Look at the lack of individual freedoms those in Communist economic systems have. Don’t say, “But Russian businessmen have gained under Putin” It was because Russia was/is no longer Communist.

  5. > that helps states keep their voter rolls accurate.

    Why are 593,820 registered voters in Alaska with a total population of 733,391?

    Are there that few children and unregistered voters?

    Or are the voter rolls rotten to the core? If so, what good is ERIC (outside of the glaring security concerns?)

  6. Yes it is another corrupt system. The Texas Legislative body also gave a resolution that the election of Joseph R Biden was dishonest and illegal, false and whatever the media said as, “the safest election” was absolutely false. And don’t forget the military alliance around the world will arrest millions of deep state/Cabal this month. The emergency alerts will go out 24 hours b4 it starts. Internet, banking, cell phones will be down for 2 weeks or more while 17 cities in the US will have heavy military presence. Then in July military tribunals from outside US will be televised.

  7. Isn’t it interesting that the state’s like AZ, GA, MI, PA, and WI are all in this system and all were shown to have taken part in elections fraud in 2020?

      • No. It was by dems. Arizona’s documented the cyber manipulation of vote counts and the forced acceptance of the counts by a dem state government. Georgia had voter laws tweaked by a dem controlled state government. Michigan voting regs changed by dem governor ‘due to covid’ then had to hide the vote counting process from the public. Pennsylvania changed voting laws due to ‘covid’, dem gov and state government. Ohio changed voting laws due to ‘covid. My home state of Wisconsin admitted that 40,000+ uninspected ballots were dumped into the accepted ballots and biden won the state by less than 20,000 votes. The WI governor is a scumbag of a little dem.

        • Oh Paul you lost me at Arizona.

          I don’t know if you would accept fact checking on these concerns by Reuters, but I’ll include it in case you do, as I find you to be a reasonable reflective communicator here.


  8. If there is even a whiff of impropriety in any entity involved in elections our State government should ALWAYS err on the side of caution and that includes Dominion voting machines. Get out of ERIC immediately!

  9. Wouldn’t the Alaska Constitution’s Right to Privacy override ERIC?

    I also note that the sovereign states that still use ERIC are mainly Democrat controlled, and that the Republic of California is not on the list.

  10. The Division of elections is still using vote tabulation computers… are you kidding me! Incompetent… not slow.

  11. ERIC is about correcting dupilcate voter information, for example when people move and register in a new district, ERIC coordination removes the name in the old district. This costs very little using publicly available informtion. Eliminating ERIC is more about culture wars and maintaining minority control

    • So why does Eric refuse to release info unless the state is sued for it first? That doesn’t sound very inexpensive, Rastafarian. If It’s public info why would you have to sue the state anyway? And why do yo have to sue Eric for info that they give to CEIR (a Zuckerbucks/Soros outfit) for free without a lawsuit? Huh Frank huh huh huh. Do a deep dive people, don’t be a frank.

    • Printing up ballots for people who don’t vote is even better than printing up ballots for dead people. And so what if the addresses or signatures dont match. This is the service ERIC really provides. Like full 100 percent turnout at nursing homes, the next best thing to dead people voting, lol.

  12. Of course Alaska will stay in ERIC ! It’s how these POS Alaska Politicians get into and stay in Politics when they clearly don’t represent the citizens of this great state. Look at all the things they are screwing up and the voting records of most of the clowns we think we elect. Do the really represent you ?

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