Downing: When Pride Month ends, the Marxist Continuous Revolution will look for a new cause



The question of whether universities practice institutional racism is not merely hypothetical; the jury of public opinion knows full well that it occurs under the protection of Affirmative Action law. 

This issue finds itself at the center of one of the most contentious U.S. Supreme Court decisions set to be announced this month. The justices are currently deliberating whether race can factor into the university admissions process as they wrap up their caseload for the summer.

Whatever the decision, it’s bound to make waves. Just as with the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court in June 2022, any ruling that appears to weaken Affirmative Action policies, often championed by left-wing factions, could spark fierce backlash. 

This could potentially lead to another summer marked by social unrest, with defenders of race-based admissions pulling out the long knives for the Supreme Court, calling it inherently racist.

Advocates of the Marxist theory of Continuous Revolution know a decision like this one could serve as the perfect rallying cry for their cause, demonstrating their view that the court itself needs a revolutionary overhaul. They will argue for packing the court with another justice. They may use the decision to hound Justice Clarence Thomas, who is one of the greatest civil rights advocates on the court, and the oldest member, one who they hope to retire under pressure.

At the core of this issue are affirmative action programs at the publicly funded University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Harvard University, which have been accused of implementing racially biased admissions criteria that discriminate against individuals of Asian descent.

As both institutions receive taxpayer funding, they fall under the jurisdiction of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which ensures equal protection under the law.

These cases were initially brought to the fore last October by the emerging organization, Students for Fair Admissions, which sued both institutions of higher learning, challenging the prevailing academic admissions system.

The plaintiffs allege UNC practiced discrimination against both Asian and white applicants. Meanwhile, they claim that Harvard admissions officers rated applicants of Asian heritage lower on personality qualities such as having a “positive personality,” likability, kindness, and enjoying wide respect among their peers.

This discrimination allegation emerges from the review of 160,000 student records, which found Asian-American students outperform other racial and ethnic groups in areas such as test scores, grades, and even extracurricular activities. But was the subjective “personality” profile that, Students for Fair Admissions argue, reduced their chances of getting into an elite school.

Despite Asian-Americans representing the fastest-growing major racial and ethnic group in the U.S., their enrollment at Harvard remains basically capped. This, despite the Asian-American population nearly tripling over the past 30 years and their representation in the U.S. population increasing by over 200%, according to the 2020 U.S. Census.

A review of Harvard admissions revealed that without these subjective “personality” factors, the student body would be comprised of 43% Asian-Americans. When compared to the population growth as a whole, and when seen through the lense of the non-race-based admission practices of Cal Poly Tech, this suggests that Harvard may be suppressing Asian-American enrollment by at least 20%.

A district court initially ruled in favor of Harvard, a decision later concurred by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. The case was then combined with UNC’s for Supreme Court consideration.

Affirmative Action is like a bad penny — it keeps showing up. In a 2016 decision, the high court upheld the affirmative action program at the University of Texas at Austin in a 4-3 vote. The lead author of the decision, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, has since retired, but Justice Clarence Thomas, who dissented in the case, remains.

It’s now 2023, and we find ourselves with a court that is arguably more aligned with the U.S. Constitution. 

Yet, the Supreme Court has its public relations challenges. Its decision to send the abortion question back to the states was subjected to leftist and mainstream media disinformation that characterized it as a “ban on abortion,” when it was merely a return to the constitutional principle of the 10thAmendment: “powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

The media and Democrats – but I repeat myself – masterfully used the abortion decision to score political points in races stretching from school boards all the way to the halls of Congress in 2022. Women, in particular, were unhappy with the court’s decision, as interpreted for them by the moguls of Marxism who target them and lit a fire under the pro-abortion feminist faction. 

However, American universities also face dwindling public support. They are seen as increasingly costly producers of ideologically slanted graduates, with the public growing more skeptical about the value of a college degree. There’s a legitimate understanding that these institutions cater to the elites running government and nonprofits, all the while disregarding the concerns of the very taxpayers who fund them.

After Pride Month concludes — and that will happen in three weeks — the new Marxist Continuous Revolution of 2023-24 will need a new cause, and may return to the well of “America is racist and the Supreme Court is the most racist of all.”

Suzanne Downing is the publisher of Must Read Alaska.


  1. 1-Pride month never ends. It just morphs slightly and goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

    If you really want to make Pride Month end, find a way to legally tie it to Confederate Heritage month. To do one, you must do the other with equal enthusiasm.

    2-Regardless of SCOTUS ruling on Affirmative Action (reverse racism at its finest), the left will continue to tear away at SCOTUS until it’s gone or completely unrecognizable.

    Odds are they’ll succeed. The left never stops working. The right often never starts.

    • You are right Jefferson, Pride month is a month of shame for all those who wont accept others because of who they love

      • In response to your radical leftist nonsense, Pablo:

        1) I don’t accept anyone who DEMANDS that I accept them,

        2) I don’t accept the degrading and bestial mentality of those whose self-identity hinges on how they use their sexual organs.

        • Is being a heterosexual merely about how one uses their sexual organs? If not, then neither is being homosexual.

          • In fact, cman, yes it is. That is the very definition of the word “heterosexual”: those who engage in sex with the opposite gender.

            But I fail to see anyone, ANYONE, who bases their personal identity primarily or exclusively on being heterosexual. When is “Heterosexual Pride Month”? Nowhere. Nor do I hear any normal (i.e., heterosexual) people calling for one. Because thrusting your deviancy into other people’s faces, and DEMANDING that they accept you and celebrate your deviancy, is not what any normal, or rational, or moral person does.

        • Where do you see LGBTQ+ people forcing others to be LGBTQ+? Just because it is in the open doesn’t mean you have to be gay.

          For how long have LGBTQ+ people been forced to hide their identities while straight people’s lifestyles are in their faces every day, whether in TV or radio or books or advertisements?

          What is degrading or bestial in the mentality? That they love someone of the same sex?

          LGBTQ+ people are people just like you and me. Whether you choose to accept that or not is your problem, and letting go of this hatred will make your life much better.

          Have a great day Jefferson, I will pray for your enlightenment.

          • I think what Jefferson is saying is that there is no reason for gays to wave their flags in our face and demand we show them respect and clap and tell them how proud we are of them. Keep it to yourself if you’re gay because frankly nobody cares!

          • I think what Jefferson is saying is that there is no reason for gays to wave their flags in our face and demand we show them respect and clap and tell them how proud we are of them. Keep it to yourself if you’re gay because frankly nobody cares!

          • Yes, Lorenandrews, that is part of what I was saying, or implying.

            But the larger part of what I plainly said, which Pablo in his disingenuous obtuseness failed to understand but succeeded in misrepresenting, is that I have NO respect, and a great deal of contempt and disgust, for those whose self-identity is based first and foremost on their sexuality. In doing this, they declare themselves no better than mindless animals, and but their animal instincts and lusts ahead of every uniquely human characteristic and virtue.

            So-called homosexual “pride” is fundamentally an anti-human attitude, and an anti-human agenda.

      • Put them all back into the closet and lock it. Then, throw away the key. They are ruining our young people’s minds and souls.

  2. Democrats shouldn’t have rights. No civil rights if you can’t be civil. If we don’t get a one party system soon we will get a one party system either way.

  3. Hopefully, the Supremes rule Affirmative Action as unconstitutional and Clarence Thomas writes the majority opinion. 6-3. Perfect smackdown of Affirmative Action as institutionalized racism at universities. We’ve had enough of this crap. An Affirmative Action president, vice-president, Sec of Defense, judicial appointments, law school applicants, etc. ..etc. Affirmative Action is the monster weighing down the scales of justice. Abolish this piece of garbage and let competence and meritocracy ring.
    Good article, Suzanne.

  4. Some interesting info and very good points. I have to say, it made me laugh to see the “happy Suzanne” picture at the head of an article this serious!

  5. Sterilize children
    Defund police
    Open borders
    Legalize theft
    Ban gas appliances and heat
    Enable drug addiction and homelessness
    Demonize people by their race

    The mind boggles what Democrats will come up with next. I just wonder which will happen first: Voters shunning them or the country collapsing?

      • Sadly Maureen, most unemployment rate numbers cannot be relied upon as a measure of economic performance. The Biden liars keep claiming big accomplishments, but fail to acknowledge that the country is still emerging from a pandemic that had unprecedented government lockdowns and manipulation of the labor market with programs that incentivized people to avoid working. The economy is going to improve despite what the dementia in chief does.
        The unemployment numbers do not account for people who have dropped out of the job market. Saying that unemployment rates are the lowest in 50 years without accounting for the massive change in the numbers of Americans who actually want to work and are actively trying to find a job is meaningless propaganda.

  6. REALLY, the entire month we have to be subject to this irrelevant and unimportant nonsense!?!?
    Notable events for June that’s more important …
    – Marilyn Monroe Birthday
    – Tiananmen Square “Massacre” (in Beijing)
    – RFK shot and killed in LA
    – Adam Smith Birthday
    – Maynard Keynes Birthday
    – “D-Day” … The largest amphibious landing in history, began in the early-morning hours as Allied forces landed in Normandy on the northern coast of France
    – Frank Lloyd Wright Birthday
    – After 49 years, the Soviet military occupation of East Germany ended
    – Jacques Cousteau Birthday
    – Vince Lombardi Birthday
    – Dr. Sally Ride, a 32-year-old physicist and pilot, became the first American woman in space, beginning a six-day mission aboard the space shuttle Challenger, launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida
    – Lou Gehrig Birthday
    – The U.S. Congress officially adopted the Great Seal of the United States of America
    – Audie Murphy Birthday
    – Jack Dempsey Birthday
    – Custer’s Last Stand @ Little Bighorn
    – George Orwell Birthday
    – Treaty of Versailles formally ended World War I
    – The 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was enacted, granting the right to vote in all federal, state and local elections to American citizens 18 years or older

  7. Harvard did this to Jewish students in the 50s & 60s also.
    They didn’t want the campus to be half Jewish so they capped Jewish applicants.
    I wonder how many Jewish administrators are at these racist colleges now, as they deny admission to top qualified Asians?

    Side note:
    I was just at Tudor Road Kaladi Coffee, they close at 8pm.
    At 7:30pm the place was almost empty (4 people there)
    Two of the 4 were Asian kids, sitting at a table, studying for the ACT (college admission test)
    The ACT workbook in front of them was almost 3 inches thick.
    This is what makes America great …. striving immigrant groups;
    not dealing out college degrees by race or ethnicity.

    • George, I watched a group of
      about 20 homeless people last evening all sitting around next to a busy intersection sharing a half gallon of Monark Vodka. One unfortunate fellow in a wheelchair on the sidewalk was apparently excluded from the Vodka tasting. Suddenly one of the Vodka guzzlers approached the handicapped individual and pulled another half gallon out of his coat. The handicapped man took a long hard pull. It was beautiful. That simple act restored my faith in humanity!

  8. Its the natural order to try eliminating one’s competition.

    Every group’s parents and grandparents who chosen to make the better choices, their adult kids would face opposing resistance from the established order. The Asian adult children in management would do the same to another group members, if they aren’t a Christian. Its just our natural order.

    • it is unChristian to espouse this. You need Christ. Also stop liusting after others assets like a spiritual sidewinder and git yer own in a straightforward manner. It’s the American meritocracy.

  9. It’s already happened. After the Obergefell opinion in 2015 all the very well funded gay rights activist orgs and groups suddenly had won. They smartly swung to the Next Big Thing, the current trans foolishness. Same groups. Same funding. Same passion. Same demands. Cheers –

  10. FAT. That will be the next cause. Fat shaming obese people will become a crime. McDonalds, Burger King and Papa John’s will offer specials and more calories. Someone always profits on these Marxist ideological crusades. …..Capitalists.

  11. I want rainbows back and happy people instead mental midges. How could one possibly be proud of being confused? It’s like nose rings, really? I thought they quit doing that to cattle when pita showed up.. no one alive today has ties to thousands of yrs ago that they can identify with so save that one too. Snot locker maybe.

  12. It appears that the LGBTQ are a very entitled bunch of brats. They are in our offices, workplaces, schools, and quite frankly take advantage of using the law to protect their sexual preferences while ignoring other heterosexual rights of their peers. Bullies some have become in workplaces, and right here in Anchorage even in the spiritual care department at Providence it is dominated by LGBTQ staff that appear to recruit others of same sexual preference from LGBTQ and gatekeep that department to remain so with no diversity at all. That is the prime example of LGBTQ takeover and power right there.

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