Alaska Democrats’ push to end oil in Alaska captivates national desk at Daily Wire


The Alaska Democratic Party is exploring amending its platform to call for an end to all oil drilling and fracking in the state, according to documents obtained by The Daily Wire, via Must Read Alaska, which published supporting documents earlier this month that show the direction the party is heading with its climate platform.

The Daily Wire, which has millions of readers every day, wrote a news report about the Alaska State Democratic Party’s Climate Caucus, which is working on changes to the party platform in which the party may call for a complete end to oil development in Alaska. That platform will be voted on by delegates to the party’s state convention, which takes place in Juneau on May 18.

One member of the caucus, Tim Hinterberger, a professor at the University of Alaska at Anchorage, proposed that the party delete a statement from its current platform that pledges support for “responsible oil development performed in a manner that protects our fish, game, and wildlife resources.” He said in his notes that no oil is the only responsible path.

Rick Whitbeck, Alaska state director for Power the Future, was quoted in the story, calling the move “radical and irresponsible.”

“Alaska would quickly be bankrupt if our petroleum industry was shuttered.  Nearly 20% of our private-sector workforce is paid – directly or indirectly – by oil and gas development revenues, so you’d see a mass exodus of people as well,” Whitbeck told The Daily Wire. “Philanthropy would dry up, our vibrant arts and culture programs would go unfunded and our infrastructure would crumble without revenues to keep them maintained.”


    • More like, lets keep importing oil from countries that want to destroy us and…..give them our money to boot but they don’t even use it to take care of their own people. They use the money we give them to buy guns, ammo and bombs from Russia and China and even us. Just how much have we “borrowed” from China because the United States of America is broke…….Oil in Alaska is needed for our country and it’s security. Again, how are these protesters going to get around to raise all these protests against oil? Ride their bicycles? How are they, the environmentalists going to communicate without their cell phones and internet without the minerals needed to make them work that we are currently getting from these same countries instead of here. Creating good jobs and futures for our next generation, if we’re all still here anyways.

  1. It will REALY TRULy make Alaska “On The Last Frontier” A reality (everywhere).. Everyone will be gone. And all the Native Corps will disappear because they’re all mainly SUPPORTED by the oil Industry in one fashion or another.. And one thing is: if you destroy the oil industry, our other mining will disappear also, because most of their operations depend on the oil industry to keep them running.

  2. We don’t want to “save the planet” from human beings; we want to improve the planet for human beings. We need to say this loudly and proudly. We need to say that human life is our one and only standard of value. And we need to say that the transformation of our environment, the essence of our survival, is a supreme virtue. We need to recognize that to the extent we deny either, we are willing to harm real, flesh-and-blood human beings for some antihuman dogma.
    Alex J. Epstein, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

  3. Just another example of how today’s radical leftist extremists are literally a deranged and sociopathic death cult.

    Sorry, you cannot include me in your self-avowed suicide pact.

    • This is hilarious as how are the trade unions in Alaska going to deal with this as they traditionally support democrats . Looks like the Unionized workers that want jobs are going to have to find another platform . Maybe an Alaska first platform that promotes oil and gas exploration on the North Slope and that’s not going to be the wacky liberals that they e stood tall with in the past . Probably four to five thousand union tradesmen required for the work the next four years on the NorthSlope .

      Tough times ahead if the villagers support this new anti development platform . Once the Democrats put the rules in place to take the gas stoves away and quit producing the diesel fuel needed to run their generators in the roadless communities they live , going to get tough again like it was back in the forties and fifties . So be it .

  4. Of course it does.

    It’s fascinating to see the most resource rich state in the Union attempting to commit suicide.

    Frightening and myopic, but still fascinating.

  5. After the petroleum industry is shut down there’s always the forest products industry. Oh, I forgot there’s only one real sawmill in the state that’s operational; all the spruce in the Susitna Basin is dead and the US Forest Service no longer sells timber sales.

  6. How about a 60 day trial period starting January 15th. Let’s just shut it all down. Picture it. No food, No transportation, No heat, No running water , No septic. Doesn’t it all sound grand. Good way to eliminate population. I wonder if these left wing loons that come up with this crap have electricity and transportation??

  7. These are not even real Democrats. Its the progressive left doing what they in trying to control the lives of every ones by bitching and screaming the loudest. They all need to just shut up keep their stupidity to their selves and go to hell.

  8. Can anyone read ….the party MAY call for a complete end to oil, does not mean will or shall or must….what rabble rouser wrote this

    • The mere fact that the radical leftist extremists, like you, are even discussing the possibility of ending all fossil fuel production is reason enough to condemn them, and to judge them as sociopathic and homicidal monsters.

      When authoritarians and totalitarians publicly float their plans, everyone should listen to and believe them, because EVERYTHING, every insane agenda, that they are pursuing worldwide today was first openly discussed by them.

      If your neighbor tells you that he wants to kill you, do you say “Oh,it’s OK” merely because he has not yet killed you?

    • Hamas has called for the Elimination of Israel. Just because they haven’t succeeded doesn’t mean they aren’t serious.

      You really should go home son. Adults are talking.

    • Ignorance is pure bliss.
      Its no wonder we are headed for a cliff dive.
      The number of sheep in the herd is astonishing!
      Sadly abortion has some positive outcome… but what a tragic way to cull the herd.

  9. Alaskans need to pay attention. Elections next year could very well determine our economic fate. If Biden gets a second term then the odds will be greater than 50-50 that TAPS will have started to be dismantled by the end of that 4 years. If Congress would go Democrat in both houses with the Biden re-election (which seems unlikely to me now) then I would give odds of 3 to 1 that TAPS would be dismantled.

    If the Alaska Legislature continues to have a “coalition” in the state senate controlled by Democrats then those Democrats will continue to push for an income tax in preparation for shutting down the North Slope and TAPS, and those Democrats will continue communicating with DC Democrats and environmentalist organizations. Don’t forget that many of the largest investment banks, including those paid tens of millions of dollars a year to invest the Permanent Fund and PERS/TRS dollars, continually demand an end to arctic oil and arctic resource development. Many private label retailers and other firms make similar demands, and they preach to their customers about Alaska oil and global warming. A state income tax would actually increase the political push to end the Alaska petroleum industry, both on the North Slope and in Cook Inlet.

  10. Hey ‼️‼️ Western Alaska Villages, don’t shoot the messenger…. the Democrats and scum sucking RINOs have stolen your PFD, fuel is cheap if you’re only paying $6.79 a gallon and keeping generators running is a common Village problem ever winter… you have no alternative but fossil fuels….. And now the Democrats you blindly vote for are considering killing all oil production in Alaska….
    Hey what are you going to do when there’s no oil revenue for your schools, health care, snow removal or anything else oil revenue pays for to make your life easier and healthier????

    Are you foolish enough to buy into the Dimwit socialist theory that with $100 Billion in the PF Corpus, the legislature can pay for unlimited government??

    If you’re that stupid, just dial up the numbers that show our Permanent Fund investment at $82+ Billion with President Trump, then watch how fast it fell to $72 Billion almost immediately after Biden was elected. Remember… very first Executive Order shut down the Keystone Pipeline. The rest is history.

    Please don’t be so naive as to believe that the economy is improving to get our P Fund balance up to what it is today…. The legislature over the last few years has taken over $8 Billion from the ERA to “Inflation Proof” the Fund balance that Wall Street gambles with. That $8 + Billion is also the very same money they stole from your family, through the PFD Theft. You know the worst Regressive Tax in America. Fact.

    I can hardly wait for the circus starting 17 January in Juneau😎, I love the show, even if the performers aren’t particularly fond of me🤣‼️

  11. All Alaskans need to vote All Democrats out of office, that goes for Congress, Murkowski (she really is a Democrat), all State Senators and Legislators including the Anchorage assembly. All of these people are destroying not only Alaska but Our beautiful Country America!! Get real people.

  12. Democrats in Alaska are as brain dead as they are nationally! Their policies and philosophies are detrimental to the happiness and well being of all American citizens!

  13. I always wonder how those who want all fossil fuels stopped will live in a state like Alaska. Under their rules wood burning would also be stopped. And Biden wants to shut down coal firing plants as well. Maybe they should all go back to school to see how energy is generated and gets to the plug we get it from. It’s no wonder a girl who dropped out of high school is the spokes person for the climate cult. Ignorance may be bliss but in this situation it can also kill.

  14. In 2022 the US imported 8.33 million barrels of oil per day, but we exported 9.53 million barrels of oil per day.
    So in reality we don’t need Alaska’s oil, all we need to do is stop the exports.

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