Climate cult: What does it mean to be a Democrat in Alaska? New platform may oppose all oil and gas


The Alaska Democratic Party platform, in its 2022 version that still is in effect today, already would leave Alaska with no economy except fishing.

Because of the party’s strong opposition to resource development, there would be no way to get anything to the villages because there would be no transportation.

Yet the party’s Climate Caucus, which is a standing subdivision of the party organization, like the Black Caucus and the Native Caucus, wants to go even further. It wants to go full Deb Haaland.

The Climate Caucus, which met via Zoom on Monday, is making edits to the party platform that eliminate all support for even the most regulated form of oil and natural gas extraction in Alaska.

The platform edits, for example, remove a section that has in the past offered cautious support for natural gas. The caucus simply wants the entire section gone:

We support the monetizing of Alaska’s North Slope natural gas resources in a safe and environmentally responsible manner as soon as it is economically feasible to do so. Offshore drilling in the Arctic should take place only when there is demonstrated capability to clean up oil in broken ice, and when research and science prove it can be conducted without adversely impacting water resources, air quality, ecosystems, sensitive species, and public health. With respect to fracking, we support a priority for domestic and agricultural uses of water, and when faced with scientific uncertainty, we urge resource agencies to use the “precautionary principle,” to err on the side of risking no harm, when dealing with conflicts. We support research into the impacts of fracking on ground and surface water.

In the party’s platform section relating to oil, the edits being made show that there is no support for any oil energy industry in Alaska, per the strikethrough of specific words in the draft platform:

“We support balanced,rigorous public dialogue about activities that impact Alaska’s environment. We support the protection of Bristol Bay watersheds with vibrant active participation from the Indigenous peoples and other people of the region and oppose the proposed Pebble mine given the danger it poses to the world’s greatest wild salmon fishery. We support responsible oil development performed in a manner that protects our fish, game, and wildlife resources. We support protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge coastal plain and oppose unsafe oil and gas exploration, leasing, and development when it jeopardizes the human rights of the Gwich’in Nation who depend on the health of the Porcupine caribou herd and its habitats for their subsistence and cultural survival.”

The strikethrough of the word “balanced” tells much about the direction of the Alaska Democratic Party.

The officers of the Alaska Democratic Party haven’t yet voted on the changes being offered, but the debate over climate change positions will continue inside the party through the winter, spring, and summer, as the move to take Alaska’s economy into the dark ages continues. The party has its convention in Juneau on May 18, at which point it will vote on the revisions to the party platform.

If the party proceeds with the Climate Caucus changes, then some of its elected leaders may find themselves out of step with the party. Some oil and gas companies have supported Rep. Mary Peltola, who is the Democrats’ only statewide elected leader, and she has been sometimes supportive of oil, but cautiously.


  1. Return to the good old stone age for the common people. I will never forget the comment period about Donlin Mine in Mcgrath, when the head of the Sierra Club flew her Learjet into town to complain that the new mine would destroy the ‘quaint’ (her exact word) lifestyle of the people affected (by giving them jobs allowing them to live a first world lifestyle off the government dole). Stone age for us to live in the grand zoo, where the elites can come and study (laugh at) us at their leisure, before returning to their lavish energy wasting mansions with lowly (peasant) servants attending to every need.

  2. Be realistic! Mankind has an appointment to with death! Ignorance and greed will carry the day in Alaska: we will see the state pumped dry. The party ain’t over. Whatever you do, don’t believe anything that you are told, and definitely don’t become self-beguiled!

    • What are you talking about? We are at the back end of a century’s worth of dire warnings about running out of oil (and more recently natural gas). Yet the date of that disaster keeps getting kicked down the road continuously as our ability to find and produce more oil and natural gas improves over time. Add to that the ability to convert coal into syn diesel / methane via Fischer Tropsch (CTLs) and the resource is for all intents and purposes unlimited. This allows sufficient time (centuries) to pursue fission / fusion solutions. Alaska has sufficient coal for 500 – 1,000 years of CTLs.

      Democrats thrive in an atmosphere of artificial hysteria, which they promise to fix Real Soon Now as long as we vote for them. Sadly, the technique works to elect democrats, though never seems to solve any of their artificial problems. Cheers –

      • Oh, the rich oligarchs and their cronies will be fine.

        They don’t intend to live like this. They intend everyone else to live like this.

        • Yes but it takes educated workers to keep things running and with todays education it doesn’t look good.
          Also remember whose to blame for all this so you can go visit them.

  3. Sounds like they want to take Alaska back to dog-team transportation on land only, and sailing vessel, or paddle, transportation on water only. And, of course, once all of the power generating plants are abandoned for lack of fuel, we can go back to hunting whales for oil heat, because we know for a fact that wind and sunshine will not meet the needs of The People. Of course, plumbing will go by the wayside, because factories that make pipes and pumps will cease to exist, so, I guess it’ll be back to eliminating personal waste in a hole the ground, which MAY affect the fresh water supply. Of course, clean water will be harder to find because there won’t be any more treatment facilities. Oh yeah, these DemoLefts are REALLY wanting to protect the earth, Yup. That’s what they want. Uh, huh.

  4. There is nothing surprising in all of this. The Dems have wanted this for many years but realized that in the short run elections could not be won by taking this position in public. So compromises were made by Tony Knowles and Mark Begich in particular. Now, with the industry receding in the state, they are letting their true intentions show. If industry continues to weaken and government and “non-profits” grow, the transformation to a neo-socialist state will be completed fairly soon.

  5. The climate cult is a suicide cult.

    These morons want a utopia which would take us back to the dark ages. But somehow think all the perks of modern life would continue to exist.

    I’d like to take them all to Attu, dump them there sans all the convenience of modern life, and leave them for a year.

    • If you left them for a year and were to return at the end of that year you’d find corpses from the dead who died between 365 and 335 days before…depending upon the time of year they were dropped, if it were anywhere between the beginning of fall and the beginning of summer the timeline would be much less than 30 days, likely single digits.

  6. Do it. Do it . Do it. There will be political and power repercussions for All Democrat leaders while the Alaska Democrat Party die.

  7. What needs to happen but won’t is a nationwide trucker strike. NO trucks moving for two weeks. The just in time grocery store shelves will be empty in a week, manufacturing that relies on just in time shipments will close, auto repair shops the same if parts are not delivered. Because railroads still need trucks to move the freight from the rail yard to the businesses rail yards would be crowded. Docks would be jammed. The US economy would come to a screeching halt. Then maybe or maybe not these idiots will realize how important fossil fuels are to this country Alas, this will never happen.

    • That would certainly show us if the Ports of Alaskas crew and Alaskan trucking and transportation stayed home until their absence hurt us just to teach our Alaskan leadership both Democrats and Republicans a valuable lesson “what would the effect be if we lived out the Young Democrats fantasy world not using diesel, gas, oil for transportation.

  8. Y’all should glance at “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed” by Jared Diamond. The importance of the book is a clue in the title: we CHOOSE. By continuing to rely on fossil fuels, we (Americans and developed countries) are choosing to fail. Without renewable energy sources and a reduction in population, we are doomed.

    • The population is on an overall decreasing trajectory and life expectancy is also decreasing. Fossil fuels are irrelevant in this equation.

    • VC
      When are you going to prove your worth and quit using fossil fuels or are you just another whiner who lives with mom?

    • Y”all be the first to go without.

      Dont fret… Obama’s mad scientists are working “feverishly” on the next bat virus to control the population which was highly effective in massively crowded NYC…thankfully carried out by a ruthless Democrat dictator who ordered the death certificates for anyone over the age of 65 or in a care home.
      I am sure it will be delivered in time for the next selection cycle.

  9. 100% of the climate cult people are hypocritically. The drive, fly and heat their homes with fossil fuels or energy created by them. They use and wear products every day made with by products of fossil fuels. What they are, is ignorant and uneducated on the facts or ignoring them completely. Talk the talk, walk the walk, Fools!

  10. What does it mean to be a socialist Communist totalitarian. Or what does it mean to be completely unaware of history. What does it mean to be gullible. What does it mean to be anti family, anti American. What does it mean to be ignorant. What does arrogant corruption look like. And on and on. Hope you vote.

  11. I think those that oppose oil and gas production should not enjoy the the fruits of what it provides. Tattooing a large “D” on the back of their left hand would mark them for refusal of services and commodities that used petroleum products to manufacture or transport said items. Fill up that subaru? Nope, it burns petroleum products. My bad, hand over the keys, it was transported by petroleum products and made with petroleum products. So, you have an EV? Still Nope, petroleum products were used to produce the electricity your house runs on. Heat your house? If you did not use manual tool like an axe of saw to cut wood for your wood stove, you get no heat. Whoops! No wood stove for you, it was transported by petroleum products. Buy food? Nope, transported by petroleum products. That really cool North Face coat? Nope, made from petroleum products. Want to go to Hawaii for vacation? You better build a row boat and start rowing, no plane ride for you!

    If oppose oil, you should get zero benefit from oil. Zero.

  12. This ought to be good platform . The Labor has always stood behind the democrats . They’ll be scurrying like rats now from behind the platform ! It was not hard fifty years ago being labor union member in a Ak and being a democrat . It was a great fit ! Bill Egan was great man and pro development . We need another Bill Egan ! Nope , we import some weasel that espouses Alaskan values in their newly adopted state !

    These wackos today , wanna take the propane stoves away from the villagers . And want to shut down natural gas production in America ! That’s got to be the nuttiest idea and the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard in my life !

    I’ve never understood how a labor union or a union member could stand behind a platform that hates development in Ak. In the 21st century . Maybe someone knows ? However I doubt it !

  13. To be a Democrat in Alaska, it means:

    1) inability to be honest,
    2) inability to process factual information,
    3) inability to think logically,
    4) inability to reckon with the truth,
    5) inability to be really fair,
    6) inability to exchange ideas,
    7) inability to use true data points for disseminating science-based information,
    8) inability to reason through deductive logic,
    9) inability to admit flawed reasoning,
    10) inability to pursue the truth.

  14. The Democrats, for a long time, have placed oil and gas in the same category as alcohol and tobacco. Yes, they’re enjoyable to some but we can live without them. The mindset is that electricity comes from the wall, food comes from grocery store, and batteries grow on trees. With this mindset, it’s easy to see their position.

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