Breaking: Rep. Kevin McCarthy to resign


The rumors were true: California Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy, ousted earlier this year as House Speaker, will resign from Congress at the end of the year. He wrote his resignation in a column for the Wall Street Journal, but his decision has been rumored since the end of November.

McCarthy has been in the House for nine terms, finally reaching the top and winning the speaker’s gavel, but unable to hold onto it after conservatives in the House combined with Democrats to unseat him after just nine months. Rep. Mary Peltola of Alaska joined every other Democrat and voted to unseat him.

“I have decided to depart the House at the end of this year to serve America in new ways. I know my work is only getting started,” he wrote in The Wall Street Journal. “I will continue to recruit our country’s best and brightest to run for elected office. The Republican Party is expanding every day, and I am committed to lending my experience to support the next generation of leaders.”

McCarthy, who was an owner of a sandwich shop in Bakersfield, Calif. before being elected to the House in 2006, is known as one of the Republican Party’s most successful fundraisers.

As of Dec. 5 2023, 38 members of Congress, including seven in the Senate and 31 in the U.S. House have announced they will not seek re-election in 2024. In the House 20 Democrats and 11 Republicans (including McCarthy) will not be running for reelection next year.


  1. With the high likelihood of a second term for Trump, starting in 2024, I’m guessing McCarthy wouldn’t want to experience the potential – impeding of wrath. Just follow the $$$ … He’ll likely become a high priced lobbyist, create a 501(c)(3) organization, and create multiple LLC’s to launder “dirty” monies by selling – leveraging access to his Buddies.

  2. This Uniparty RINO is undoubtedly fleeing to greener (i.e., more profitable) pastures, in lobbying or “book deals’ or some such further grift off the taxpayers.

    I wouldn’t piss on this establishment quisling if he were on fire.

  3. Serving locally I think is better and more effective if God-willing to return America back to her foundation root and principles. That Iowan leader is right when he said, this nation’s founders never intended DC become a strong government and that’s where the power is supposed to be is at the States where the people live. Aspiring to a national leader shouldn’t been any local leader’s goal when they can have greater influence over this nation and the world presiding over local matters.

    Now there are one too many Republicans in the Alaska US House. It’s one or the other, you can’t unseat Peltola splitting the vote again.

    • He wasn’t a Senator, he was the House Speaker from the House of Representatives so he was a Congressman not a Senator from the Senate.

  4. I believe he promised to release the January 6 videos for over a year. Didn’t really happen. New speaker, and within a week, videos were released, the truth was revealed, and, of course, the new speaker is now painted as an evil man. Things might have been different if Kevin kept his promise.

  5. Once again, Gaetz proves he’s the lefts best friend. Replacing McCarthy with a Republican, much less a conservative, is probably gonna be a stretch. There’s a very real chance that seat flips. Proving once again the only thing more dangerous than a democrat is a republican.

    So, in a razor thin majority, Gaetz grandstanding could easily cost us a seat we can’t spare.

    I had no love for McCarthy as Speaker. Johnson is a much better choice. But Rep Butthurt was so determined to get his 15 min of fame he didn’t plan beyond his press appearances. There were ways to oust McCarthy did didn’t humiliate him in public to where he couldn’t serve out his term.

    • Masked ,
      Im told mcarthy district is shoe in for republicans so keep the faith.

      Gaetz has ice in his veins . He did the right thing. Mcarthy would have back stabbed at important moment. We must support gaetz . Hes out numbered with his back against a wall.

      Its an up hill battle one trench at a time.

      We might get knocked back for a couple months as mcarthy did this for revenge.

      In the long run we will win so gaetz did right.
      This is a battle we have to fight without armor.
      If we don’t play all our cards here to win the next battle will likely be in the streets.

      Stay strong and keep courage my friend.

  6. It’s tough to see a good man fall to a mob. McCarthy has always been a stanchion of integrity. But, he’ll be fine: there will always be a job for him sweeping up shells in any of the California nut houses.

    Good luck Kev! You gave the party your best.

  7. Yup….resign early so Newsom can appoint another leftist like McCarthy and also work to defeat any MAGA candidates in 2024…..

  8. Way too late his leadership has cost us dearly.
    When we hit the bottom remember he and his policy’s was a big part of our downfall.

  9. Don’t blame him for wanting out of Chinese fire drill. Supprised anyone would want to lead the biggest bunch of imbeciles ever assembled.

  10. Have to wonder why he left early so Newsom – a democrat – could appoint a democrat to fill the seat. Quite a bunch are bailing, I wonder why? The time is really odd.

  11. The Uniparty has had its wings clipped lately and that is a good thing! Now, if we could only purge the members of Congress who hold dual ciizenship.

  12. McCarthy got exposed as a uniparty weasel . Didn’t keep his agreement with obviously the real conservative group in congress . With help of a bunch of unsuspecting democrats voted his lame ass out . Funny and you can’t make this stuff . Never cared for Paul Ryan the GOP swamper and that drunken crybaby Boener . This new guy M Johnson might be good for America

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