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Friday, August 7, 2020
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Alaska Democrats once said ‘All Lives Matter,’ now they support defunding police?

It was only six years ago that the Alaska Democratic Party announced that they supported the police because “All Lives Matter.” In fact, they took in money to allegedly support police officers.

Today, the Alaska Democrats are all-in on Black Lives Matter, the group that seeks to defund the police.

Black Lives Matter has recently adopted a new platform of defunding the police: “We call for a national defunding of police. We demand investment in our communities and the resources to ensure Black people not only survive, but thrive,” the group’s website states.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • BLM and ANTIFA are hate groups that promote exaltation of only one race at the expense of others. They do not care about the lives of others lost due to similar injustices or by their supporters’ own hands in violent protests and riots.

    All lives matter.

    • Agreed. This is ridiculous. BLM has caused so much more hate crime

    • Well Said!

    • Since 1619 this country used literally our bodies and blood to build the wealth of white European immigrants to this country. At every turn police were used to control, subjugate and murder us. Slave patrols, night riders of the KKK, Jim Crow era sherriffs
      up to the militarized police department of the present When we pulled ourselves up by the bootstraps, developing vibrant communities with collective and personal wealth, you wouldn’t have it. Instead, you were there to burn and bomb our communities in Tulsa, Rosewood, East Saint Louis, and elsewhere across this country. Your racism is a 401-year-old structure of systemic evil enforced by police departments, large and small, openly infiltrated by white supremacists. They continue your reign of terror over us but times is up. Get your knees off our necks.

  • I know a recipe for disaster when I see one. Defunding what, the police? How would the democrats suggest funding police protection? Of all the most ludicrous, insane, totally idiotic suggestions. Can you only imagine life without the cops, this one takes the cake…..You think looting is bad every time a black man dies in police custody, just wait….

    • Wait until the first volley off the roof. By the “store owners”.


      He was a good boy, just trying to rape and pillage your store, pass a couple of bad $20s. And burn your life savings down around your ears as you lie face down in a puddle of your own blood. The fact that you’re an Asian immigrant of recent arrival matters not at all.


      The commies are identifying the new kulaks. It’s their most favoritist ploy.

    • So, if no cops or highly reduced capabilities, what happens with judges? Defunding of judges next? If no cops no ability to arrest for criminal acts, then why do we need judges?
      Just asking!

      • Only for civilian cases or family matters. There would be no other need for them.

  • Liberals platforms change with the seasons!! They truly stand for NOTHING, so they can change their beliefs to whatever is popular😢

  • Wherever the wind blows the Democrats will sail with them

    • Amen! I’ve always thought the Democrat symbol should be the chicken on a weather vane, although a jackass is also very fitting.

  • Having a hard time keeping up here. just yesterday Art Chance told us the troopers are the law enforcement arm of the Democrat Party. Now you are telling us those liberal Democrats want to give up all that power.

  • I try and understand how 10% or so of the population of America thinks they can dictate laws, policies, hatred and sedition in our country. If not for the idiot leftists, BLM would be a BM, not rioting, looting, killing, racist criminals. The actions of BLM, Antifa, and the rest of the leftist goons/thugs, give a vivid preview of life with them in control. I don’t think it’s any longer “sooner or later”. It’s now that conservatives and lovers of America must step up. With liberal leftist strongholds popping up everywhere, true Americans are very soon to be faced with a choice. The options without action by conservatives are not appealing to anyone in their right mind. The key is to turn out in record numbers at the polls, if we can wait that long. Until then, “keep your powder dry”. We may need it to save our country. If something isn’t done by the people, those halcyon days of a free and prosperous America will be nothing but a fuzzy hologram in the memories of good Americans.

  • The Feds would fund the police, of course. Local police are too unstable. They won’t enforce things like gun bans. And you need heavy gear to enforce things like curfew. When you have them quitting in droves attrition should take care of most of it.

    • Of course they won’t enforce gun bans, it’s against the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution which they all have sworn to uphold and defend, same as the US military. You liberals just don’t get it and never will.

  • God save us all….

  • My God, doesn’t anyone research things anymore? There is no systematic racism in our nation’s police. The are some bad cops. There are some bad black people. There are some bad white people. There are some bad Methodists. There are some bad Muslims. There are some bad Democrats. There are some bad Republicans. There are even some bad straight people. There are some bad lesbians. You see where I am going with this. Abolish police and spend the money on what? No law. Looters and rioters get what they want. Whenever they want. I am not talking about the protesters but maybe some one should tell the politicians that rioters and looters might not be voters.

  • The national media and others on the left have felt an overwhelming urge to conflate individual instances of tragedy to “systemic racism.” There are problems in various places but it is wrong to view those problems as systemic. As highlighted in Minneapolis and other urban areas, largely Leftist Mayors and councils have been installed BY the police unions. There, just like in Anchorage, the city rulers cannot do too much to reign in the police to whom they owe their power. It is going to be a mess. The crime in many urban centers will get out of hand very quickly. Talk about Schadenfreude: Leftist local officials fighting interest groups and the unionized police. We need to solve the problems of police interface with the Black community that is for sure. During the Middle Ages merchants were able to form institutions in which commerce flourished and the peace was maintained. That might be a model worth exploring that would reduce violence and mistrust.

  • Well the Dems would be harming mostly themselves if the police went away because conservative Republicans are the best prepared for any lawlessness by virtue of being well armed and highly motivated to stand for law and order.

  • So when anarchy ensues they should know that not everywhere is as insanely suicidal as the places they have sway. After the blue cities are a burned put wreck there will not be a place on this planet left for them to go.


    Eat curb.

  • Not sure the Democrats have thought this through. Of course, they’re likely just drunk on whatever is currently on tap. Wasn’t it just a month ago, where Democrats were using these very same law enforcement agencies to enforce their Covid-19 “Plandemic” mandates? Who is Democrats going to rely on to arrest the Pro Life protester in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic?
    Here’s the rub. In just about every case of a person being killed by police under questionable circumstances, it was while the officers were enforcing some crime against the state. Prime example, the NYPD choking death of Eric Gardner was over a suspected FDA tax violation of selling individual cigarettes.
    What’s astonishing to me, is how most Americans didn’t question the law being enforced. Alternatively, when a white unarmed man is killed while sleeping, by police enforcing a “Red Flag” gun law, nobody bats an eye.
    See, Democrats (Please, stop calling them liberals. Thomas Jefferson and John Locke were liberals, Democrats and leftists are Authoritarians) rely on law enforcement to be their Jack Boot enforcers. To be clear, there’s a few “law and order” Republicans that get this label also.
    Truth is, our police are being mismanaged. It’s the concept of Anarcho-Tyranny, where our civic leaders are more interested in controlling citizens, so they don’t oppose the bureaucrats (Tyranny), while not controlling the criminals (causing Anarchy). They selectively enforce laws based on what is perceived to benefit the elite. They’re more interested in pandering to win elections and remain in power, over doing their sworn duty and serving the citizens.
    The only bulwark that protects these little tyrants, is the law enforcement agencies they’re now demeaning. I hope our law enforcement professionals start to understand what’s been going on.

  • I don’t think the unions would appreciate this. Jeez, no way to please everybody.

    • EH,
      Up the unions. America is being disgraced by them. To the unions, if you aren’t one of them, you are nobody. America and citizen rights are far down on the list of importance to them. Communism and control are their agendas. I am ashamed to have ever been part of one. Once my eyes were opened to their “goals”, they were no longer part of my life. I was once told by a fellow union member that “we are the perfect example of socialism/communism”. Of course, that statement was for union members only and to hell with everyone else. “Right to work” is a blasphemous phrase to them. The leftists use unions as a political tool, first and foremost. America and Americans are not a concern to them. Now, they want to get rid of the police. Wouldn’t America be a great place without law and order and the idiots in control?

      • strong opinion on unions here. would you become a police officer without some type of collective bargaining ? I would not. Do you think politicians will have your back?

        • Leo,
          If the public employees, including police, were not public employees, no problem. A “public” union’s “employers” (politicians in this case ) have no personal financial ‘skin’ in the game when it comes to ‘negotiating’ with public unions. The negotiating “employers” (politicians and cronies), can give away the farm with no personal loss. It’s all paid for by the taxpayers. The “negotiators” on the citizens ‘side’ have nothing to lose by giving the unions everything they want. They have everything to gain. Votes, big contributions, propaganda from the unions ‘supporting’ them. In a private sector union, the employers must make sensible deals with the unions or lose their own financial fannies. Puts an entirely different picture on “negotiations”. That is what unions were meant to be. Not a subsidized political arm of politicians who happen to give the unions the most of other peoples’ money.
          In any case, when the public jobs were not unionized, the jobs used to go to the most qualified. They were well paid with benefits. If they didn’t do their jobs, they likely lost them. Not so with the unionization of public employees. Utter incompetence is no longer reason for termination. Where is the incentive to excel when you can’t be fired? Where is that ‘vaunted’ exceptionalism of skills that unions once prided themselves on? Where does that leave the taxpayers that are on the hook for money they don’t have, to pay “public” employees what the politicians have “negotiated”? Public employees are so well taken care of now that they have created a new upper middle class, just for them. Politicians will have someone’s back, but it won’t be the citizens.

  • Several years ago the Wall St. Journal reported that NYPD employed 10 full-time attorneys to chase down officer claims of being black. Black officers have special ability to circumvent usual seniority rules for promotion, choosing particular assignments, and taking advantage of certain rules intended to advance and advantage minorities – blacks especially. Somehow the phenomenon of people wanting to be black when they would not normally be recognized as black must fit into this broader story.

  • Criminals want to defund the police so that they can rein freely

  • If defunding g the police is the answer then why spend millions to provide increase for police officers and the huge expense it will take for facilities, equipment, transportationadministration and related costs, so every village has equal service.

  • “…the resources to ensure Black people not only survive, but thrive.”

    New flash for you. How about you look inward for those resources first instead of looking for someone to do it for you? Stop killing each other, stop having babies out of wedlock. Yea, and all you white folk out there doin’ the same things… You stop it too.

  • Without laws, there is no order.

  • Oh Brother.
    Silly Singing Siamese…..remember from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp?

  • Democrats have no idea what they stand for, swaying in the winds of whatever crisis happens to be next.

  • Typical snowflake mentality. Raised on social justice indoctrination centers we used to call colleges and University’s.

  • If BLACK LIVES MATTERS why have they never spoke out against the shooting of black in Chicago first weekend of June 2020 24 killed 84 wounded? Black Lives Matters is a silent Congress who is all up in arms over school shooting mass shooting has said nothing.
    A black woman was at work she was shot and killed. Black Lives Matter and the media was silent.
    Was it because this black woman was a POLICE OFFICER. Black Lives Matter says nothing cause she was the POLICE, not a Thug.
    Let Change BLM to this Blue Lives Matter. Back the Police Trooper’s of Alaska

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