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Murkowski defection: Are her swamp days numbered?


Want to become an instant hero with the leftist media? Carry an “R” behind your name and slam our president. 

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CNN headline, June 5, 2020: “This Republican senator just admitted what we’ve all known about the GOP for a while now.”

The story, written by CNN political analyst Chris Cillizza, begins, “Sen. Lisa Murkowski said the quiet part out loud.” 

Cillizza is referencing a quote from Murkowski after she was asked about former Defense Secretary James Mattis’ criticism of President Donald Trump over his handling of the police killing of George Floyd. Murkowski came as close as a politician can to admitting she’s been lying all along about how she really feels about our president. 

“When I saw General Mattis comments yesterday I felt like perhaps we are getting to a point where we can be more honest with the concern that we might hold internally and have the courage of our own convictions to speak up,” said Murkowski. 

Cillizza pounced upon Murkowski’s stunning admission of dishonesty and lack of courage and used it as evidence that other Republican politicians don’t like Trump but are afraid to say so.  

“What Murkowski is acknowledging here: that many of her fellow Republicans and presumably, her colleagues in the Senate, have long held deep doubts about Trump and his conduct, but have lacked the courage of their convictions to speak out about those worries,” wrote Cillizza. 

Cillizza is half correct. Many Republican Senators have remained silent about their displeasure with Trump. But it’s not Trump’s perceived ineptness they don’t like. The opposite is true. Trump represents a clear and present danger to the Washington D.C. swamp.

Murkowski and other Republicans-in-name-only depend on the vibrancy of the swamp to maintain their power and influence. It’s Trump’s fearlessness and formidability in exposing and defeating the swamp that terrifies the Murkowski’s of the world. 

Murkowski, emboldened by the Mattis defection, told reporters this past week she’s “struggling” with whether to vote for Trump in the fall. There she goes again. Coming up short in the honesty department. There’s no way Murkowski will ever or has ever voted for Trump. Even if she’s claimed to have voted for Trump, it’s irrelevant, since Murkowski has already confessed to not having the courage to “be more honest” regarding the president.  

Murkowski is a prime example of how corrupt and incestuous politics has become in America. Remember her father, Frank Murkowski appointed her to his seat after he was elected governor in 2002. The elder Murkowski released a list of 40-names he would choose from to fill his seat made up of prominent Alaskans like Sarah Palin, John Binkley, Jerry Mackie, and Ben Stevens. But in the end, we learned the list was all a scam and Frank the Bank handed his powerful Senate seat down to his daughter as though Frank were King and Lisa were a princess. My friend Glen Biegel called it the most corrupt act in Alaska’s history. 

Two years after the nepotistic appointment, Murkowski armed with the sizable and considerable advantage of incumbency was elected after no prominent Republican would dare challenge her. 

Then in 2010, with Murkowski staunchly ensconced as a powerful swamp creature, conservative Joe Miller shocked everyone and beat her in the Republican primary. 

But she beat Miller by 4 points in the general as a write-in candidate after the native corporations danced around the edges of campaign finance laws and dumped millions into Murkowski’s election efforts. The oil companies, lobbyists, the non-profit cabal, the health care industry, deep-state types, and anyone benefiting from federal government bloat and largess also poured in millions to help Murkowski return to the swamp.  

Murkowski had become such a powerful swamp creature, state officials changed the election rules that year to benefit her. Murkowski’s name was prominently displayed on a list with other write-in candidates outside the polling place. That had never been done before. 

Murkowski was also helped after the media abandoned all pretense of fairness and launched an all-out jihad against Miller. Swamp creature Alice Rogoff led the charge with her website the Alaska Dispatch. Rogoff would later buy the Anchorage Daily News and use it to install Bill Walker as governor.

Now that Rogoff’s no longer a player in Alaska, Murkowski will need another swamp creature to rise when she’s up for reelection in 2022.    

Murkowski beat Miller once again in 2016 raising $5.8 million to Miller’s $600 thousand. That does not include all the PAC money spent on Murkowski’ behalf. 

But Murkowski’s swamp creature ways are in great jeopardy in the era of Trump. Trump exposed the swamp and its nastiness and politicos like Murkowski now have nowhere to hide. Trump is extremely popular in Alaska and rightly so. He’s signed legislation to open ANWR, put a stop to the EPA fighting resource development at every turn, and the president has beefed up military spending bringing more troops to the state. 

This past week Trump vowed to campaign against Murkowski in 2022. 

“Few people know where they’ll be in two years from now, but I do, in the Great State of Alaska, which I love, campaigning against Lisa Murkowski, “Trump tweeted.

“Get any candidate ready, good or bad, I don’t care, I’m endorsing. If you have a pulse, I’m with you!” Trump added. 

If Trump can help take out Murkowski, he’ll be doing Alaska and our nation a great service. Murkowski refused to approve the nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme court. It’s one of the most important votes any senator has made in recent memory. With Murkowski voting present instead of yes, she loses all claims to being pro-resource development or pro-gun rights as these issues will ultimately be decided by the high court. 

And remember, it was Murkowski’s single vote that saved Obamacare. 

What’s most troubling about Murkowski for me is her bizarre allegiance to the death culture. She’s been an unflinching supporter of the abortion industry’s quest to end the lives of innocent and indefensible children living in their mothers’ womb. Hence Murkowski’s refusal to confirm Kavanaugh. 

The swamp has been there for Murkowski for many years but, thanks to Trump, it’s lost some of its power. Hopefully, Murkowski’s days in office are numbered.  

Dan Fagan hosts a talk show on Newsradio 650 KENI from 5:30 to 8 am.



  1. Murkowski’s days are numbered and she know’s it. Would not surprise me if she dosen’t run in 2022.

  2. “When I saw General Mattis comments yesterday I felt like perhaps we are getting to a point where we can be more honest with the concern that we might hold internally and have the courage of our own convictions to speak up,” said Murkowski
    Talking about herself in the plural makes her sound like Queen Elizabeth. We are not amused. Who is this we? Does she have a mouse in her pocket or is she referring to The Puppeteer? Or is it just a phsycological defense mechanism, like externalization?

  3. Great explanation of the “Fairy Tale” SS Murky, May she go down under the weight of lies and deceit!!

  4. Wow Dan, you called her out bad!! But I couldn’t agree more with every word you said!! Sad to say it was my union brothers that helped crucify Miller and I saved their poster as a reminder “Joe Miller…JOB KILLER” said one of them..

    • Indeed, WOW! I’m going to have to agree with you AND Dan on the same day? The Apocalypse must be right around the corner.! Long time ago I had a civil case land in front of Magistrate Miller. I was impressed by his ability to cut through BS and know the truth. I was so impressed that years later I hired Joe to represent me in a civil issue with the State. Had to get special permission from the BAR and he was expensive, but it was worth it. He did his job…the State did NOT do its’ job. I even got a couple thousand dollars back, a pretty clear sign of honesty. So, having known Joe, I would say that your use of the word “crucify” is not very much of an exaggeration. Remember that commercial Miller ran in 2016? It showed actual footage of “Uncle Frank” holding up Lisa’s hand in victory and saying “Hail Caesar”! Most powerful political ad I’ve ever seen. I thought NO independent minded REAL Alaskan is ever going to vote for Lisa now! It’s pretty clear who John and I voted for, but the rest of you are suspect! Especially you, DAN! Pretty sure I saw you on that ‘Daddy’s little girl’ bandwagon and nowhere in your piece did you acknowledge that. I think you owe Joe and me and the other Joe Miller supporters an apology for your part in the creation of the Murkowski Dynasty. To be forgiven, to be absolved of sin, you have to admit that you have indeed sinned!

  5. You’d think the pandemic was a hoax and a months worth of Alaska’s steadily rising active case counts weren’t happening.

    What? Can’t report now that the facts aren’t in line with the false narrative?

    • Bill Tobin,, what is total case count? Last week it was under 50 ever in Hospital in Alaska. For this we shut down medical care, much less our lives? Yes Bill, this ” planedemic” is great for Democrat sociopaths seeking power and lousy for the rest of us.

      • As of Sunday at midnight the total case count is 563. The seven day average of daily new cases for the preceding week (13.71) is up 860% above the seven day average of daily new cases two weeks ago (1.49). There have been 155 new cases in the seventeen days since the state “opened up.” There were 149 cases in the first 17 days of infections in the state. So far, after “opening up” there have been no new hospitalizations or deaths. DHSS is not reporting “active cases.”

        There is no question there has been a “spike” in the number of new daily cases since “opening up.” It remains to be seen what causes the “spike” and where this goes from here.

  6. Frank was going to pick John Binkley as his Senate replacement. It was all but a done deal. But Binkley had some major baggage. He was promoting Tony Knowles in 1998 for governor and holding major fundraisers for him in exchange for a seat on the AK RR Board. Republican wigs told Frank not to pick Binkley. After six weeks, Frank picked Lisa. When facing the media, Frank and Nancy looked a bit nervous. Binkley retaliated in 06 with a run against Frank for governor, but an attractive upstart named Sarah Palin beat them both in the primary. That was the end of Frank and Binkley. So, Lisa made history in 02 by getting appointed by her dad, and again in 2010 by winning a write-in vote with Democrat support. Unfortunately, Lisa is really a Democrat disguised as a Republican and everybody knows it. It will take another Joe Miller type to knock her off in the 2022 primary, but someone stronger than Joe Miller to beat her in the general election. It can be done.

    • I’ve heard the same story too. Frank and Nancy Murkowski have to be experiencing some emotional pain over Lisa’s idiocy. Frank had senatorial friendships in WASH DC during the 80’s and 90’s. Presumably, many could have taken Lisa M. under their arms. But, no. Frank Murkowski was always considered a lightweight in the Senate and many didn’t like him. Wife Nancy was considered the smarter and better politician of the two. Lisa has been a huge disappointment to the entire family.

  7. Well well well Dan Fagan, you certainly weren’t singing these tunes when Joe was running for the seat. My how your opinion has changed now that the populist movement has caught up to getting rid of Princess Murkowski.

  8. Princess Lisa. The best ad of the 2010 election, and maybe my lifetime, was the ad where the narrator tells a story, like a fairy tale, about how a “king”(Frank)gave his senate seat to his daughter the “Princess”(Lisa) and then a bad man came and took it (Miller)…it was priceless…and the impersonation of Lisa screeching “It’s mine!! Daddy gave it to Me and I want it back!!!” Was so on the nose.

    • Great story, but not entirely true. Frank and Nancy Murkowski, with all of their millions of dollars rolling in from multiple government pensions and oil company payoffs, were actually talking about some real estate that they were passing along to their kids. Lisa thought that her parents were giving away too much pre-inheritence property to her siblings. “I want it back” was a distress call by Lisa because her own husband has never had a job in his life and Lisa’s life-style was in jeopardy. Thus, the write-in campaign to get that “little pain in the a$$” Lisa out of Alaska and out of Frank and Nancy’s hair. Abortion rights, anti-Trump, Democrat Lisa Murkowski …… was better off being 4000 miles away in DC.

  9. Excellent expose’ of Senator Murkowski, Dan. She also did not vote for Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary because she is hostage to the teachers’ unions. Thanks for the article.

  10. Lisa Murkowski seems to lie about past support for President Trump as easily as she supports abortion while espousing that she is a Catholic. For the Catholic faith, life begins at conception. Period. Additionally, her explanation for non support for Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation was plainly incoherent. Whenever I think of Lisa Murkowski, I remember that iconic picture of her being backed up against the wall by Diane Feinstein’s arm with a very cowed look on her face. It was about the same time as the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Seems that DiFi’s efforts had the desired affect on Senator Murkowski.

    I look forward to Senator Murkowski leaving the Senate in 2022. It will be so gratifying to be finally represented by someone focused on the real interests of Alaskans instead of inside the beltway interests. Or that of DiFi.

  11. Not interested in affordable health care?

    Not concerned about a virus that has killed at least 110k that were sheltering in place in for 8 – 12 weeks?

    Trump isn’t draining the swamp, Trump is the swamp.

  12. It worked for Sen. McCain, who was vilified when he ran against Dear Leader Barack Obama, and sainted when he broke with Trump. Similar situation with Sen. Romney.

  13. I have already said much of what I think of lisa. She is nothing but a tool for the leftists, pretending to be a republican. Time for her to ‘depart’ “representing” Alaskans. Her lies to get ‘elected’ are nothing more than that. She won’t go willingly. We must vote her our or recall her ‘phony’ a==.

  14. How many people remember Sen. Feinstein pinning Murkowski against the wall demanding she not vote for Kavanaugh for SCOTUS? She obeyed her master!

  15. At least Alaska has had somerepresentation over the years. Wally Hickel, two time Governor and Secretary of the Interior who while in Washington denounced the Vietnam War. Any other Republicans do that?

    Of course there was that one infamous quote about not letting mother nature run wild. He also stopped the feds and some unscrupulous Alaskans from violating the statehood compact by opening ANWR and giving the feds an additional 40% in taxable revenue.

    U.S. Senator Mike Gravel was another good one. He sponsored the nationwide Initiative and Referendum movement. Alaska certainly benefited from it so he wanted the whole country to have. One of the few democrats I ever supported and admired.

    Listen to any of the speeches or interviews he gave when seeking the democratic nomination for president. He was beginning to galvanize a good cross section of Americans but like Ron Paul was ignored by the media. Today he’s a Libertarian.

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