Alaska Democrat state senator thinks pro-Israel, pro-Jewish Americans are also anti-vaxxers. Turns out, he may be right


Alaska State Sen. Forrest Dunbar wondered out loud on X/Twitter if anti-vaxxers and pro-Israel Americans were one and the same. He was commenting on an Economist/YouGov poll that showed Americans’ views on Jews and Israel.

“I’d like to see cross-tabs between this and antivaxxers. I’d be willing to bet that there is a strong correlation, with a similar set of casual factors for both,” Dunbar said on X/Twitter.

Apparently, Dunbar, who is Jewish, didn’t actually look at the poll. Anchorage citizen activist Jay McDonald did, however, and noted that the Anchorage hard-Democrat lawmaker unknowingly “owns the libs with facts and logic!”

As it turns out, Democrats are not all that friendly toward Jews or Israel as a nation. Republicans are more so, and yes, Republicans lean more toward skepticism of government-forced Covid vaccines, according to other polls.

But first, the numbers on Jews and Israel, with a definitely trend of Democrats disapproving of both:

  • – Some 40% of Democrat poll respondents said that Israel is deliberately trying to wipe out the Palestinian population while fewer than 15% of Republicans agreed with that statement.
  • – When it comes to the Holocaust, 23% of Democrats said that Israel exploits its Holocaust victimhood for its own purposes, while under 15% of Republicans agreed with the statement.
  • – Fully one quarter of Democrats said Israel has too much control over global affairs, and 22% said that the interests of Israelis are at odds with the interest of the rest of the world. 19% of Democrats said Jews have too much power in America, compared to 12% of Republicans agreeing with the statement.
  • – Finally, 10% of Democrats said that the Holocaust is a myth, compared to less than 7% of Republicans.

One thing Democrats and Republicans agree on, according to the poll: When it comes to anti-Jewish hate crimes, 68% of Democrats and 68% of Republicans say hate crimes against Jewish people in the U.S. are a very serious or somewhat serious issue.

67% of Americans agreed with the statement that Holocaust denial is antisemitic, the poll shows. About one-third said boycotts of Israeli goods and universities antisemitic, and one in five said opposing Israeli treatment of Palestinians is antisemitic.

Republicans are more willing to say that boycotting Israeli products is antisemitic: 52% of Republicans say it is, compared to 24% of Democrats. One-third of Americans overall say that believing American Jews are more loyal to Israel than they are to the U.S. is antisemitic.

Read the rest of the poll summary at this link.

As for Covid vaccine skepticism (or “anti-vaxxers,” as Dunbar calls them), a Morning Consult poll revealed in September that since the Covid vaccine rollout and subsequent revelations, Republicans have become a lot more skeptical.

Before 2020, polls showed little overall difference along partisan lines on issues related to vaccination in general, such as whether students should be inoculated against measles to attend public schools.

But since Covid, Republican voters have diverged from everyone else, a report from POLITICO summarized.

“A new POLITICO | Morning Consult poll, conducted as part of POLITICO’s ongoing series about the rising anti-vax movement, shows Republican voters are less likely than Democrats or independents to say vaccines are safe for children. It also shows that as many Republicans now say they care more about the risks of vaccines than they do about the health benefits,” the publication reported here.


  1. Dunbar is a confused man looking for meaning and purpose among a sea of lies, and growing more confused and increased hostility the longer he drifts

  2. Why Dunbar still arguing about who is and who not received Covid shots. . . It’s almost 2024. Its time to move on

  3. Yes He needs help! His ears in that picture look as if they have gotten way bigger, perhaps from Felix & Constant continually pulling on them🤣

  4. All it takes is even a small amount of common sense to know what decision is right for our families and constituents. History (since covid) tells us the vaccine not only didn’t work, masks didn’t AND don’t work, distancing didn’t and doesn’t work. Handwashing has and always will work(antibacterial soap not needed), wiping down places where disease easily spreads(door handles, door edges, light switches, toilet handles, window handles, sink faucets, shower faucets, dresser and bathroom and kitchen knobs/handles, appliance door handles, trash cans, etc. etc.) with a mix of peroxide and water takes care of if not all, most of the problems. Eating minimally-processed food, getting plenty of rest (8 hours minimum). ALL easy peasy common sense and not costly(billions to big government and big pharma). Senator Dunbar should go back to school and learn basics!

    • Actually, the science says the Covid vaccine did work and saved untold numbers of lives but you won’t see much support for that reality in the comments section on MRAK, just like you won’t see many that actually accept the fact that the last Presidential election wasn’t “rigged”. Reality is not popular here. You’ll get a lot more acceptance on here is you believe the earth is less than 10,000 years old and that it’s also flat.

        • Manda-
          they have their own science. You know, the kind that ignores warming and cooling trends of the earth, that their are only two sexes, etc. They also choose to not consider or admit vaccine injuries and death. HOWEVER, I could make cman’s case by saying that the vax was indeed effective… just as China and Bill Gates intended it to be.

        • Don’t bother Manda, cman gets bitter and clings to his covid shots and atheism or antipathy of people, who don’t bow to his narrative.

      • It took changing the long standing definition of “vaccine” to achieve some of that great news. “The Science” also said no heart, reproductive, neurologic and immune system complications. No one would “catch” covid after vaccination. If the vax is so good why are the majority of infected now being the vaxxed? As for 2020…. it was rigged…. to not acknowledge problems in the election is to not recognize them with the vaccines.

  5. Another liar trying to get rich.
    He will say anything to benefit his wallet.
    Not news to anybody who follows the truth.

  6. “They who design the trials and control the data also control the outcome. So, this system of industry-led trials needs to be put to an end. Data from ongoing and future trials of novel COVID treatments must be independently controlled and analyzed. Anything less than total transparency cannot be trusted.”

    Dr. Tess Lawrie is a world-class researcher and consultant to the World Health Organization

  7. Well given the ‘anti-vaxxers’ , as Dunbar refers to people that actually pay attention, think, make the best decisions foe themselves and their families, are actually alert and aware of truth and lies, and can detect the difference – most certainly there would be a correlation. Poor Senator Dunbar is a bit clueless and only follows the leftist narrative requiring minimal, if any, actual thinking.

    • Considering the slow but constant flow of verified negative news about the vax/boosters…. NOT following “the science” was a sound medical move. Newest ads for vaccination now mention heart issues as a potential side effect. Drip drip drip.

      Anti vax people are being labeled as “feebleminded”. Rather smart I would say.

  8. Anybody with an ounce of common sense turned anti-vax over the mRNA jab. That excludes liberals and other associated Democrats, naturally, the natural test base for Big Pharma. Given enough time and test subjects they might perfect the technology so a big shout out to Dunbar and his fellow sheeple.

  9. I used to think Dunbar had a brain. Now I’m sure he’s just as brainwashed as the other Democrats. Pity he’s still waving the COVID flag. That ship sailed and he was on the wrong side of the facts. One wonders if that might cause him to do some introspective examination, but probably not.

    • Angela, Dumbar is simply doing what all commies do when faced with facts that are contrary to their agenda, that is to double down on the lie and attack their opponents with character assassination.

      Lenin would be so proud of little Forest.
      What a perfect little commie!

    • M, Let’s say you got Mugged, Raped or suffered an assault by a criminal gang 4 years ago and those that harmed you were never charged and in fact are walking free, would you be “over it”? Especially so since you are still suffering from the damage inflicted by a tyrannical government and it’s rapacious handling of a CHI-COM Bio-Weapon.
      No, let’s not be over with “it”. Let’s recapture our liberties and clean house with the Alphabet agencies that are nothing but whores for big corporations.

  10. If Dunbar REALLY read the polls, he would have found out that something like 96% of Americans have suddenly become anti-vaxxers.

  11. I’m sure glad this moron is not my state Senator. I’d have a hard time believing my neighbors would ever vote for someone like him.

  12. The Democrats will never let go of COVID. Look what it got them…lockdowns, the ability to isolate and persecute those who do not agree with them, shut down businesses, billions in unaccounted for funds, mail in voting. For them, COVID is the gift that keeps giving.

  13. Leftists have never supported Jews or Israel.

    The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazi) is a far left political movement, while many mislabeled it a far right party that is demonstrably untrue. Nationalism isn’t specifically left or right on the political spectrum, however Socialism is obviously on the left. The fascism displayed by Nazi’s is a left wing ideology, it rejects democracy and classic liberalism which is where the confusion enters for some. Our country was founded upon classical liberalism priciples. Classic liberalism is not to be mistaken for modern liberalism as modern liberalism is a leftists ideology whereas classic liberalism believes in the protection of individual freedom or liberty, private property, the rule of law, constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion and of the press, and a free market economy…all of which are the antithesis of leftism.

    Communists, Fascists, Nazi’s, and all other leftists have long demonized Jews. Karl Marx declared in his essay “On the Jewish Question,” that the Jew had to “be abolished.” ‘’

    Anti-vaxxers are spread all across the political spectrum. I’m not sure that to claim anti-vaxxers are pro-Jewish or pro-Israel is the apparent insult that run Forest run thinks it is.

    • Steve-O.
      You are correct sir.
      Naziism was far left.
      Nazis were atheists.
      Nazis were sexual deviants – look at the German sex clubs in the 20’s and 30’s – all the trannie cross dressing, homosexual and bisexual behaviour by Nazi officials.
      Nazis had speech codes and would murder you or send you to concentration camps if you spoke out against the regime.
      They percecuted and murdered Catholics and Jews. (How many far right matches in favor of Palestine and against the Jews have you seen).
      Anti-Semitism has ALWAYS come from the Left.

  14. Must be tough to be stuck on the ship that he helped scuttle. But to put a political label on thinking people that simply do their research in order to protect themselves and their families from sheep such as himself is bazar. I am sure there were many queers and communists who hesitated to drink the Koolaid, especially when the government made unpublicized exceptions on the mandates for many government workers, including congress, the Post Office, and most three letter agencies. Too bad nobody passed the word to Forest. He was just to valuable as a tool to push the agenda. It is puzzling that he made it through legal school. Should have paid more attention in biology.

  15. Republican Counties have a higher Covid related death rate than Democratic Counties, Trump’s supporters are diminishing, other than some ethanol subsidized corn growers in Iowa.

  16. Frank Rast, According to Pew, a “majority of Republican and Republican-leaning registered voters are ages 50 and older (56%), a smaller share of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters are in that age group (50%).” So you need to be careful before you try to compare these things because older people have more co-morbidities and are known to succumb to both flu and Covid (and pneumonia and cancer) more so than children or people in their 20s, for instance. Also Trump supporters are not diminishing, as you state. In August, PBS reported: “Seven in 10 Republicans now have a favorable opinion of Trump, an uptick from the 60 percent who said so two months ago.” Last week, NBC said, “We are now exactly five weeks out until the 2024 Iowa caucuses, and former President Donald Trump’s lead is growing — not declining — in the Hawkeye State, according to the latest NBC News/Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll.: Your idea that Trump support is waning is a case of wishful thinking … and there is no cure for that. But do go get another shot, just in case.

  17. Hey there Frank! Minneapolis is in a Democrat county, tell me, how are they doing? And who runs Anchorage? And how is Anchorage doing? San Francisco? Baltimore? Memphis? New Orleans? Face the facts Frank, Democrat policies and beliefs are destroying peoples lives. Stop listening to satan Frank, he is not your friend. The answers are in the Bible Frank. GOD loves you Frank. Return that love and prosper.

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