Murkowski joins Democrat-led group attending COP 28 climate convention in Dubai


Alaska has a high-level representative at the United Nations climate change conference, known as COP 28, in Dubai. Sen. Lisa Murkowski joined a handful of Democrat senators in attending the conference.

The Senate delegation includes Democrat Senators Ed Markey, Sheldon Whitehouse, Tom Carper, Chris Coons, and Ben Cardin, and Republican Lisa Murkowski.

“We’re here because we know we need action. We’re very concerned about the fact that we have missed a lot of our targets. We are in crisis right now,” Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Ben Cardin told reporters during a conference call. “We have to mitigate as much as possible the damage.”

“The goals are to take stock of how close we are to the global commitments that were made in Paris, and to recognize that we’re going to need to adjust our climate targets in order to be able to save the planet,” said Cardin, who began attending the annual conference eight years ago.

Murkowski is the only Republican senator attending. She said that world leaders need to be realistic and that while “it’s OK to be aggressive” there needs to be an energy transition from current energy sources.

“I joke but it’s not a joke, it’s very serious — I am the ‘bi’ in the bipartisan and I’m happy to be here,” Murkowski, said on the call. “I am genuinely happy to be here because these conversations are so significant to all of us around the country.” 

“To me, coming from an Arctic state, Alaska, a state that is seeing warming at two and a half, three times faster than any other area in the country,” Murkowski said. “And the implications, the ramifications that that has, whether it is food crashes in our food supply, when it comes to return of the fisheries, what it means for our infrastructure on land where we see a more accelerated permafrost, climate change is a very real concern and a pressing issue.”

The conference began Nov. 30 and runs through Tuesday, Dec. 12. The main thrust of the conference is a push to hold the warming of the climate to 1.5 degrees celsius.

Sen. Markey wrote on his official Senate page, “Negotiators have been urged to narrow down their options so they can agree on how to save Earth from disastrous levels of warming and help vulnerable societies adapt to weather extremes as the clock runs down on United Nations climate talks.”

He told reporters there need to be guarantees “that we don’t add to the climate crisis with a nuclear nonproliferation crisis. Any steps forward … have to be accompanied by the very strongest, full-scope safeguards, or else we will see North Koreas, and Irans and Iraqs all across the planet.”

Markey grandstanded with anti-oil protesters, saying the protesters are right and the oil and gas industry is wrong.

“There are a lot of questions about the scale and the persistence of American investment in the global energy transition and in the fight against climate change,” Sen. Coons said. “That will be a sustained effort, regardless of the outcome of our next election.”

“COP 28 is an opportunity to identify global solutions for limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees, inform countries’ preparations for revised and more ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions (national climate plans) due by 2025, accelerate the green transition that is already happening,” the United Nations writes in its description of the event.

More than 70,000 delegates are attending COP 28, including the U.N. member states, business leaders, climate scientists, indigenous representatives, journalists, and various others.

Read all the news releases coming out of COP 28 at this link.


  1. Birds of a feather situation. Maybe Lisa will find their arguments convincing enough ($$$) to become a climate alarmist…there’s good money in that grift if you have connections and work it right. There’s got to be an opportunity to skim some of the trillions these idiots want us to pay to other countries for destroying the globe and drowning them. Hasn’t happened yet but they keep hoping and why shouldn’t we pay it forward, right? They’ll probably have us paying for all the new Communist Chinese coal plants while we pay to tear ours down before they’re through. I’m just hopeful that I’m far enough from the center of the empire that the pollution police won’t jail me for burning wood to stay warm…hahaha.

  2. Been saying for a long time that Lisa IS NOT a Republican, she is a Democrat! She has made it pretty clear over the years with decisions made while she has been in office that hurt the State of Alaska. Is it bad enough yet? Do we get it yet? Eh, we’ll see.

  3. Murkowski is just another cult member. The climate cult has clamored their agendas for decades. They adjust their narrative to whatever they think will be fruitful in aiding their ultimate goal of power and control. None of their hysteria predictions have ever come to fruition. None of their hysteria has any solid scientific basis. Climate always changes, always has, the earth has been warming since the last ice age. Life adjusts. They should leave their private jets parked, quite wasting valuable oxygen and taxpayer money, and quite trying to control the world. Alas though they are also deluded into believing their own lies and our only recourse is to vote them out. For Alaska, that will require getting rid of RCV.

  4. Is this a predicate per se? Will the CDC be checking antecedents for plastic before or after the carbon capture she and the ANC’s are a bit excited about. Have you heard of all this excitement she, being in the know, reported about to the Senate if not the public. CARBON CAPTURE? Are we carbonated? They didn’t mention this capture at AFN. This science stuff is so hard to understand before they spring it on ya.

  5. We might need to take a look at the bookkeeping before and after the decarbonization and sequestration per se. Tho’ts prolly why they’re so imminently excited. $. The flows, you know. “And nearby areas”. Are you nearby?

    Sucks is closer to the truth. I wish I could have retrieved my votes for her way back when. Snake oil sales gal, that’s our princess.

  7. You have to be a special kind of grifter to use fossil fuel transportation to attend a conference on ending fossil fuel.

  8. For crying out loud!!!!!!! If this doesn’t prove within a shadow of a doubt that Murkowski is a RINO, nothing will!!

  9. All the others are from the Northeast. No surprise that these folks are trying to enslave and destroy us. A reminder that both Biden and Trump are also from the Northeast. Trump runs under a different flag, but that is only for his own convenience at the moment.

  10. I guess she missed being here last summer when it was
    anything but hot. She must have sucked up all the hot

    “Alaska, a state that is seeing warming at two and a half, three
    times faster than any other area in the country”, what total BS.

    • I am sure she was referring to last summers whirlwind tour of Biden’s cabinet members jetsetting around Alaska….or as Willy calls it “Gag a Maggot tour”.
      Pothole Pete, Admiral Rachel Levine, Dr Jill, Deb Haaland with broom Peltola sweeping up the rear.

      There was enough hot air and methane gas expelled from that circus to melt ten years of glacier ice.

  11. What is the carbon footprint of 70 thousand people flying into Dubai for a conference on carbon footprints? How many flew in on private jets or on yachts?

  12. At the risk of dodging inbound overripe veggies ……

    I don’t mind Lisa traveling to this boondoggle. For whatever she is, she is not nearly as insane as the democrat senators she is traveling with, which may slow them down a tiny bit. Cheers –

  13. Probably do not need 70,000 people to establish some simple carbon reducing goals. the UAE leading the conference is not what I would call democratic leading

    • Its not about reducing carbon.
      The goal is how much money Democrats and their financial supporters can make off with in the name of “Saving the Planet”

      • Andy, it is ABSOLUTELY about reducing carbon.
        However, you are the carbon they want to reduce. You, me, the average Joe.
        Carbon emissions? Just a tool to get to the real goal.

  14. Why don’t all these folks hop on their jets and fly to the number polluter in the world…China. There’s where the real problem lies. They won’t because China finances a lot of this and is becoming even more wealthy by exporting all their junk solar panels.

    • The landscape in Alaska will look much different soon with all the chinese made “plastic people” crap that only lasts long enough to make it to the landfills.
      It will benefit the golfing fans when they make golf courses over the top of canyon filling landfills

    • “Why don’t all these folks hop on their jets and fly to the number polluter in the world…China.”
      No need. China already has communism.

  15. The cultural chasms at this meeting are huge. The leader of Dubai is very closely related tribally with others. He decided how to handle the oil wealth and he prepared for the wealth and systemically spread it around intensely. The local families know everything they received was from this guy’s choices for their entire life. They have extremely bad actors too. They deal with them extremely effectively. They have intervenors who are allowed to intervene. It is not a flat land society. They might have a modicum of compassion for Alaskans because they know how thin the veneer of civil, familial, tribal feeling there is in our harsh environment. They probably gasp and shake their heads at the “crassness” of historic Alaskan leadership. They liked and understood President Donald Trump. They are not “nice” to people who sell out their own populations. They teach their sons among other things intense, tangible sharing, among their tribes. Very notable among all the tribes on earth. If Murkowski does her haughty thing with them it won’t work too well. They have dealt with all kinds even actual royalty.

  16. Bipartisan – a phenomenon that occurs when republicans come out post election as spend happy big government liberals partnering with leftists to steal money from children and spend it on things the federal government has no business spending it on, simultaneously cashing in on what may be irreparable damage to freedom as originally envisioned when the United States fought to be an independent nation. Alternate spelling; buypartisan.

  17. I wonder just how many frequent flier miles you get going from Washington, DC to Dubai?
    I guess she never heard of participating via ZOOM on her laptop.

  18. I think we’re good. Sullivan sent a letter to the fed warning them to stop engaging in climate activism. /sarc off

  19. I hope this doesn’t interfere with my new gas vehicles. Lisa just asked Frankie for an inheritance advance so we can get a couple new guzzlers. Love these trucks.

  20. Frankie and I told Lisa to hitch a ride on John Kerry’s personal jet, the one his wife bought him for Christmas. That way, we don’t have to spend our own money on Lisa’s penchant for First Class air tickets.

    • We used to have our own personal jet, Nancy and I, until that no good Sarah Palin swiped it from us and put it up for sale on EBay. Something about getting even with us because I cancelled the Longevity Bonus program for Alaska seniors. Republicans are so vengeful. That’s why Nancy and I have joined Lisa with the Democrats now.

  21. She doesn’t represent Alaska or the people of Alaska! Murkowski also hosted Gislaine Maxwell at the Artic council while advocating about missing indigenous woman and children. She is a despicable treasonous traitor! Oh well, birds of a feather….the UN, WHO and WEF should be designated as terrorist organizations NOW!

  22. I am glad Alaska was on the world’s stage at such an important event. We need to be represented as a major player in the industry and attendance is half of it. It can’t be all about OPEC nations- Alaska matters too. we can’t have our interests considered and expressed if nobody is there.

  23. How much CO2/hot air can we save if the 70,000 attendees who are so worried about climate change they have to drone on and on about it just shut up?
    Add that to the CO2 emissions from the rest of the climate change zealots.
    Then add all the carbon emissions from the attendees to get there, while telling all the little people they must reduce their carbon footprint.
    How many are paid to go or have investments, income, etc., attributable to climate change agenda?
    How many are taking their trip expenses off on/reducing their taxes leaving the little people to pay more taxes?
    How much are the taxpayers having to pay for the princess’ free trip to Dubai?
    How many of the 70,000 attendees ate bugs for their meals while there to help with climate change like they want the little people to do?

  24. Protecting special interests, I mean special accounts is what Princess is doing there. Problem is her DNA didn’t exhume graves
    The reason why Palin resigned did. Now I am to understand that the funds with the Golden Child have yet to be seen. Seizure of assets is just the beginning. After those get returned to the Birthright owner, oh paybacks will be hell…

  25. They stated at this conference for the first time what their ultimate goal is. To nationalize the oil companies. At least now it’s all in plain sight. Back to the stone age with starvation and survival for those who live through it. One billion people worldwide were lifted above the poverty level in the 10 years previous to 2020. Since 2020, when the lockdown epidemic began, we started reversing course for the first time since our nation was born. Before the American Revolution the standard of living in the colonies was greater than that of Great Britain. In the 1890’s those factory workers of ours were making wages of $1.50-$2.50 per day. Barely above the poverty level but still worldwide they were in the top 1% of wage earners in the world and no shortage of people wanting to immigrate to America. Now socialist policies are reversing the gains we have made through the perverse religious cult of climate change. We have new micro nuclear reactors that can be pulled with a tractor trailer rig but the NRC haven’t approved any new nuclear plants since it was created. Germany had to divert money to build more useless windmill farms to mine lignite (lowgrade coal) to keep from freezing to death this winter and people there stocked up on more firewood than ever before. They were depending on the gas line from Russia that was destroyed when Russia attacked Ukraine over NATO expansion which was promised never to happen when the Soviet Union collapsed. Germany is or was an ally. Now they are experiencing a deep freeze while the global warming cult meets in the Middle East.

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