ADN reporter has cameo role in White House Press conference, gets dissed by Press Secretary Jen Psaki


The White House daily press briefing has a new feature, including “regional reporters” tuning in via video. The first reporter to be featured was James Brooks, a political writer for the Anchorage Daily News, who appeared on a large screen behind Press Secretary Jen Psaki this week. He was attended from Juneau, wearing a red-and-black Filson brand vest, and he was the only regional reporter included in the Friday White House press briefing.

As Psaki tried to explain the initiative to bring in regional reporters, she threw shade on all of the non-Beltway reporters by praising the elite White House Press Corp, “You know, many of you started your career that way.”

It was an insult that may have made all non-White House reporters grimace, as many do not aspire to join the White House Press corp, but see value in local reporting. For many reporters, local and state beats are a passion.

After accidentally dissing him, Psaki then greeted Brooks, but didn’t seem to have his name.

Brooks, good natured as is typical with him, described to Psaki the problem Alaska has with its cruise ship season because, not only are there CDC rules, but there is the Canadian ban on ships.

Due to a U.S. law, “ships must stop in Canada on the way to Alaska and Canada isn’t allowing cruise ships right now,” Brooks explained. Just as he was explaining that a bipartisan request from Alaska legislators to have the Biden Administration lift the Canada stop requirement, the sound went dead, and Brooks could be seen talking, but could not be heard.

“Uh oh,” said Psaki. “Oh no, you didn’t hit your mute button, did you? That may be on our end.” After a few moments, the glitch was fixed and Brooks was able to ask the Biden Administration what it thinks of the request to grant a waiver to Alaska-bound cruise ships.

Psaki said that Biden has been working with Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Alaska officials on the problem, and engaging with Canada.

The segment comes at the end of the press conference, as seen on CSPAN.


  1. Kinda hard to say anything, ’cause we dis ADN on a regular basis. Then again, I guess it’s okay for us to do it, but non-Alaskans can’t, right?

  2. Murkowski is doing exactly what she is paid to do, work to solve Alaska problems regardless who the president is and what party he represents.

    Murkowski is smart enough to know that you can not continue to go maga and get anywhere in this admin. It is too bad the Alaska Republican Party does not understand what it takes to help Alaska.

  3. Democrat supporters got to see their leaders elitist prejudice and hypocrisy called out since they won’t hold their own democrat leaders accountable. Like an abused spouse, Democrats brush the hits taken aside like its nothing, as IF its their fault and they need the correction for doing something wrong. I think of that other alaskan reporter getting totally hit on social media reporting about that article subject choice to give priority to Native peoples and ANTHC distributing the vaccine. his crowd responded to him calling/insulting him as a racist white colonist by his own democratic minded crowd. That other reporter he was only writing another perspective other than the one Native liberal crowd wanted.

  4. I don’t know that reporter, so nothing personal, but wow, even the current White House won’t acknowledge that liberal rag? That’s harsh…

  5. We could not have wished for a better Alaskan or a better reporter (except for Ms. Downing of course) for the White House to choose, but I cannot defend the Daily News.

  6. Imagine having to suck up to someone like Psaki to get your validation…

    That is a staggering level of misery and inferiority complex that is difficult to actually ponder. What a soulless, petty, scared little existence that would be..

    God have mercy on these poor pathetic souls.

  7. HARBORGUY: How is she solving Alaska’s problems by voting to confirm an Interior Secretary who wants to shut down oil drilling in Alaska? Or, by voting for Merrick Garland as Attorney General, who is known to be against gun ownership.

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