Abortionist hunter? Governor’s pick for District E advocates execution?



Gov. Walker said he believes Tom Braund is the best choice for Alaska.

He chose him over a sitting representative of House District 9, part of Senate District E — an area that stretches from Wasilla to Valdez, and from Talkeetna to Whittier.

Walker skipped over Rep. George Rauscher because Rauscher briefly had a note on his office door telling people to leave their gross perversions outside his office.

Rauscher’s door sign, which was only up for less than an hour, poked fun of the Democrats’ constant troubles and their lawmakers’ forced resignations.

His signage referred to, perhaps, how both former Reps. Dean Westlake and Zach Fansler were asked to resign within a two-month period because of their inappropriate behavior toward women, which included everything from butt-slapping by Westlake to alleged dating violence by Fansler.

A sign on the door of Rep. George Rauscher disqualified him in the governor’s eyes for the Senate seat.

The Walker Administration decided Rauscher wasn’t playing nice with the Democrats. He was disqualified from being appointed to the Senate seat because of the sign.

When asked about how he felt about having been disqualified because of the sign, Rauscher was unapologetic.

“Hiding behind ‘BDSM’ [bondage, domination, sadomasochism] as a reason for hitting a woman is wrong and has no place in [the legislature]. That was what the statement said. I don’t know how it was taken or how it was misconstrued, but that’s what it meant and that’s the way I feel about it.”

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To fill the vacant Senate seat for District E, Walker turned to Braund, a man who some may say anchors the fringe on right-to-life issues.

Did Gov. Walker consider what Braund wrote in 2017 when he advocated violence in his Facebook feed?

Braund’s social media comments are making the rounds, as shown here in a conversation he was having with others about Planned Parenthood:

A screen capture of a conversation Tom Braund was having regarding Planned Parenthood.

Must Read Alaska has reached out to Braund for explanation, because it’s possible his post was made sarcastically.

But there it is, a viewpoint on Facebook that Gov. Walker will have to explain or defend to his Planned Parenthood supporters, because, while Braund is a private citizen engaging in social media, the governor is the CEO of the state who has made an official appointment.

On Monday, a day before he appointed Braund, Walker sent a letter to Sen. President Pete Kelly and Majority Peter Micciche, calling himself “a non-partisan Governor and my decisions are not based on the wishes or demands of any one party.”

Walker went on to say that he had a “sincere desire to make the best decisions for all Alaskans, including the residents of Senate District E.

Walker’s best decision for all Alaskans is, for the purpose of political revenge, Tom Braund. And if the Senate Republicans confirm him, he could become Walker’s worst nightmare.


  1. Abortion is murder. People believing they can attain benefits by spilling the blood of little ones, is a demonic belief system. Alaskans should be outraged that such premeditated murder is permitted, by unconstitutional human laws, in our streets.

    Genesis 9:6 (KJV) Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

  2. He wants to stop abortions and used hyperbole online…oooohhhhhhh big whoop! We need people to defend the helpless. We need people who aren’t cowards. Lisa Murkowski is a coward. She won’t support banning abortions that require a mandatory report of a father that impregnates his child, she wants rapist to walk free while killing the most vulnerable Americans and stealing their right to life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness. I say let him in! See how he’ll do.

  3. Has Tom ever submitted an opinion on a real public platform like in a newspaper or online site. I would be interested in his views on public issues.
    Not necessarily just abortion.

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