Governor lowers flags, reminds Alaskans of ‘fragility of life’


“Donna, Byron, Toni, and I are heartbroken, and share our prayers with the children, parents, educators and community members of Parkland, Florida,” Walker said in a press release. “Yesterday’s tragedy is a reminder of the fragility of life, and we join the nation in grieving with those who have lost their loved ones.”

U.S. and Alaska flags should be lowered to half-staff immediately, his order said. All flags should return to full staff at sunset on Monday, Feb. 19.

According to the Associated Press, a white nationalist group called the Republic of Florida, said that the 19-year-old shooter in Parkland was associated with the group, which wants wants Florida to become its own white ethno-state. He also had “trouble with a girl,” which may have led to his actions, in which 17 people died.


  1. ““Yesterday’s tragedy is a reminder of the fragility of life,…”

    One wonders…

    should “…the fragility of life” be applied to Planned Parenthood too?

    If so, instead of lowering flags, we should just have shorter flagpoles, no?

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