A rise in deadly Strep this winter may be linked to 2021 Covid lockdowns


 The science publication Nature is among others that are exploring the theory that Streptococcus A, a severe bacterial infection that can lead to death, is spiking in children due to the extended government lockdowns during the Covid pandemic that may have weakened their immune systems.

It’s a theory that a molecular microbiologist at the University of Sheffield, in the United Kingdom, says may have credence, since children who were locked down didn’t build up an immunity to Strep. Thirteen children in England under the age of 15 have died of Strep since September.

Strep usually starts as a sore throat and can end up as Scarlet Fever. It’s treated with antibiotics, but if not caught in time can cause meningitis, toxic shock syndrome, and flesh eating bacteria.

“There are a lot of things that seem to be a bit strange happening after the lockdowns,” Turner said. “But it’s hard to say whether that’s causing the surge right now, especially given that we have had surges prior to the pandemic.”

“To my knowledge, we’ve never seen a peak like this at this time of year, at least not for decades,” microbiologist Shiranee Sriskandan at Imperial College London told the publication.

It’s not just happening in England. A rise in Strep has been found in other countries, such as the Netherlands and the United States. Two young children in Denver have died from the illness, the CDC said in a Dec. 22 health alert.

The CDC warned in its health advisory “these severe and invasive diseases are associated with high mortality rates and require immediate treatment, including appropriate antibiotic therapy.”

Unfortunately, according to the CDC, there is a national shortage of the liquid antibiotic known as amoxicillin suspension, the drug most often prescribed to young children to treat group A strep infections. The shortage is anticipated to last several months.

An unusual rise in other diseases is also being seen, with exceptional surges in influenza, chicken pox, and respiratory syncytial virus, also known as RSV.


  1. Is it from the lockdowns…. or is it really from all the illegals flown all over the country the last 2 years. 5,000,000 allowed to enter and sent to every community in the country without a medical screening.

    • Fear porn like this article does this excellent website a disfavor. You claim the 13 deaths is an increase, but don’t give any numbers to back up that claim. What is the yearly average over the past ten years? How many millions of infections led to these 13 deaths? Streptococcus pyogenes is not known for developing antibiotic resistance, so how many of these deaths are a result of lack of timely treatment? Medical practitioners know the danger of your antibodies to Group A strep cross reacting with your kidneys, heart valves, joints, brain, etc. So how many cases of delayed treatment are a result of the parents not seeking timely care? You can see this is a more complex issue than the article portrays.

  2. Covid. The fraud that keeps on giving.

    I’m suspicious of one thing. Most kids these days are fat, lazy, and wouldn’t have gone outside anyway. Too far from PlayStation.

    In that regard Covid didn’t effect them all that much.

    • Incorrect! Kids would have gone to school where they are daily exposed to germs and viruses. Their immune systems were ready for the small amount of exposure on a daily basis. They lost that immunity ability during lockdowns and their systems are thus not prepared for the exposure they are now getting!

  3. Absent from the discussion above is, what role might the forced wearing of masks play in all this? Recall those dirty, germ filled muzzles?

    • I do not recall such muzzles, no.

      I recall masks.

      Masks we cleaned and disposed of as appropriate.

      Masks that greatly decreased the deadly spread of COVID-19.

      So no, I don’t recall what you’re describing.

      • Dan, masks are absolutely worthless in preventing the spread of the aforementioned virus.

        However, masks may help you in your virtue signaling and maintain standing amongst those in Mass Formation.

        Follow the SCIENCE not the mind control Dan.

        Merry Christmas!

      • Unfortunately I believe that you are living in a government endorsed fantasy land. You can’t really believe that schools had the staffing or supplies to ensure that students changed masks frequently.

  4. My kids aren’t fat, lazy and they def go outside. I refused to mask them, and moved them into private school because I refused to mask them. The lockdowns were so harmful to society! At least people in the UK are recognizing that!

  5. I am sure that mask mandates also had a huge effect. How is it that frauds like little Tony Fauci can slither away into a lucrative retirement when just about everything that came out of his pie hole concerning Covid was a lie or disinformation. Society will be paying for his ignorance & arrogance for years!

    • No.

      Millions of Americans are alive today thanks to the sound science championed by Dr. Fauci.

      But you do you.

          • Yes, the fact that the raging sociopath, serial liar and shameless profiteer who is Anthony Fauci has managed to pull the wool over the eyes of so many gullible and ignorant fools who should really have known better than to believe this big pharma lies, fearmongering and propaganda is indeed BS.

      • BS! There is no science or data that supports your assertion. It is people like you that have allowed Fauci and other despots to perpetuate their crimes against humanity. Wake up! Don’t become “woke” – just wake the f##k up!

      • History will likely prove you wrong but I understand your willingness to comply due to the mass psychosis that many folks have fallen for.

      • All the lies of Fauci will be exposed by the Twitter files. We can start with how they censored and controlled the COVID information on Twitter through U.S. Government contacts. Please go to this link and see what they weren’t telling you about COVID and the Vaccines. They hid the fact that the vaccine causes Cardiac Arrest, not just Myocarditis.


  6. Just stay away from all the vaccines and meds. We’re just starting to learn their side effects and damage they cause. Proper diet, stay hydrated, and daily exercise is with vitamin supplements are all you need. I’m living proof of that.

    • The science behind both vaccines and medicines is rock solid and true.

      Not infallible, definitely. But that’s science.

      You are always welcome to die while relying on shaman, snake charmers, and faith healers if you like. Free country.

      More social security and PFDs for me.

      • What medicines are you referring to Dan? Perhaps Chloroquine? In 2015, Dr. fauci co-authored an article in an official government publication extolling the near miraculous effectiveness of Chloroquine against viruses, including Corona virus. Hydroxychloroquine was found to be better, then Ivermectin even better yet. So, which science and medicines are you referring to? How can you judge? Have you even taken one grad school level class in immunology, virology, or molecular biology? You seem to have pretty strong opinions for someone who can only repeat CNN talking points.

      • Where did you come from!? Your comments are right up there with what the puppet POTUS says!!
        You are one in the same Dan…. A guy who has no idea about disease and prevention. Keep following that Anchorage Facebook news Dan!

      • Yes, Dan. “Rock solid”. If your rocks are composed of soggy plaster of paris.
        Honestly, nobody believes your ridiculous pro-establishment disinformation and lies. Least of all you yourself. But do keep hammering away with your pro-status-quo-power-structure propaganda — it is quite amusing.

    • If banning children from attending school for most of, or more than, two full years does not effectively constitute a “lockdown”, then what would?
      Honestly, you radical leftist extremists have not a single iota of logic, honesty or common sense among you.

      • They weren’t going to school but they most certainly were going to each other’s house in the bush village where I lived in 2020. My sister-in-law suffered from strep her entire life and my wife living in that same household never once had it.

    • Dan, you know you are wrong so you resort to stretching others facts to extreme in order to make them appear wrong. Can’t you do better?

  7. Further proof that Fauci, the CDC and the Deep State engineered COVID as a weapon to control the population. When President Trump stood up to the deep state and Fauci, saving our liberty, they moved to new, more subtle tactics. Now they want the common flu to control us. Well, when President Trump returns to his rightful place, he will expose these people for who they are and what they really represent – the New World Order, a totalitarian dictatorship under Communist “President” Xi.

    Donald J. Trump needs our support now more than ever! The future of the world literally hangs in the balance.

  8. It’s so funny to see and hear mask ‘Karens’ who refuse to admit they were conned. The orifices you covered so diligently were designed by nature for respiration, not re-breathing. This was a lesson in subjugation and everybody (except the paid trolls) knows it. Now it’s nothing more than a Linus blanket for the virtue signaling insecure.

      • No, dog slick, the scientific consensus is and was clear on the efficacy of the mass wearing masks by the public to prevent disease transmission: little to none. This has been known for at least the past 100 years. The only thing that changed during the Covid panic-demic, egged-on by a corrupt political, medical and corporate media establishment, was the POLITICAL consensus, that being of course towards ever-greater control of the population, and towards ever-greater tyranny for its own sake.

  9. The masks, social distancing and vaccines didn’t work. They just caused more issues. Who didn’t see this coming?

    I’d also be interested to see what percentage of these kids also received the covid vaccine.

  10. The bottom line is the Covid scam exposed the major health care providers for the frauds they really are. Norton Sound, Chief Andrew and ANMC pathologically enforced a “masking” rule which anyone with the cognitive ability above a 5W light bulb knows are useless in containing a virus spore measured in +/- 200 nanometers. The mesh size of the masks are so much larger it is equivalent to throwing a handful of sand through a chain link fence, expecting the fence to contain the sand. These health “clinics” pushed the experimental injections as though there has ever been an actual study that concludes the toxic ingredients inoculate a human body from any variant of Covid-19. The admin and staff should wear corporate sponsor patches for whatever product they are compensated to pimp for. As Nascar drivers display their sponsors. Now we see the damage done to people’s natural immunity on an industrial scale. The alarming increase of excess deaths, cardio issues and inability of youth to participate in sports is obvious. Even for those who avoided being treated as disposable lab rats the issue of tainted blood sourced from “vacced” individuals for emergency life saving transfusions are exposed to the fatal clotting properties. The Alaska Native Medical industry-complex is completing the genocide of Native people Custer’s generation failed to accomplish. A kinder, gentler and woke compatible approach to genocide in the name of public health. When is Dunleavy, the so called “conservative”, going to take active steps to punish administrators for firing real health care workers who refused to take the health/life threatening jabs and restore their jobs and back pay?

      • I for one appreciate the fact that Suzanne allows a diversity of opinions. We should be respectful enough to listen to the opinions of others, weigh the evidence or persuasive position they provide, and then form an opinion.

        • Ak76. But the comments from Brian Simpson are wacky and untrue. It’s not a 49/51 sort of issue. Im with you, I like diversity of opinions, but why publish potentially dangerous misinformation?

          • Like every other radical leftist, Dog, you are afraid and intolerant of people not only freely speaking their minds, but of challenging your pro-establishment lies and propaganda.
            The only thing that is “dangerous” here is your rabid intolerance of those who do not share your faith-based and divorced-from-reality beliefs. Opinions are only dangerous to those who would suppress the truth.

    • Amen brother! This is absolute truth. DJT tried to warn us, but we ignored him at our peril. Now here we are, poorer, sicker, and more miserable than ever! The communist ruling class continues to push their false science on us in an effort to get us to comply with their “benevolent leadership”. But it is really oppression of the most evil kind. Brian here knows it, as do many others.
      It’s time to turn back to President Trump and ask him to lead us out of the darkness again.
      Trump 2024! Take America Back!

    • Well said Brian, although I wouldn’t hold my breath on Dunleavy. He allowed Dr. Zinc to push the CDC lies on the public and gave her an award for it. Dunleavy is no conservative, Governor Desantis in Florida is a true conservative who works for the people and takes bold steps to protect them.

  11. People drop dead, cancers go rampant, heart conditions increase and all the “experts” are baffled. Gee, must be some new mystery illness cause nothing else has changed and it can’t be the vax. People are so dumb.

  12. Just an observation, I can think of nobody personally who didn’t take the government advice and suffered from bad health. On the other hand, I know of many who did take the advice seriously and are now deceased or have had serious health problems. Myself, I picked up the virus from a family member who took the advice and has now passed from something else. I let my immune system handle it, despite the fact that I am definitely in the high risk category. My reluctance to shots began with the swine flu vaccine in 1976, which put me in the hospital, despite being young and fit. My long military career has made me realize that the government is not necessary something that a person should put a lot of trust in. I am not antigovernment, but I choose to make my own health decisions at this point, based on past experience. That is my God given right. Time will tell who made the correct decision and we should not judge others for their health decisions. It is nothing but a high stakes crap shoot. There’s not even a convincing consensus among health professionals. Only a fool believes everything he hears, despite the sources. Throughout history, many great leaders have made the wrong decisions. In more recent times I can’t help but to reflect on the reverend Jim Jones. The only parallel is the trust of his followers, and you would not have been able to convince any of them that it was a poor choice.

      • Pot, meet kettle.
        I have no doubt whatsoever that you do not even begin to grasp about what the “scientific method” actually consists. Hint: it does not consist of blind faith in corrupt authorities.

      • And in the words of Fauci, the “science “ is constantly changing. I choose to follow my instincts. Thanks for accepting my ability to make my own choice. I also chose to drive rather than make the last trip in grandpa’s plane.

  13. I would only hope that the anti-vaxers/anti-science folks reject any use of antibiotics or any other medical intervention that exists as a result of modern science/medicine. Stick to prayer and denial and see how that works out.

    • And we sane citizens can only hope that you kneejerk conformists and lackeys of corrupt authority continue to receive your mRNA non-vaccine boosters/clot shots, thereby eventually increasing the average IQ and cleaning up the gene pool as you gullible and spineless fools preferentially die off.

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