2022 elections: Another Kenai Republican women’s club votes unanimously to support Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate


The board of the Kenai Peninsula Republican Women’s Club has voted unanimously on Thursday to endorse Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate and to request the State Central Committee of the Alaska Republican Party do the same.

The announcement was made on the heels of news that District 21 Republicans on Wednesday had overwhelmingly voted to endorse Tshibaka during the district meeting in Anchorage.

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The KPRW endorsement makes four women’s clubs associated with the Republican Party to have announced endorsements for Tshibaka — the Republican Women of the Kenai, Anchorage Republican Women’s Club, and Valley Republican Women of Alaska are the other three.

Tshibaka is running as a Republican against Murkowski, who has held the prestigious office since 2002, when former Sen. Frank Murkowski appointed her to the seat, as he won the governor’s race.

The state central committee meets on July 10 in Fairbanks and there appears to be a push by Republican women’s clubs to have the party endorse Tshibaka. Both Kenai clubs have passed a resolution asking the State Central Committee to endorse her.

At its last meeting , the Alaska Republican Party passed a resolution by an overwhelming majority (77 percent), censuring Murkowski, asking her to not run as a Republican, and withdrawing all party resources from her. That means no party club, affiliate group, or state party officer can aid Murkowski’s reelection campaign. The party also, at the same March meeting, resolved to find someone to run against Murkowski.

Tshibaka won former President Donald Trump’s endorsement last week.

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  1. I wonder how long it will be before NPR-affiliates and the ADN begin glowing coverage of a woman candidate who has garnered so much attention so quickly, despite having nearly no name recognition before her announcement to run. Perhaps they’ll celebrate an underdog candidate who has overcome huge odds to collect all these laurels so far. Maybe they’ll reflect pensively on her “journey” to this plateau in her life, noting the struggles that she faced as a woman. Maybe they’ll even discuss her family life and her respect for the Alaskan people and its culture and how important her candidacy is to the efficacy of our energy independence. Or am I thinking Hell has actually frozen over once again? It is a little chilly today…

  2. Kelly Tshibaka HAS NOT registered with the State of Alaska Elections or APOC as a candidate for Senate.

  3. If you keep banning me from attending these Republican Woman”s Club meetings, I’ll have to join Lisa and make some ugly new friends at the Democrat Woman’s Club.

  4. Nancy
    No one is banning you. The group doesn’t want to see Lisa be re-elected.
    You can still go to the meeting. Remember it’s one vote with ID end of Story.
    Yes vote in Kelly
    Yes Vote out Lisa

  5. Good for the Republican Women’s Club. Good for Kelly. If Lisa somehow survives this, you can bet there will be hell to pay by the residents of Kenai and other areas that voted this way. It’s all in. Go Kelly GO!

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