11th-hour policy roll out from outgoing Anchorage Acting Mayor Quinn-Davidson


Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson signed a paid parental leave policy for Municipal employees, she said in a statement on Wednesday.

The Municipality of Anchorage will award non-cashable, paid parental leave to eligible municipal employees who have been approved to take qualified leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.

The Municipality will provide 160 hours of non-cashable leave to regular, full-time eligible executive and non-represented employees who have been approved for FMLA leave for a qualifying life event, such as the birth of a child or children, or placement of a child or children with the employee for adoption or foster care. That is about five weeks of paid leave.

“This policy has been long in the making, and is good for both families and the Municipality,” said the acting mayor, whose term of office ends upon the swearing in of Dave Bronson at 8 am on July 1. “Paid parental leave improves employee lives and morale while also saving our city money due to reduced employee turnover. It’s a real win-win – for employees and taxpayers alike.”

Critics say it is a bad-faith announcement in the final hours of what’s left of the old Ethan Berkowitz Administration; Berkowitz resigned in disgrace and Quinn-Davidson has been the unelected mayor for eight months, after the Assembly refused to hold a special election.

The acting mayor did not reveal the expected cost of the program.


  1. This is the same acting Mayor who put a nice note into your real estate tax bill telling you the Muni is short $37M because the state isn’t providing their bond debt service funding this year.
    So, your real estate taxes are going up. A lot.
    Meanwhile, the spending from city hall continues unabated. Paid leave is good, but when you are in a $37M deficit on non-discretionary spending, you do not give away freebie after freebie. Well, unless you are a leftist.

  2. Isn’t she of the same strain of progressives denying Alaskans the full PFD? How about the greater public morale? Could there be a reason why the our legislature is out of money? Good for me but not for thee! I hope that this is rescinded tomorrow.

  3. “The acting mayor did not reveal the expected cost of the program”, and I might expect AQD does not know the cost and does not care what it might be..!!

  4. “The acting mayor did not reveal the expected cost of the program.”

    Liberals don’t care about costs…they just levy another tax on productive people to pay for their pie in the sky socialist programs.
    It’s why they’re so popular…they love giving away other people’s money.

  5. Wannabe Queen needs to shut the H up. She is not elected and should be passing anything. The elected Mayor will do that after careful examination of the pitfalls to enacting policy.

  6. If it was such a great idea, why do with 20 hours remaining in her appointed post?
    Is she announcing an appointment with the Biden Administration tomorrow so district 3 can be properly represented?

  7. “…Did not reveal the expected cost of the program.” That’s because she has no idea what the cost will be. She doesn’t have a clue and she doesn’t care. It’s all about Democrats loving to spend other peoples’ money then patting themselves on the back for the wonderful work they do.

  8. As citizens, taxpayers should not be appraised of how much these wee add-ons cost us BEFORE taking action?

    Another Berkowitz move, always sideways in the dark.

  9. Um… Suzanne, 160 hours is only four weeks of leave for full-time employees working 40 hours. It’s only five weeks if they work a 32-hour week. Muni employees only work 32 hours/week? And the AVERAGE Muni employee earns (gets paid at least – some really do earn it) $125K/year? I like the idea of paid parental leave, but the expected cost figures and how they will pay for it would be nice.

  10. Life is good for government workers. I used to be one. I never worked with a bigger bunch of whiners!

  11. Public record laws should be able to recover the old website in its original form and media. If not, maybe someone broke the law and needs to pay for the fix.

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