Yelp now screens for Covid-19 vaccinations for diners, staff


If you’re planning to dine out and you haven’t had a Covid-19 vaccine, you may want to spend your money in Alaska rather than heading to Seattle for that weekend away or planning a week in New York City.

According to Puget Sound news reports, nearly 130 restaurants in Seattle are now screening their clientele for Covid-19 vaccinations before allowing them in. No shot? No table.

New York City will require proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, fitness centers, and all indoor entertainment venues, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced last week.

“If you’re unvaccinated, unfortunately, you will not be able to participate in many things,” he told reporters. “If you want to participate in our society fully, you’ve got to get vaccinated.”

Although not yet an ordinance, the popular Pink Door on Post Alley in the Pike Street Market district is one of those Seattle restaurants turning away those who haven’t completed their vaccination series. A monitor goes through the line outside the door explaining the policy to people and putting them on the host’s list if they can prove they took the jab.

“In the Seattle area, a list of bars and restaurants enforcing proof of vaccination now includes nearly 130 businesses,” said KOMO news.

Yelp, the online review company, now has a way to see which restaurants are requiring all staff and/or all diners to show proof of having had the vaccine. The Yelp site only shows a handful of Seattle restaurants requiring the shot for diners, with over 20 reporting their staff is fully vaccinated.

But no restaurants in Alaska have reported to Yelp that they are requiring “shots to dine,” or “shots to work,” according to a search. Not in Juneau, Anchorage or Fairbanks, anyway.

Businesses of all types across the country — including retail stores — are receiving emails from Yelp asking them if they require their employees to be vaccinated, their clients to be vaccinated, and whether staff or clients are required to wear masks. Yelp will add that to the company’s online profile.

About a year ago, Yelp started racially profiling black businesses by making it an optional box to check as people searched for goods and services. The Yelp service does not provide a similar screening tool for other racial groups.


  1. These Leftist restaurant owners are apparently unaware of the CDC news release saying Vaxxers are spreading higher viral loads than unvaxxed. They don’t understand the vaccines are not immunizations, they just minimize symptoms in exchange for uncontrolled spike protein loads in organs etc. STOP THE FOOLISHNESS!

    • No they understand flawed data. They don’t want their staff or their patrons made ill. I’m not talking about people that have had the shots dying, because that isn’t happening. I’m talking about people who’ve had the shots that are still getting sick by the non-vaccinated passing along the virus. I prefer not to die but I would prefer not to get sick at all. I suggest you go eat at a no-shot allowed establishment. No harm no foul right?

      • A vaccinated person in Fairbanks died of covid just this past Friday. Reported in the local Fairbanks newspaper.

        • I wondering if this surge are peoples bodies reacting poorly to the Covid shots. Since Vaccines use a strain of the virus, then of course they be marked with covid 19 when they are tested. Someone over the weekend told me the entire Providence covid ward is full with fully vaccinated patients.

          • Yes, correct on all counts, check the numbers for Regional too, problem is, most the staff are *without access* to the patients vaccination records, and therefore have no clue who is or isn’t vaccinated. The smart/inquisitive staff can however “enquire, off the record directly with their patients!”

          • Yes fully vaccinated people are dying. One was a friend of a friend who was fully vaccinated, got COVID, was admitted to Providence Hospital and died last week. He was 35 years old and left behind a wife and 5 kids. So if you think the shot protects you, you better think again. Quite frankly I think the shot killed him.

        • I can see that although I can’t verify if it’s true or not. Just because you get vaccinated doesn’t mean you’re not going to get sick. Most won’t die, but if you have underlying health conditions, even a weekend version of the virus will be enough to do you in. Nothing’s guaranteed in this life all we can do is hope for the best and try to vaccinate as many stupid people as we can.

          • Greg, you were already scared.

            Getting stupid people vaccinated..
            You were vaccinated.
            Mission accomplished.

      • Good grief man ****shedding virus**** look it up, it’s a scientific fact, even after the wonder jabs, you are a walking talking shedding vector. Why on earth are you, the vaccinated elite, being told to WEAR AN EFFIN MASK again. #turnoffthetvforfiveminutesandread

      • Yes fully vaccinated people are dying. One was a friend of a friend who was fully vaccinated, got COVID, was admitted to Providence Hospital and died last week. He was 35 years old and left behind a wife and 5 kids. So if you think the shot protects you, you better think again. Quite frankly I think the shot killed him.

      • You apparently haven’t read the latest CDC news saying the Vaxxers carry higher virus loads and spread Covid more easily than the unjabbed. Or did you think these jabs were immunizations? They aren’t.
        YOU are the problem.

          • Caterina, Hahahaha! Greg is so indoctrinated that he no longer understands simple language and math! Just a little progressive useful idiot spewing disinformation as programmed.

          • This virus is not polio, and the vaccines are not the polio vaccine. I have not seen one post on here attacking vaccines generally so stop bringing up things that are irrelevant.

    • Yep…… get the shot. Also give your children the shot because if you don’t they’ll be taking your children from you next. Scary times.

      • Give that girl a Kewpie doll. By George I think you’ve got it finally. With the new variant, children under the age of 16 are now dying from the virus. Most families that have lost their children say they just did not know. The problem was, it took advice on a stupid blog to provide health and safety for their loved ones. How dumb is that?

        • More lies. As of 8/4 a whopping 349 children under 18 have died *with* COVID in the entire U.S. since the virus first reached our shores. There is no evidence that any variants of the virus are any more dangerous to them. While it is easy for the media to cherry-pick one or two cases to highlight for the purpose of fear-mongering, the fact remains that children are statistically at nearly zero risk from this virus unless they have certain existing health conditions.

    • I’ll take the third option, which is not living my life in fear. You seem to be the one in need of a rock to hide under.

  2. Since the majority of unvaccinated people tend to be black (with good reason to be suspicious of the government- Tuskegee Syphilis) citizens, isn’t this a roundabout form of racial discrimination?

    I’ve never understood the black community’s political loyalty to a party which treats them like disposable pawns.

      • More disinformation from the ignorant. The historic South, land of Jim Crow and the KKK, was known for being reliably racist democrat. Only Florida voted republican in 1960, and it had been moving away from racist policies for some time since the Rosewood incident.

    • You really need to read up on your history. The Tuskegee airman in the syphilis study were chosen because they already had syphilis. About 200 didn’t have syphilis at all and 300 almost 400 of them did. So they were simply trying to cure them. They were also aware of the study. They were told it was some sort of a government research which in fact it was. Stop trying to rewrite history. I hate people like that that only get it about 5% right. Stupid interweb people.

      • You seem to be the one who needs a history lesson. The Tuskegee Syphillis Study (no relation to the Tuskegee airmen, an all-black air group in WWII) began in 1932 as a study on the effects of untreated syphillis and lasted 40 years. The participants were told they were going to receive medical treatment for their condition but in fact received none, as the sole purpose of the study was to monitor the progression of the disease rather than to cure it. Even in the late 1940s, when the benefits of penicillin were understood, treatment was withheld from these men.

        Over 100 died, 40 infected their wives and 19 had children who ended up being born with congenital syphillis. The “experiment” was perhaps the most shameful event in 20th Century American history, right up there with the unlawful imprisonment of American citizens of Japanese descent during WWII.

  3. The scramble to turn Americans into more sheep, by getting the “vaccine”, is surging. Israel reports 90% of new hospitalized citizens infected with the “covid/wuhan” ‘variant/mutation’ are fully vaccinated but are victims anyhow. The CDC was asked if their employees faced forced “vaccination” and, guess what. The CDC requires no shots for their employees. Kind of strange that Fauci, the weasel, is demanding all Americans be jabbed, or else. Shut down the country again (if ‘necessary), mask up two year old kids, finish destroying the economy and turn honest, law abiding Americans with a brain, into second class citizens with virtually no rights. All because the “anti-vaxxers” refuse to be sentenced to guinea pig status by our own government and willingly take the shot.
    Where the hell are the republicans? A hand full are speaking out but most are in hiding, silent or part of the RINO bunch. Where is the American backbone? I know there is one out there somewhere. We need it before it’s too late and that will be soon.

  4. When all of these willing “vaccinated” people (guinea pigs) start getting side-effects (or worse) from these UNTESTED, emergency use vaccines (and they WILL) – then we can all start watching restaurants fold like cheap tents in the wind. Sounds reasonable .

  5. If your business goes broke for doing this ask for not one taxpayer handout. Want to see these businesses turn away unvaccinated people of color.

  6. You keep interesting company. Wasn’t too long ago “most people” didn’t want to eat next to Jews, black people, Muslims, Irish, on and on and on.

    Bigotry rises to the top of people faster than cream in milk.

  7. Too close to being the Mark of the Beast for my taste, take your death jab and your ticket to hell and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  8. I got my vaccination… it was called COVID 19. I feel great. Oh, but that doesn’t count? Sounds more like politics than medicine/science…

      • Wow, you really don’t keep up to date on information in March it was up to 8 months

        That’s directly from the good ole CDC.

        Now the CDC is saying getting it naturally does not prevent reinfection. That my friend is contrary to what The WHO is saying.

        These people (governments) need to stop reporting conflicting information. That would really help a lot.

        By the way, 9 of my family members got COVID and it was very mild for all of them.

        The key thing they had going for them was high Vitamin D levels. I thought for sure my mom would die but she had a sore throat and fever on and off for 2 days and that was it. I think it’s important for us to focus on preventative aspects that keep inflammation low in our bodies.

  9. I would not want to eat at a place that required the vax. Let them do as they will, but I’d rather dine next to people who don’t live life in terror and subjection.

  10. The means of production are being seized, and the rona is being blamed. Restaurants are at the end of the line. No aluminum containers, no plastic bottles. No food or drink to put in them. No fuel for the trucks, trains and ships to deliver them. No workers to run the factories. Can’t you see it?

  11. In fact this is what systematic racism is. An excuse to refuse service to primarily minorities by primarily white owned businesses. The Democrat party, since its’ inception in 1828, has been the party and bastion of white racism. Alaska was fully Democrat controlled from 1933 to 1952, and had a version of Jim Crow against Alaska Natives. Our Grandparents had to be seated in rear of movie theaters, etc.
    The Democrats’ KKK organization has been revived with Antifa and BLM to terrorize primarily minority neighborhoods.
    Blacks are the lowest percentage to participate in the ongoing investigative vaccine trials, and will now again be refused service.
    The health benefit from avoiding locations crowded with fully trial vaccinated individuals is avoiding the enhanced SARS-2 viral load shedding, and the shedding resulting from injected bodies reacting to the synthetic mRNA, which adverse effects have not yet been fully studied.
    Although the intent is illegal, totalitarian, racist and ignorant in principle from the advocates of requiring investigative vaccine passports to participate in public life, in this case, it will help insulate healthy people from the reckless behavior of those volunteering their bodies as lab rats.

  12. Don’t darken their doors. Any of them that pull this nonsense. You that decided to risk your life with a vaccine that has not been tested or vetted on people go right ahead. It is not law because they can’t do that when something is in a “trial” phase. Do what you wish but stop coming on here vaxx shaming those of us with a dam brain that have not been swallowing the propoganda machine like you. You will find out the horrors of this vaccine in time… While the rest of us will happily go along our way as we have for the last 50 or more years…. Covid is not polio… Stop comparing it to that!

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