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Yellow stars on lapels, worn in solidarity with Jews, raise the ire of politicos on the Left and Jewish community in Anchorage

Many people on Wednesday night wore yellow Star of David cutouts on their clothing when they attended the Anchorage Assembly meeting. They were making a point that Assembly’s intention to have people tell on others who are not wearing masks is the slippery slope to Nazi Germany.

The Left struck back. Assemblyman Chris Constant even sent a message of “help” to the Holocaust Museum. Twitter was filled with commentary.

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In the end, the mayor of Anchorage issued a statement about the use of the Star of David and the raucous behavior during the last two nights of Anchorage Assembly meetings, where the public has been clearly against the mask mandate being pushed through by the leftist majority.

The statement in total:

“I understand that we should not trivialize or compare what happened during the Holocaust to a mask mandate and I want to apologize for any perception that my statements support or compare what happened to the Jewish people in Nazi Germany,  that was one of the most evil and darkest times in our world’s history. I should have chosen my words more carefully, and if I offended anyone, I am truly sorry. Anchorage has always been a city that takes care of its neighbors, no matter what differences exist among us. We love a good debate and talking about issues that matter to us and our families. I respect everyone’s right to petition their government, to speak up in favor or opposition to major policies with wide-ranging impacts. But we must do so with decorum and respect. It is never appropriate to resort to name-calling, intimidation, or hatred, under any circumstances. Everyone in this city loves Anchorage, as do I. Every member of the Assembly loves Anchorage. Being called to serve in public office means you want to make your community a better place. That is certainly why I chose to run for mayor, to make sure our city moves forward and becomes the city we all know it can be. But we cannot achieve that if we shout each other down, insult our neighbors, and use profanity and offensive language to describe one another. It is counterproductive and creates a toxic environment where nothing can get done. So, for those who gather in opposition to this ordinance, I ask you, please keep it civil. Keep your comments forceful but respectful, and based on policy, not personality. For those of you who gather in support of the ordinance, I ask the same thing. We must keep our composure and listen to one another if we are to move this city forward. The last two nights have been passionate and even heated at times.  That being said, let us debate the issue tonight on its merits, and let’s refrain from mean-spirited and offensive language while doing so. Members of the Assembly, you have my full support in asking for calm tonight, and my pledge to work with you to ensure all voices are heard in a way that respects everyone as equals. My faith compels me to follow the Golden Rule, and I would ask the same from everyone here tonight.”

The Star of David was being worn by those who believe that the mandates are going down the wrong path, the path the Nazis when they isolated the Jews, gay people, and disabled, and eventually took them to the concentration camps, where as many as 11 million were killed or died.

Read more about the Holocaust in this story from the Atlantic Monthly.

The Assembly meets again on Thursday beginning at 6 pm. More testimony is expected.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Where is the governor? Too busy bending over to the democrats to voice his STRONG SUPPORT for these Patriots? Why is it that only Mayor Bronson is standing with the people?

    • Because the gov is a coward. He showed that yellow stripe when he wouldn’t arrest the legislators that wouldn’t go to Wasilla special session some years ago.

      • I’m beginning to think Dunleavy is behind Walker’s bid for Governor. Any tolerable alternative and Dunleavy would be out on his backside.

        Bill Walker may be the only person Dunleavy could beat.

    • The Governor is dealing with this china Virus mess State wide as Anchorage is a 1st class City it has its own taxing and with its own Mayor and Assembly with the ability make administrative law and enforce it within the bounds of the city…..The Governor rightly stays out of those processes and so far has let the far left members of the assembly make total fools of themselves and prove to any thinking citizen of Anchorage a great mistake was made in giving them the power they have chosen to abuse over and over again…

    • Because this situation occurred in Anchorage , not all,over the state of Alaska . And because the Governor TRUSTS the mayor of Anchorage and YES it’s citizens to do the right thing!! He’s not their babysitter!!

    • It would be construed as butting in. The Gov can NOT stick his nose in this. Instead, he stood his ground by saying NO to mayor Berkowitz’s mandate last year when he tried to apply it to state offices in the municipality.

      • If the suffering of the Jews cannot be alluded to then identical suffering in Auchwitz and the other concentration camps caused by the same government perpetrators on Jehovah’s Witnesses who wore purple triangles are also off limits for the same reasons in a free country.

  2. I didn’t find it offensive. What happened back in history should warn everyone that this is how it all started.

    • You are absolutely correct Shirley. The holocaust was the end result of nearly 15 years of progressive persecution. What the Yellow Star of David symbolizes the division that our leaders are creating amongst the people. Good leaders unify, not create division and the mayor should be addressing that.

    • I agree Shirley. If they had used a 5 point star, the cries would of been satanism ? hindsight is 20/20 but a seven point star would of been better. According to Wikipedia
      The heptagram was used in Christianity to symbolize the seven days of creation and became a traditional symbol for warding off evil.

  3. Kicked out of more than 70 countries and several of them more than once.
    Think that might have happened less often if they’d learned to back off on the incessant complaining?

      • I’m sure you have a point you’d like to make beyond referencing my nom de plume, Mr. Adams (although I agree… it is fun to say and in special settings a good bark can bring joy to a listener as well). Bless us with it, please.
        Might it have had something to do with a group complaining to their savior country about mistreatment of predecessors, nearly each of whom have been lost to time? This is rapidly becoming an artificial issue akin to reparations for everyone outside the realm of the professional complainer. More accurately it would be something akin to complaining to Germans about early American history but for the fact that Germans didn’t actually rescue anyone in that instance.
        Incessant kvetching is tiresome and complaints are misdirected when spattered at the modern day equivalent of a savior. This is an intelligent, logical and objective person’s view but there’s room for your perspective as well. Am I wrong?

  4. Nobody was disrespecting Jews or the holocaust nor comparing our lot to those who died. Those yellow stars were to indicate that this snitching on people was EXACTLY how the events that led to the holocaust began.

    • Well, maybe. But the majority thinks otherwise. Maybe choose a different symbol.

      How about the logo of the DMV? Those facist nazi commies FORCE you to waste time in line for a freedom restricting, conforming tyrannical document. Bastards!

      • Evan, respectfully, give it up! You clearly have no concept of political structure or what makes a representative republic work. I suggest you pick up a good book. Hillsdale College has produce a fantastic reader “The US constitution”. For your edification I can also recommend “Heaven on Earth: Rise and Fall of Socialism” by Joshua Muravchik

  5. All a distraction against the main point, people don’t want to masked nor vaxxed. The mayor shouldn’t have been brought into this distraction, constance didn’t deserve an apology either. ADN will rebrand the opposition against masking and vaxxing as a “broadly antisemitic movement” now that Bronson bent the knee.

    • I agree totally, Who Cares. I thought it was disappointing if not shameful of Mayor Bronson to grovel to this nonsensical wokeist whining. He should have unapologetically supported the anti-mask majority, and left it at that.

      • You should just stop using the slang “woke.” When the creators (African Americans) and the followers (everybody else except Right-wing racist conservatives) of on-trend slang stops using it, well
        — it’s as dead as “groovy.”

    • Where are the my body, my choice groups these days? The solution to all of this is very simple. If you are sick self quarantine. Masks don’t work. If they did we wouldn’t be having this discussion after how many months! If there is 24/7 propaganda, fake tests and unconstitutional vaccine mandates by tyrannical politicians, we all should work together to ensure all of these tyrants find new occupations. I propose janitors at the local jails and homeless shelters as these tyrants should have to clean up the mess they created.

  6. The use of the yellow star is an error and actually diverts attention from the substantive issues. Most Americans know very little about Germany and the Nazi era.

    • On what do you base that assertion? Have you taken a poll or made a study? You’re probably right as far as the younger generations who were taught revisionist history, but anyone who saw the movie “The Hiding Place”, the story of Corrie ten Boom, will never forget what we saw. We will never stop being absolutely infuriated by any kind of authoritarian abuse and misuse of power. I know I can speak for my family and circle of friends on this without fear of being wrong. That yellow star stands for NEVER AGAIN! I stand with that. There is nothing anti-Semitic nor ignorant about that.

      • One highly relevant source on this subject is a book entitled “The Holocaust in American Life” by historian Peter Novick. It was published in 2000. One conclusion to be drawn from this study is comparing the Holocaust to anything is probably a mistake in that it touches on facts and emotions that instantly make a rational discussion impossible. That is what has happened with the clumbsy effort to equate the mask mandate with the slaughter of European Jewery.

        Me? I have been to Germany twelve times, visited every German state, been to Nürnberg and the Nazi rally grounds, been to the Odeonplatz in Munich, stood on the grounds of the Befreiungshalle, walked the grounds of a Nazi concentration lager and speak decent German. Do I know everything? Of course not. Do I know enough to express an opinion? Yep.

        Invoking the Holocaust in the mask mandate discussion is an error.

        • I meant on what do you base the assertion that most Americans are more ignorant than you are, not what you know about the subject.

    • I took a 400 level History class with a 12 hours prerequisite at UAS called “Seminar on the Holocaust.” There were a handful of adults and the rest were Junior/Senior level college students. Not a third of them could have put The Holocaust in WWII, WWII in the right century, or told you anything about the combatants or causes. John Belushi summed it all up with his line in “Animal House” about the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor.

      • That’s nuts man. And the few that do remember what they were taught about WWII believe Hitler was far-right when in reality he was a authoritarian socialist that believed government should have a hand in operating big business and control all information…. seems pretty darn familiar to what we are seeing today. Actually I have been seeing it for a long time, pre-Covid.

    • I know a LOT about it and I’m not offended one bit. I would suggest that the symbolism behind it was a little off but much better to be identified with the innocence of the Jews than the malevolence of the Nazis. However

      The protestors detractors would have made an issue of whatever symbol they displayed !!

    • You youngins might not know about it but my father served our country in occupied Germany barely post ww2 Not only did I study it in school but I heard stories from eye witnesses.

  7. OK, so what IS a politically correct symbol to acknowledge the power trip of the sort of people who once took such joy in imposing the wearing of what amounts to targets? Is the mask the new symbol of submission? We KNOW the answer – but do we dare say it?

    • I suggest a green biohazard ☣️ symbol on a black background. I think wearing a symbol is appropriate, as it reminds us of how horrible things get started; by creating sub-classes of society. I also agree that the yellow Star of David is the wrong symbol as it is too distracting.

  8. Funny, the people who the assembly is supposed to serve are being scolded for being loud. If the assembly would get off the necks of the people, the people would stop squirming.
    The assembly is obviously becoming tyrannical, and the people have had enough.
    The assembly alone bears the responsibility for lack of decorum by those, the assembly wish to take liberty from.

    • Agreed Reed. The left can’t handle it, but they sure like to dish it out… How many leftist assemblies have we seen with raucus crowds? But when we complain, or respond in kind, their response is “you must maintain decorum.” I agree that noisy protest is not conducive to civil discussion and productive discourse – but the left left that station long ago. Question: how do we get back to civil discourse?

  9. I would ditch the star. Please focus on the issue at hand. I think it is awesome so many people are showing up, giving testimony and standing up for truth and rights, but given I have relatives that died in Nazi concentration camps, I have trouble with what feels like a bit of a cavalier use of the star of David. I am completely agains the attempted mandate. It is fostering offense and and division and people were already wearing masks at the own volition. The valley has never had a mask mandate, is allowing schools to treat the Covid situation on a school by school basis, and out numbers per capita have remained manageable. I suspect the assembly is acting out of pride, and an obsession for control, as well as illogical, even pathological, hatred for the mayor.

    • I’m greatly concerned about the direction the world is going in. This ordinance totally ignores what people voted for when they voted for Bronson and they know it. This is a direct path to what we are seeing in Australia, without a doubt. This isn’t even a violation of majority rule with minority rights. It’s a violation of majority rule and democracy. The hatred for the mayor isn’t hatred for the mayor. It’s hatred to all that voted for him and they are truly acting like fascists in all ways. They just aren’t as smart. I think the star of David is warranted but maybe just a bad strategy because the liberal jews in the town will use it to demonize the crowd as they have, but I see a ton of parallels between now and Germany in the 1930s and many conservative jews see it that way too. We need to remember the past so we don’t repeat it, but I’m afraid we are too late. They truly aren’t listening to us anymore at all. Using the star of David might be sacrilegious, so perhaps just yellow armbands. This is truly sick. The majority spoke when they elected Bronson. And now the more they outrage us, the more they will view us as terrorists and not the public they are supposed to serving.

      • And so many other governors even in red states. Kristi Noem is my gold standard and deSantis could be if he learned how to use a little more tact like Kristi.

        • Like bringing in state employees and telling them to give her daughter an appraisers license when she could not qualify? Corruption at its finest. That Noem? Sounds like you found some fools gold to me.

        • You must be from the safe space generation. Tact is not a requirement to be a good leader. If you are so immature and fragile that you can’t get past how the message was delivered and focus on the message, you are part of the problem in this country. Being a male emotional wimp is a sure sign of the emasculation of our culture.

  10. I would say that the Assembly commie 9 are engaging in SS behavior, similar to German Nazis, so, keep the stars, they are more appropriate here than ever before.
    Mayor Bronson, the commie 9 are doing what the Nazi Germans did. No need for any apologies when the shoe fits.

    – One of the frozen chosen.

  11. That so many go pissy over the yellow Star of David illustrates how effective a symbol it is

    Read your history, people. The Assembly is dabbling in fascism. Citizens are being demonized for political gain. The ostracism from society has begun.

    The Star of David is the perfect symbol. It should make people uncomfortable.

  12. This is not a left or right issue. It is wrong. The debate about COVID mitigations is fair, but this is a huge overreach by those opposed to masking. Those who compare any of this to what Hitler did in WW2 need to take a step back and take a breath.

    • What would you compare Australia to cuz that’s where we are heading if they get their way? They want to control the media, censor us, label us as drains on society that don’t deserve medical care, allow neighbors and family members to turn us in, and look at us like terrorists even if we are just inviting friends over to our own home just like they do. How much more do you need to see to see the parallels? You are right. This isn’t left or right in some sense. I have plenty of liberal friends that don’t want to see something like this tear us all apart and aren’t running around screaming “we are all going to die” and just want to get on with their lives and wear masks whenever they see fit which isn’t all of the time. But the target is the right and the rational people on the left need to realize what these people are trying to do. The only thing evil needs to succeed is for good people to do nothing. Wake up man. These elected officials are trying to run the majority that voted for Bronson out of town and label them as terrorists as they get outraged. It’s sick.

  13. Two wrongs don’t make a right. However, I think it is important to keep in mind who has started this Malay….Our assembly.
    They are to represent the people. They are not.
    They continue to bull dog the will of the people. So, what do you expect!?
    The Assembly works for us. They are willfully ignoring that.
    As they are trying to coerce power from the executive branch they are equally trying take power from the people. Typical leftist actions…Consolidataed power and dictate to the people. Did they learn this per the education? These actions are the antithesis of America The people will and should rise up. That’s How America works, remember?
    We are a government of the people, by the people, for the people.
    Unfortunately our government school system does not teach that anymore, the assembly is the product such teaching. We need to make big,wide sweeping changes. This mess is bigger than masks.

  14. It’s genocide, this is nothing more then a distraction and the left leaning assembly are the useful idiots along with anyone supporting them, they don’t know any better. The focus should be on the vaccine, there is much, much more to it than MSM leads one to believe.

  15. I’ve been wearing a gold star on my hat for decades. It’s the only one I got in grammar school for correctly spelling “tyrannical.”

  16. Once again the liberal members of the assembly feign outrage and hurt feelings at the very actions they don’t hesitate to use when it benefits them or their position. These people are truly the epitome of hypocrites. I am disgusted at their actions and embarrassed that they purport to represent the people of Anchorage. They do not!!!

  17. These stars were not worn in solidarity with Jews, they were worn because people are ignorant and because of that they are horrible at explaining their ignorance. There are words that can be used to describe mandates that do not involve Holocaust imagery, that do not involve the completely incorrect usage of a yellow star, that do not use the words Nazi or Fascist.
    The use of false equivalency between Nazi’s, Fascists, and the Holocaust as a whole is nor a right vs left issue, it is an ignorance vs knowledge issue. The sooner people realize that the sooner a real discussion can be had based upon merit and fact.

    • It is a reminder of how fast liberty and freedom can be taken away. Read a history book for God’s sake! How many so-called consipiracy theories have come true. Digital passports with all of your health information on them. This is already happening in China, the techonology exists to identifiy every person as they enter a store. The Uighyrs are identified everywhere they go. They are even required to have a bar code on the door to the residence so it can be easily scanned by the police to check who should be in that residence, etc. The technology already exists to force everyone to have a chip somewhere on their body, no fuss, no muss. If Germany could have done that instead of the star, they would have. Get a grip!

    • Ignorance is a suit you wear well Steve0. The Star of David represents more than just the holocaust. It represents the 10 years of persecution that preceded the holocaust. The division, the hatred, the employment lost, the patronage denied, the beatings, the murder, the family separation, the imprisonments, the visually segregation, the friends lost, the wages lost, the hiding, the shaming, the demoralization and dehumanization is what the Star of David represents in these meetings. Show me a time in history where good leaders did this to their people. And the sooner you get off your self righteous high horse and take a look at the similarities of persecutions throughout history, you will see that what is going on today looks very much like the beginning of all those in history. Or you can remain a closed minded bigot with no value to your opinion.

      • I get it, you don’t want to wear a mask and you don’t like the mandates. Instead of comparing everything to Nazi’s and Jews, maybe come up with something that makes sense and doesn’t turn your argument into a Godwin’s Law expression in real life. See, even now you are losing credibility because wearing a mask is in no way comparable to being subjected to the horrors of the Holocaust, you and those who defend and promote such nonsense detract from your very cause.
        Comparing the incomparable to the incomprehensible is a fools errand.

    • Steve-o, the Nazis thought they were the smartest people in the world and look how that turned out. Malignant narcissism destroys its host every time. Try some self introspection, if you can, before it’s too late.

  18. “Never Again!”… well… it is happening again….. It didn’t start with Shoah. It started just like now with exclusions and prohibitions. Listen to what is being said… even likening to wearing the Star. It fits and it’s a very uncomfortable truth.

    • NEVER AGAIN is a very, very specific declaration made BY Jews of the world Diaspora and British Palestine post-World War II FOR Jews that they will never again be a people homeless, powerless, and unable to protect themselves from harm.

      The survivability of Jews as a people with a nation-state on this planet was tested repeatedly after the Second World War and throughout the late 20th century and beyond. The outcome of the most crucial tests of NEVER AGAIN became:
      1) The U.N. Partition Plan in 1947;
      2) Establishment of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948;
      3) The War for Independence 1948-1949;
      4) The Six Day War in 1967; and
      5) The Yom Kippur War in 1973.
      Therefore, the HaShoah Declaration of NEVER AGAIN undergirds and secures the modern State of Israel.

      NEVER AGAIN began with HaShoah. No lies, manipulations, mis-directions or gaslighting to the contrary will change that immutable truth. The Yellow Star of David, saturated in the blood of Jews by the millions, is the Sacred Symbol of Jewish genocide. IT IS NOT YOURS.

      • Any symbol needed to prevent tyranny and loss of freedom is the proper symbol. The Jewish persecution just happens to be the most relevant and closest in history that still carries an emotional impact. People who lived through the persecution are still alive and bear true witness to the decline of freedom in Germany. Their testament can’t be refuted by the left and that is why the left cries fowl play. It is obvious that it’s working by yours and others on the left’s reaction.

        • Change your name to John GALL because you have the unmitigated gall to gaslight everyone with your ” We righteous Ayn Rand Objectivists: really DO honor and uphold the untermenschen Jews”:

          “People who lived through the persecution are still alive and bear true witness to the decline of freedom in Germany. Their testament can’t be refuted by the left and that is why the left cries [sic] fowl play.”

          Go try to sell that old fashioned Sears and Roebuck bait and switch somewhere else — I’m not buying.

  19. The star might be offensive, but can anyone say that people who refuse to take the experimental Covid treatment are starting to become second-class citizens? Illegal immigrants and their human rights are more respected and acknowledged by our government than the unvaccinated. No one expects illegals to get a vaccine or even tested for covid. Meanwhile legal citizens are hounded out of their jobs just because they won’t take this medicine for a virus with a 99% survival rate.

  20. Anti-Semitic activity is on the rise in Anchorage, Mat-Su and Kenai Peninsula. The Mayor and his followers are the 1930’s “Brown Shirts” of our time. Forget political party, these comments and displays disqualify Bronson from being our mayor or any city mayor.

    • That is an untrue sentence. Read all these comments. This has nothing whatsoever to do with antisemitism and everything to do with anti- tyranny. What the Nazis did to the Jews is literally the most accurate picture of what happened back then and the parallel events now. All this “offendedness” has got to stop. Let’s focus on the real problem which is the descent into tyranny right in our faces.

  21. At no point in history have the people forcing others into compliance been the good guys.

    Let that sink in and then we need to get mail in voting changed back to in person voting with voter ID. If you look at the Maricopa, Arizona audit it proves beyond a shadow of doubt that mail in voting exploits vulnerabilities of ALL voters. This isn’t a conservative versus liberal issue. This isn’t a Republican versus Democrat issue. This is disenfranchisement of Anchorage and American citizens! NO MORE CHEATING! We the People of Alaska demand a full and complete forensic audit of Nov 2020. The voter registration database was hacked. Why was that? What other malfeasance took place? Wasn’t a poll closed at the last minute which affected the outcome of one of the incumbents? Why was that? Let’s do the audit and restore confidence. The State of Alaska voter registration database must be cleaned up too. We must hold Lt. Governor and his staff accountable.

  22. Yellow Stars of David? If you are not a Holocaust survivor, shut the F up. Even if you are a Holocaust survivor, shut up too. There is no way you can have made it through the Holocaust and not know why the yellow Star of David is being used in this context.
    As to the rest of the “offended”, this should be our response every time:
    “I do not care about your emotional state. No one outside of your immediate family and social circle cares about your emotional state. You, or even a whole chunk of society, being offended is meaningless to me.
    The value of my house did not change because you are offended. My retirement date did not change. My dog still loves me, even though you are offended. The price of groceries remains the same.
    In fact, the only thing that did change is you are ruining your own life by choosing to let the actions of others bother you.
    And, I suspect your “offense” is really just another way that you are using to try and control others. The fact that you are making your offense public is clear evidence that you are trying to force others into behaving in a manner you want.”

  23. The Jews are the original “victims” going all the way back to the Egyptian pharaohs.
    The only surprising thing is that they’re not still playing that particular victim card.
    Yeah, the Nazis were horrible and the Holocaust was horrible but lost in the “Jewish people suffered the most” PR campaign that’s been going on since the end of WWII is the fact that 52 million people died in WWII (6 million Jews included) and the Nazis didn’t just target Jews.
    The camps were for anyone the Germans thought inferior…and that was pretty much everyone else.
    Proportionally the Jews might have lost more people but that was before almost everyone alive today were born…it’s over…get over it.
    What happened to the Jews is about as impactful to the world today as any other mass genocide or mass killing of humans by other humans…there was plenty of that before WWII and plenty afterward, right up to today.
    Germany was thoroughly destroyed in the aftermath, the Allies executed the worst of the offenders, the Israelis hunted down and killed most of the escapees and the West helped the surviving Jews to carve their country out of an existing sovereign country by force.
    Palestine was an independent country before the Jews and the West invaded it and forced the formation of a new Jewish homeland.
    So you could say that the Jews didn’t learn their lesson about having an unfriendly government abuse an entire people’s rights and, obviously, they aren’t Lilly white innocents.
    The Jewish Holocaust seems to be the untouchable third rail in America and that’s puzzling.
    When you begin feeling sorry for them or you are about to jump up to condemn anyone who mentions anything Jew related that doesn’t conform to the PR campaign first remember what they did to the USS Liberty…an international crime that they’ve never paid for. Never heard of it? Not surprising. Look it up and learn something about how Israelis treat their allies.
    I have zero respect for politicians who cower down to the Jews and grovel for forgiveness whenever they get their victimhood challenged.
    They’re not special or unique and they’re way overplayed their WWII victim card.
    Time to cancel that particular “Get out of jail free” card.

    • There has never been an independent Palestine except in the minds of brain-washed leftists and the college professors who did the brain-washing. Palestine was a Roman province that included some of modern-day Israel. 1n 1948, the British governed what was called the Palestinian Mandate, irredenta of the defunct Ottoman Empire and modern Israel was formed from that territory.

      • I stand corrected on that part of my comment but the rest stands.
        There was no Jewish state until one was forced onto the people who occupied the land now under Israeli control by the West.
        Israel exists and the world needs to deal with that reality but nobody can deny how it was created, who did it and the consequences.
        The history of the region is full of conquests and foreign occupations and modern Israel is just the latest and like the rest the hatreds that its creation caused will eventually lead to its destruction.
        “From 1517 to 1917, Israel, along with much of the Middle East, was ruled by the Ottoman Empire.
        But World War I dramatically altered the geopolitical landscape in the Middle East. In 1917, at the height of the war, British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour submitted a letter of intent supporting the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The British government hoped that the formal declaration—known thereafter as the Balfour Declaration—would encourage support for the Allies in World War I.
        When World War I ended in 1918 with an Allied victory, the 400-year Ottoman Empire rule ended, and Great Britain took control over what became known as Palestine (modern-day Israel, Palestine and Jordan).
        The Balfour Declaration and the British mandate over Palestine were approved by the League of Nations in 1922. Arabs vehemently opposed the Balfour Declaration, concerned that a Jewish homeland would mean the subjugation of Arab Palestinians.
        The British controlled Palestine until Israel, in the years following the end of World War II, became an independent state in 1947.”
        “In the late 19th and early 20th century, an organized religious and political movement known as Zionism emerged among Jews.
        Zionists wanted to reestablish a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Massive numbers of Jews immigrated to the ancient holy land and built settlements. Between 1882 and 1903, about 35,000 Jews relocated to Palestine. Another 40,000 settled in the area between 1904 and 1914.
        Many Jews living in Europe and elsewhere, fearing persecution during the Nazi reign, found refuge in Palestine and embraced Zionism. After the Holocaust and World War II ended, members of the Zionist movement primarily focused on creating an independent Jewish state.
        Arabs in Palestine resisted the Zionism movement, and tensions between the two groups continue. An Arab nationalist movement developed as a result.
        The United Nations approved a plan to partition Palestine into a Jewish and Arab state in 1947, but the Arabs rejected it.
        In May 1948, Israel was officially declared an independent state with David Ben-Gurion, the head of the Jewish Agency, as the prime minister.”

        • PJ OLSON: Very scary people continue predicting Israel’s ultimate demise. Nasser, Sadat, Arafat, Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, Ahmadinejad — dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, who knows?….

          Sorry to disappoint you but — the day Israel goes will be the day the world map gets gets redrawn for the entire region of eastern Africa westward to at least India. That’s why it will NEVER happen.

          • Your comment makes zero sense…the usual ravings from you. Keep it up and you’ll end up in the same discard bin that Greg and Steve-o live in. Probably already there, actually.

          • Zero sense to PJ Olson who never lived Israel, never had friends and colleagues who worked at the highest levels of government and industry.

            Oh, by the way, for any of you that use Protonmail…what CERN secures man can hack.

    • PJ OLSON: Is that supposed to be your version of “soft” Antisemitism and Anti-defamation? If so, then that screed of lies, historical inaccuracies and Richard Spencer-esque Holocaust denialism via use of that musty, hackneyed Jew-haters’ “proportionality of genocidal victimhood” correlation DIDN’T WORK.

      • The mark of a liberal is turning everything they disagree with into evidence of a hateful attack.
        They do it because their entire approach to everything is emotion based.
        It’s the most obvious difference between normal, well adjusted people who can accept contrary facts without throwing an emotional tantrum and liberals.
        Liberals are like spoiled children who’ve gotten their way by misbehaving.
        Spare the rod and spoil the child…there’s a lesson there for us all.

  24. Our world’s Jewish people are in a unique position and special class of peoples belonging to the Most High God. Anything dealing with them deserved taken caution in respect for God. What cultural appropriation or abuse the world can get away with agianst other groups such as Indigenous issues like mascot, and types of art misused. We the gentiles can’t get away with misuse and abuse like supporting Palestine instead of a State of Isreal. We all know it in our inner hearts, minds, and spirits that Jews and Isreal hold unique position being the descendents of Abraham through his heir Issac, and grandson Jacob. When Genesis 12:2-3 “and I (God) will make of them a great nation (Israel and Jews), and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:
    And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

  25. I think it’s better to compare this saga in our city to the book: “The Sneetches” by Dr. Seuss. Much more appropriate, with a happy ending.

  26. The stars make a point and a good one. If we don’t stand up now, it will be too late, and it is a good reminder of how many Jews didn’t stand up when they should have and it was to their doom. Today there are still many liberal Jews who vote against Israel.

    It is just a simple reminder of how fast things can go wrong for freedom.

  27. I’m Jewish and my family agrees with the Holocaust references. We’re extremely concerned about where this is headed.

  28. I wish I could say I was surprised about the number of ignorant antisemitic comments on this article, but sadly I’m not. The ignorant antisemites have made their hatred clear in previous posts. Since antisemitism is at home on the left, it’s not surprising to see that it’s the big city liberals spreading their brand of ignorant antisemitism. Ignorance is a tool of the left and they’ve convinced ever more ignorant folk to join their cause, some of these ignorant folks even falsely claim to be conservative but rest assured they are not in fact anything close to conservative by any means. Make no doubt about it, antisemitism is the hallmark of the left. Fascism and Nazism are leftist ideologies, and this recent wave of ignorant antisemitism seen around the world is led by the left.
    A global pandemic is not comparable with genocide and wholesale slaughter of a race of people by leftists as seen in the Holocaust.

    • Did anyone at any time say it was the pandemic. Nobody is comparing the pandemic to the holocaust. The lack of comprehension around here is astonishing. The comparison is about the descent into tyranny and is absolutely valid.

    • STEVE-O: You almost have the patterning right. True brainwashing requires repeating the core lie in multiples of three, over an extended period of exposure if the lie that Fascism and Nazism are liberal ideologies shall indeed become the accepted norm.

      Trump used this method in rally speeches ALL the time, to good effect (unfortunately). Now, he cannot because he clearly has dementia. However, during his era of lucidity, he cultivated the manipulative impact his lies have on people by examining information about and emulating behaviors Mussolini used. Trump also appropriated the concept of bureaucratic purges, i.e., “drain the swamp,” from Benito Mussolini.

      In any event, Fascists follows Fascism, a RIGHT-WING authoritarian, absolutist (monarchy) replacement ideology. Blaming Liberal America for the ills and evils Fascist America commits as it attempts its rise to power is PLAY NUMBER ONE in the authoritarian regime handbook.

  29. I meant on what do you base the assertion that most Americans are more ignorant than you are, not what you know about the subject.

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