Meg Zaletel says she won’t show up to Assembly meetings until everyone is masked and the room is uncrowded


Anchorage Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel is refusing to attend Assembly meetings in person until everyone in the Assembly chambers is forced to wear a mask, and until people are spaced out to her liking.

She made the comment Thursday night at the opening of the third night of public testimony on her Ordinance 2021-91, the universal masking law that would apply to all in Anchorage who are over the age of 2. The law is likely to pass the Leftist Anchorage Assembly, but Zaletel has not shown up in person during testimony to face the people opposing her ordinance, instead calling into the meeting from her home.

The hearing went late into the night on Thursday, with a room that was just as packed as it was on Tuesday, the first night of public testimony. The hearing continues on Monday in the Assembly chambers, the first floor of the Loussac Library.

Later in the meeting, Zaletel said wanted the hearing to continue Friday and Saturday, and even said she would pay for police overtime costs of the Saturday meeting out of her own Assembly fund, and that she would even show up in person to push through the testimony, but eventually it became clear that Saturday was untenable — Assemblyman John Weddleton said he had a marathon that he wants to attend in Girdwood.

Zaletel’s ordinance has been unpopular with testifiers, who are especially unhappy with the enforcement mechanism that relies on neighbors, customers, and others turning each other in for not wearing masks appropriately in Anchorage. Some have compared that to what the Nazis did in Germany to the Jews in hiding, or what the communists did to the Russians under Stalin.


  1. They want to turn WE THE PEOPLE into a controllable mass of anonymous, masked, distanced, hateful slaves. WE THE PEOPLE will not stand for it

  2. “Anchorage Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel is refusing to attend Assembly meetings in person until everyone in the Assembly chambers is forced to wear a mask, and until people are spaced out to HER liking.” WELL that says it all, she obviously has bought into the whole COVID fear mongering mantra being pushed by some in the medical community, liberals, and the liberal media. My advice to Ms. Zaletel is to continue to hide behind your mask, socially distanced in your house, if that’s what gives you the illusion of safety. BUT stay out of the lives of other individuals who don’t share your irrational fears and let them make their own decisions regarding the acceptable level of exposure they are willing to risk. To each, their own. You were elected to SERVE, not to RULE, so maybe start acting more like a public servant than a dictator or tyrant.

    • Exactly! oh sorry, I’m not supposed to show support. Quiet everyone! Why are you laughing. Stop laughing!

    • Facts on MASKS:

      1. OSHA confirms that MASKS do NOT work as follows:

      2. N95 masks are designed for CONTAMINATED environments. That means when you exhale through N95 the design is that you are exhaling into contamination thus does NOT filter your air on the way out.

      3. Surgical maska: designed and approved for STERILE environments. The moisture from your breath motioned with the clogged mask renders it “useless” IF you come in contact with Covid. Your mask traps it and YOU become a walking virus dispenser. They should be changed or thrown out every “20-30 minutes in a non sterile environment.

      4. Cloth masks: do NOT filter anything. As you EXHALE, you are ridding your lungs of contaminants and carbon dioxide. The moisture caught in these masks can become mildew ridden overnight.

      N95 blows the virus into the air from a contaminate person.
      Surgical masks will NOT filter the virus upon inhaling through it. It’s filtration works on the exhale.
      Cloth asks are WORSE than none.

  3. LOL, well now maybe you folks down there in Anchorage have a reason to fire her for not doing what she was hired to do.

  4. Let her stay away more air for us and less of Socialist BS. We the People will keep our Constitutional rights and she can be a pissant.

  5. The mask ordinance isn’t about public health as it has been proven over and over that the masks don’t work. There is also scientific evidence that long term mask wearing has been shown to cause permanent lung damage. This tyrannical ordinance is about enforcing their control and causing more division in our community! This mask ordinance is unconstitutional. If Providence staff would tell the truth, they would come clean on the facts which don’t lie. It appears the actual issue are more than likely related to staffing shortages and issues with vaccinated. Truth is the truth. A lie spoken a thousand times is still a lie. Everyone should consider, “To hold on to the position of denying compassionate care to patients, and to create fear, suffering, hospitalization, and death is immoral. It’s unethical and in civil court, it’s illegal. And all of you will be hunted. Every single one of you listening right now will be hunted and justice will be served. These are considered crimes against humanity.” – Dr. Peter McCullough

  6. Wonder if anyone’s seen her in COSTCO, FRED MEYER, CARRS, NATURAL PANTRY? How about a nice cozy cafe like SNOW CITY?
    Get out those cell phones, record-record-record.
    Oh, and GREG from Florida, did you watch the YouTube broadcast of the Assembly meeting last night (it had audio), note how the AFD are illegally recording those testimonies *without* signed releases. #youtubelawyercallyoumust

      • Yes, No, but Greg is apparently. Hey Greg, look, EVAN agrees with me, yay. A win for the first amendment advocates! #itmaybedifferentinthefloridavillages

    • I just went to a restaurant to get some take out and nobody was wearing a mask and it was packed and I saw a lot of man buns. Those aren’t conservatives that are enjoying life without mandates. Curious too if Meg doesn’t go to any restaurants until she gets her mandate in place because she “doesn’t feel safe” until the people have to wear a mask for the 2 minutes while they wait to be seated. Or maybe she just wants an excuse to hide her face?

  7. Doesn’t matter how many people get up there and tell these knuckle heads why this shouldn’t happen, they are going to do what they want anyways.

  8. Remember folks, we only need to change two minds and Bronson will be able to veto the ordinance without being overridden. Reach out to your Assembly members and present them with facts. Show up and testify, but be respectful. When we behave badly it only gives the left and their allies in the media ammunition to use against us.

    • I totally agree, but I think I noticed you’re in the same district as me and Austin Quinn-Davidson. With her, it seems pretty futile. Pete Peterson actually seems like he just never wants to cause any trouble, but he already signed his name away. I’m curious, who do you think is the most rational of the bunch? I truly don’t know. My wife is liberal, so I have learned a little bit about how to speak to them, although my wife will tell you I still have a lot to learn. (A lot, this has been a rough past few years.) But anyway, I can try my best. I know liberals that want mandates but think the part about letting people turn each other in is a terrible idea. And I know liberals that just want everyone to relax and think a mask mandate makes sense, but they don’t want to flip the table on ya if you say that masks are ok, but mandates are not. Obviously, the assembly isn’t showing any of that kind of rational behavior.
      It’s interesting how liberals sort of play this game of chicken with politicians to see how liberal they are. It was like when they asked Elizabeth Warren if it is ok to put an 8 year old on hormone blockers. They feel pressured to go to extremes that they fear expressing is too far. This feels a lot like that. But I’ll be honest, after going through day after day of torture in order to pass this ordinance, the others would lynch any one of them that decided to back down now. I mean this almost ruined Weddleton’s marathon run, for heaven’s sake. (Don’t use snark like that of course) I think the best chance is to touch on their virtues of being kind and open minded and tolerant and speak softly but desperately. Maybe too just say the people voted for Bronson fully knowing how he was going to manage Covid and that they really should at least look for compromises, for example having certain hours of the day when there is a mask mandate in public places for anyone over 12. I don’t even think that is a good idea, but it is miles and miles better than what they are trying to do.
      I truly believe Anchorage will always be a purple city because it has the typical self reliant freedom loving Alaskans, and it will always have the environmental science industry with the “green” type of people that commonly come from the left coasts. And it will have extremes on both sides always. It’s just a fact and I think the only way this town can find a culture that both sides can take pride in is if we both give each other enough space and realize we can benefit from each others’ perspectives if both sides respect each other and sort of take pride in that we can get along and even be friends and sort of relate with each other, even if it is in very rudimentary ways. When it really comes down to it, none of us aren’t completely left or completely right. We are all on the spectrum and little bit of both but just land somewhere differently on that spectrum. I know I don’t talk like that in my comments here because I need to blow off steam and because the left really has gone off the rails to the point I fear for my children’s future. They truly need us to be relevant to keep them grounded and right now they are out of control and I believe the two sides do have roles. The left is less scared to push new ideas and to adapt to changes, but they often have bad ideas or don’t even understand what they are talking about, maybe more often than not (it really feels that way now). The right’s role is to preserve timeless values and to keep learning from history in that respect in order to adapt to the future that looks different. Sometimes the left pushes terrible ideas and goes in completely wrong directions and are completely unaware because they are so easily self assured, but they are pushing. Essentially they are an energy and a force that keeps us moving. And that forces the right to get off our asses to fix the direction and then maybe even throw their ideas completely in the garbage, but the energy and movement has already been made that forces us to make progress. To put it simply we are the adults and they are they are the youthful energy. Sometimes things require a fight because the right is stubborn and the left is arrogant and that’s ok. We are all human. But for us to get to this place of understanding and respect, the assembly needs to stop acting like elitist tyrants and actually take the time to understand the perspectives of the right that sometimes require more than 280 characters to understand. And even if they still think we are wrong, they need to at least allow us to have the freedom to be different and have different beliefs, even during a pandemic. I take that back, especially during a pandemic, and not use our own tax dollars against our own principles and beliefs, especially when we have shown to be the majority.
      haha. sorry. I guess I’m practicing what I’m going to say, but it needs to be much shorter than that. Thanks to whomever actually read this, and sorry Suzanne. I don’t know how you are keeping up with all of these comments. We are really feeling passionate and activated right now and it’s partly your fault. Hopefully people are donating so you can get some help.

      • Thanks, I’m going through them fast, and miss a few things but I know people have a lot on their minds and try to approve or disapprove them quickly. Folks, you can help by keeping bad language out, re-reading your words, and taking out the insults about people’s sexual preferences and such. Being civil is so appreciated, as you are, Justin. – sd

  9. I think the other eight should had listened to Perez-Verdia having the meeting reconvene on Monday, that was good common logical sense. Look at the mess last night (10-11:40pm) happening taking an hour and half time deciding how and if Saturday’s meeting can proceed without violating the open meetings act and causing security issues.

    As well as I think these 8 Assembly members should had been sensitive to observe the Jewish holidays as its observance falls on this weekend. I Think It wasnt a coincidence the yellow star incident occurred earlier
    I think the incidence was a cosmic remind to these members to be Faithful and keep the Sabbath holy.

  10. Crystal Kennedy was the one who initially proposed a Monday meeting continuation, as she has an out of state wedding on Saturday. Weddleton’s marathon was brought up later. Zelatel said she would pay for the Audio/Visual component of a Saturday meeting’s cose (in effort to meet the Open Meetings Act), not security.

    • Ms. Allard has a wedding that conflicted with meeting on the weekend, Ms. Kennedy was going to her husband’s retirement party and Dr. Savitt testified that it should not be on Fri. or Sat. because it’s the Sabbath and those in the Jewish congregations wouldn’t be able to attend. NONE of that mattered to the leftists. Mr. Dunbar argued with the lawyers, administration and the Police Chief to get what they wanted, to tie everyone up over the weekend. When it became clear that fellow leftist Mr. Weddleton would miss a sporting event if they stayed their course, all but Meg Zaletel and Pete Peterson relented and voted to continue on Monday at 5pm.

  11. Chronic virtue signalers know what is good for you.

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed and hence clamor to be led to safety by menacing it with and endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary”.
    – H.L. Mencken

    This is the left in spirit and action today!

  12. I think the other eight should had listened to Perez-Verdia having the meeting reconvene on Monday, that was good common logical sense. Look at the mess last night (10-11:40pm) happening taking an hour and half time deciding how and if Saturday’s meeting can proceed without violating the open meetings act and causing security issues.

    As well as I think these 8 Assembly members should had been sensitive to observe the Jewish holidays as its observance falls on this weekend. I Think It wasnt a coincidence the yellow star incident occurred earlier
    I think the incidence was a cosmic reminder to these members to be Faithful and keep the Sabbath holy. But! They chose not to listen.

  13. If I was mayor Bronson, I would not wear a mask no matter what the radicals on the left vote.
    Non-compliance is the only way to deal with a tyrannical government as we are seeing not injection or masking has “flattened the curve” to their liking.
    Flu shots have never worked well & the latest mRNA is only accelerating the spread of this virus.

    • Yep, look at Israel, trying the same thing over and over again, and getting the same result, they’ll be considering their fourth shot by the time SD approves this post………… Meanwhile, in the land of the Vikings………. #golookitup

    • “Non-compliance is the only way to deal with a tyrannical government ”

      So, no speed limits for you? Stop signs are for sheeple?

      • Great example of false equivalency, Evan and illogic there, Evan. But we have come to expect nothing less from you (and nothing more).
        Highway speed limits are not tyrannical. Demanding the dehumanizing and ineffective wearing by everyone, at all times, of a useless mask, all to signal compliance and submission to capricious authority and out-of-control authoritarianism, definitely is tyrannical.

      • Evan, you have an issue with English comprehension:
        A tyrannical ruler wields absolute power and authority, and often wields that power unjustly, cruelly, or oppressively.

        First used in the 1530s, the adjective tyrannical stems from the late-14th-century word tyranny, meaning “cruel or unjust use of power,” which has origins in the Greek work tyrannos, meaning “master.” Tyrannical rule is the opposite of democratic rule, which places the power in the people, the majority of whom makes the decisions. Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Joseph Stalin are three examples of the 20th century’s most tyrannical dictators.

  14. What is ironic is that those who wish to mask the people the hardest, are becoming un-masked and revealing their true intentions.

    I dare say that this ordinance has been a catalyst to further wake up the masses and will most likely lead to criminal investigations of certain assembly members and the medical administrations.

    There was testimony of patients being treated poorly and not being given the basics while in hospital care, such as vitamins and even human attention. It was revealed (as has been reported several times in other cases) that patients are being treated primarily with Remdesivir and intubations with ultimately leads to death. Also mentioned is that patients are being treated with disrespectful comments from hospital staff and denied alternative care than what hospital protocol dictates.

    Instead of forcing the populace into compliance, it would be better suited for the medical administration to be compelled to try different methods of treatment which have been proven to work in places like India. Ivermectin has been shown to be an effective method. No, not the horse paste, but the human version.

  15. Am I the only one that can see daylight through the (her left) portion of the “mast”? Am I the only one that knows that aerosols aren’t sealed from the outside environment due to the lack of a seal on this (and all of) face diapers? I seriously am looking so forward to the documentaries that will be made in 10 years from now about this C19 insanity.

  16. She’s fully vaccinated so she either believes the vax don’t work or is gaming due to fears about blowback. OR, just using more BS to keep the public from being a part of the system. This whole thing with the assembly is about power/control, not about safety. Incidentally: A risk adverse society will ALWAYS collapse!!!

  17. What difference does it make if they attend or not? Really, they do what they want anyways. They have disregarded public testimony too many times to count. Anchorage residents really need to pull their heads out of their rear ends and remove these leftists.

    • How do you suggest we do that, Trevor?? There is a recall in the works, but the city clerk has proven to be a lackey to these very assembly people. The next election is not until April. The only true option at this point is to continue to make them listen to people in meeting after meeting after meeting…..

  18. The COVID religion, they have fanatic followers. Hardcore liberals all look the same, large glasses covering crazy eyes. We have medical privacy laws but I would love to see the list of prescription drugs these people are on.

    • Her tone was terrible, accusing Mayor Bronson of playing games, yet there everyone was (but Zaletel) playing her usurper game, the one SHE put into play. Worse than that, she didn’t have the cojones to look Bronson in the eye after doing it. #maybetheywerealllegwrestlingatriveraspad

  19. October 26th is coming, poor little Meg probably won’t have to worry about attending assembly meetings anymore

    • I truly hope district 4 can pull it off. Because unfortunately district 1 couldn’t do it with Constant.

    • I see IBEW is campaigning against the recall and ADN is really painting it as a frivolous recall, saying the only reason for the recall is because she let more than 15 people in a room. I’m not holding my breath, but one can hope. I’m not in that district, but I’ll donate as soon as I can to the recall campaign. The unions gave her $70,000 and the recall campaign I believe only has $11,000. Sullivan is proof that money isn’t the only deciding factor, but it certainly helps. There needs to be more ads and signs showing support for the recall. And my personal opinion is that the website needs more detail and more bite. Curious what it says on the ballot because saying that she broke covid restrictions by letting more people isn’t really the reason. It’s because she selectively enforced the rule to keep opposition out and support in. And I think they should include her role in this ridiculous ordinance that I think even most liberals don’t like. The part about being able to turn in neighbors is a clear indicator that herself and the entire assembly are completely unfit to serve a purple town like Anchorage.

  20. She isn’t afraid of covid, she’s afraid of the people.
    Get ready to see a giant fence erected around the Loussac Library soon.

  21. This is an abrogation of her duties as an assembly member, and frankly, cowardly. She creates this big brouhaha and then will not face the public. Is she sequestered in her house? Does she go to a grocery store? Candidly, Mr. Petersen, the other sponsee of this ridiculousness is also showing his true colors. If this is really worth fighting for, come in and fight for it, if not, this nonsense should simply be dropped. It is clear that the MAJORITY of Anchorage residents do not want this. Additionally, watch the other mask wearers during this theatrical show, none of them are wearing an N95 masks, and some are clearly virtue signaling like Mr. Weddleton whose loose fitting nose exposing mask is clearly just cosmetic.

    Unfortunately, all of the talking in the world will not stop this political power play. They do not care or need to care what the public says, they can, and will do whatever they want to with no immediate ramifications.


  22. Well, let’s step outside for the lady then and let her have her way with us!
    That is what the Assembly wants: 0 public participation in/at their meetings so they can keep up their devious shenanigans.
    We must not stand for it.

  23. Smart woman, if more people would do this, we would have saved more lives and less businesses would have been hurt.

  24. -heart attacks kill more people. will she be absent if obese people are at the meeting, because it makes it feel like being unhealthy is okay..
    -These type of people like picking and choosing what is unhealthy for the work place environment.
    -Seeing all the fat kids today in school. Perhaps physical activity gear needs to be worn in places of work or school.

    Where’s the cdc on obesity diseases? No where.. makes you think?

  25. 1) Isn’t arbitrarily limiting public access to assembly meetings, what the recall is all about? The woman clearly does not learn…
    2) John Wedelton’s marathon sounds like a good excuse (we would not want to inconvenience him with city business after all). More likely it dawned on our esteemed leaders that a Saturday meeting would bring out all the people who can’t come and sit for hours on a weeknight!

  26. Suzanne Dowling,

    You are biased AF, this is not journalism but your own personal opinion, that your reader base laps up as truth because you promote yourself as news, when you are not news.

    Due to the Delta variant, masked and vaccinated persons in a room packed to the gills with non-masked and obviously anti- vac constituents is a threat, especially when those who blatantly ignore our hospitals across ALL of Alaska that are begging for us to slow the spread, is dangerous as breakthrough infections are possible. Im a break through infection. Vaccines prevent hospitalizations and death, but can not promise immunity while this GLOBAL pandemic keeps coming back around full circle.

    Are you proud that our state is #1 in the U.S. for cases per capita? We led the country in vaccines, yet now we rank 32nd. Our hospitals are rationing care.

    Why cant you report on the conditions in our hospitals? Why can’t you report on something else besides your biased opinions?

    Is it that hard to wear a mask, im asthmatic, I do it anyway and will continue to, so honestly you have zero argument to convince me it’s too difficult to breath in.

    THIS IS A PANDEMIC. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. God forbid you contract covid and need emergency care just to be turned away because there isn’t space, or any other medical emergency. Good thing those docs have an oath to serve all people.

    • Great hair-on-fire exaggeration and wild fearmongering, Stephanie (or should I say “Karen”?).
      No, this is NOT an emergency! If you Covidian idiots and simpletons could grasp basic math and statistics, you would understand that this mild pandemic is no worse than many we have faced in the past, even within the past century (such as the Asian Flu and the Hong Kong Flu), and all without such extreme and hysterical overreactions. Nor are those extreme and hysterical overreactions justified now. Just protect the most vulnerable, and let people otherwise live their lives unmolested. But no, that is not good enough for you Covidian hysterics, with your appeals to emotion over reason, and always backed up by a heaping helping of fear porn.
      And have you not bothered to ask yourself why, and how, if more than 50% of Alaskan are “vaccinated” (sic), the Wuhan Virus has surged in this state recently? Weren’t your magic “vaccines” supposed to stop the spread of this virus? Oh wait, that’s right: THEY DO NOT! But that won’t stop you, and irrational and authoritarian creeps like you, from hysterically demanding all kinds of mandates that have already proven to be ineffectual. But that is because to people like you, facts and reason and logic do not matter, it is all about your emotions and your FEELINGS. You are such easily led sheep, but unfortunately the sheep are invariably led into wrong and even evil directions by the sociopaths in power.

    • When you see the patterns of behavior that has been repeated in our local government that have been going on in other parts of the world, you begin to realize there is an agenda.

      There are people who want you afraid so you are easier to manipulate. With you afraid, you will give up whatever it takes to feel safe and secure from the enormous threat.

      The fact of life is we live and we die.

      When your are focused on the crisis here and crisis there, you swiftly lose sight of what it means to live.
      You become a slave to resisting death.

      We see the patterns that repeat in our world and local governance. We are ending the cycles.

      When you realize who is truly responsible for all this death, you will understand. The virus we are attempting to cure is far more dangerous than covid.

    • Good god, you must have drunk a lot of Kool Aid!
      Do you really think COVID is going to go away because people get a vaccine or mask up?
      Why do you think the elites don’t mask up when no one is looking?
      Why is the government not requiring illegals and Afghan “refugees” to wear masks?
      Will you be a thrall your whole life? Time to realize you’ve been played and quit living in fear. Or just hide in your house and leave the rest of us to live our lives in the old normal.

    • First of all let me say this: Regarding statistics, figures don’t lie but liars figure regarding the statistics of COVID If you are an Asthmatic, I urge you to research an article Masking Children: Tragic,Unscientific, and Damaging. byPaul E. Alexander.Dr Margarite Griesc-Brisson Md PhD who is one of Europe’s leading neurologist and neurophysiologists discuses what happens when we rebreathe our carbon dioxide. Dr Fauci initially stated masks don’t work. Maybe now that he has his money invested in the mask industry they work?? Research before you say it is Suzanne’s opinion and not journalism, As an Asthmatic be careful masking up for hours. We also know the vaccinations don’t prevent us from getting Covid.

  27. Take her at her word! Throng the Assembly Meetings with unmasked Barbarians! We can do this! She has promised not to attend.

  28. Either she’s a coward and afraid of being confronted by people she’s gone out of her way to antagonize or she’s deathly afraid of a virus with a greater than 99% survival rate so she’s punishing everyone over the age of two for not playing into her fear induced delusion.
    Or this is a naked power grab by a punitive and deranged woman. Maybe it’s a combination of all three. Any way you cut it, her actions give rise to serious concerns about her mental stability

  29. A plague of mental illness is upon them complete with reprobate minds. Remember the breakdowns when Hillary didn’t win. TV watching is mind control. Sad. Here is a nice goal: control yourself. (It’s later than you think).

  30. My question is?

    When is the China bug going to end???

    1 1/2 years nows?
    In masks and shut downs!

    Ask yourselves?

    Why, what, and were? And when?

    And continue???

  31. If I remember right?
    She still does business in Anchorage?
    Personally, assembly is a tit for tat!

    You want Anchorage to jump to your
    Tyrants! How about we make u jump?
    A little???

    This is where businesses get too busy for them! Turn your backs!

    They still want your business and need services l???

    Show them how it feels! Being picked out?

  32. Meg clearly believes the jab does not protect her or she has not taken it.


    Go back to New York Meg!!! We do not want your tyranny here.

  33. Zaletel is a poor servant. When she agreed to take the servant position for boisterous Anchorage she said in error that she would attend (go to her duty station). She has quit. She just says after great pause “present” which literally is not true. She is not receiving instruction from her leader, boisterous Anchoragites. That is more than half of her job. So, she and the other renigeing socialite servants should be removed for cause.

  34. I notice Zaletel is not wearing the chinese made graphene infused masks one sees regularly around town. Green onions have a negative effect on graphene oxide tho. We must start our regimen to cleanse from graphene oxide.

  35. Somebody has forgot that she’s a public servant and serves at the pleasure of We, the People.

    Get to work or resign, Zaletel. Your choice.

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