Wrong-time bank robbery suspect arrested in Anchorage


An Anchorage man was arrested on criminal charges after he allegedly tried to rob a bank Monday morning, but has his timing off.

According to court documents, Michael Nash, 49, tried to enter the First National Bank branch located on West 36th Avenue in Anchorage just after 9 a.m. on Oct. 2. Nash was unable to enter because the bank’s lobby did not open until 10 a.m. and the doors were locked.

Nash slipped a note through the doors to a bank supervisor stating that this was a robbery. The bank was secured immediately, and police were called. A bank security officer requested Nash leave but he refused. Law enforcement officers arrived and arrested Nash in front of the bank.

Nash is charged with one count of bank robbery. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after considering the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

It was the third attempted bank robbery in two weeks in Anchorage. The first and second were allegedly committed by Tyler Ching, who was arrested after someone recognized his photo from the dating app called Tinder.


  1. Only in Alaska! Hahahaha
    Alaskans are so dumb, they can’t even rob a bank without getting caught.
    I needed this laugh to remind me the wholesomeness of Alaskans who are so dumb because of our poor education and literacy development that we are cute at times like a toddler.

    • So Jen, do you support SMART bank robbers? Isn’t that illegal and against the commandments to boot? As an Alaskan, I strongly object to your generalization of “all Alaskans are dumb” and for the record robbing a bank isn’t cute even if it is attempted in a unconventional/ineffective way.

    • Really? Wow. I’m simply amazed, amazed I tell you!

      I wasn’t able to draw such a broadstrokes conclusion from this event at all. Wow. I guess I wasted all that money and time in college and that career of mine? Gee, I should have just looked you up and followed you as a disciple.

      Maybe if you had some positive life experiences and actually worked in the criminal justice or legal field you may have drawn one or both of these conclusions:

      One, he wanted to go to jail.

      Two, he was “self-medicating” and had a harebrained idea that sounded pretty clever.

      My narrow and limited views (nowhere near your omniscience) are merely based on experiences with defendants.

      Time to humbly bow to your magnificence.

  2. These aren’t Alaskans.
    Real Alaskans don’t need Tinder.
    Real Alaskans don’t rob banks- they have jobs to get to and work to be done.
    These are lazy libs wanting a fast buck trying to screw the system.
    These are future assembly members.

    • After seeing what Hunter gets away with I am not surprised in the rising level of just plain stupid stunts.
      I wouldnt have been surprised if the robber hadnt slipped his photo ID through the door.
      As in Hunters case serious drug use does alter ones ability to successfully manage a heist.

  3. “…….Nash slipped a note through the doors to a bank supervisor stating that this was a robbery……..”

  4. Several years ago a couple of would-be thieves broke into our city offices (interior AK) and managed to steal an entire safe. They slid it down a flight of stairs and into the maintenance bay of the city garage.

    They tipped it onto its back and used an acetylene torch …….with no oxygen……..to try to open the safe. Eventually they gave up and fled.

    The trooper found the safe the next morning still on its back……………..with the combination written on the bottom !!

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