Words that heal and words that don’t

Karl Rove



A friend of mine who lives in Texas is representative of voters who will decide the 2020 presidential race. He supports many of President Trump’s policies but winces at his behavior, words and unpresidential tone.

You’d think Democratic candidates would be trying to gain his vote or at least multiply his doubts about Mr. Trump. Instead, they lose all sense of proportion. Many blame the mass shooting in El Paso on the president. They say he’s a racist who motivates other racists to go on shooting sprees. To my friend, these statements come across as reckless and irresponsible. What Democratic candidates are doing is bad politics—and more important, it’s wrong.

Unfortunately, we are well past the point when politicians would stay silent long enough to let the victims’ families and friends grieve in peace. And I get that over-the-top rhetoric may help improve some Democrats’ chances to win the nomination. But it seems the more these White House hopefuls struggle for attention, the more extreme and desperate they make themselves look.

“I want to say with more moral clarity that Donald Trump is responsible for this,” Sen. Cory Booker declared of the shooting. Mayor Pete Buttigieg echoed the sentiment, arguing the president is “at best, condoning and encouraging white nationalists” like the Texas shooter.

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  1. while I don’t agree with blaming trump for these mass shootings, I do think he has enabled/empowered/encouraged (directly and indirectly) otherwise shitty people to exercise their shitty-ness more openly and effectively. in my opinion, the man genuinely encompasses everything I teach my children not to be, such as:


    to name a few. . .

    as my dad told me long ago, “some people were put on this earth for no other reason than to act as an example for others of how not to be.” unfortunately- partisanship aside (these types of people aren’t exclusively on one side or the other within the political spectrum)- our president is one of these people.

    • Something about people living in glass houses……..casting stones or something…..
      Anyway, great list of Obama’s failings you came up with.

    • As the old saying goes……”yeah, but he’s OUR bragger, liar, cheater, megalomaniac, bully narcissist, etc…. .” The Democrats have PLENTY of their own.

  2. And Donald Trump is sending subliminal messages now don’t ya know? If you play recordings backwards…. who knows what he might possess you to do. They didn’t get what they wanted with the Russian thing so they have gone completely off the rails now. When the guy stabbed the people in California, one of the Dems running for Prez immediately rattled off (I think it was Booker) that it was a racist filled with hate that targeted 4 Hispanics. That’s funny…now the narrative has changed to “the suspect was enraged”. I guess when the perp himself is Hispanic and a gang member, you can’t be racist…just enraged. These clowns will stop at absolutely nothing. They have completely lost their minds.

  3. OMG! This all started with Obama trashing Bush2, and going on the sorry tour selling out Amarica. Then when Hillary got away literally with murder, it was the tipping point. People are fed up and angry at politicians thinking they are above the law. Look at our legislators. Reverse Ronin Hood. Stealing from the poor and give to the rich.

  4. What people don’t usually consider is that Donald Trump is a New Yorker and in general a lot of New Yorkers talk a lot like Trump talks. Those of us who come from other parts of the country might think he’s being too boastful, too outspoken, too loud, etc, not realizing that this is the way many New Yorkers express themselves. I was born in Iowa, and the same thing applies there. Iowans all sound very similar in the way they express themselves. Alaskans too, are similar in their attitudes and speech. It might be time to stop criticising people for being who they are, and where they were raised. We all come from various situations. We all have unique identities, because of where we grew up. It’s just a part of what being a human means. Let’s accept that and move on to the issues at hand.

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