Wind knocks out power in Anchorage, Homer

View of downtown Anchorage from midtown. Photo credit:

About 4,000 customers of Chugach Electric Association in Anchorage were without power on Thursday morning, as wintery winds blasted through the area with wet snow, especially knocking out power east of the New Seward Highway, but also affecting others from Lake Hood to downtown.

From the Chugach Electric summary, it looks like a lot of small outages, rather than one big area. The number of outages will keep crews busy on Thursday.

Campbell Airstrip area has 609, DeBarr has over 700, and O’Malley has over 655 as of 8:45 am.

A couple of small airplanes at Merrill Field flipped out of their tie-downs, according to local aviators.

Weather is 34 degrees with a high expected of 45 degrees.

Overnight, Homer Electric customers also had a weather-related power outage, but almost customers were showed as having power by Thursday morning. Winter weather advisories are in place across all of Southcentral Alaska at the National Weather Service.


  1. With all of that wind, how much electricity was generated by the Windmills @ Fire Island? Were any of the Windmills operating? Just about anyone in Anchorage should be able to determine ‘if’ any of the Windmills are turning by simply looking at Fire Island.

  2. Hah! 45 degrees, watch the libs blame it on that global warming hoax!!! they can’t even run their own city or electric company. Always blaming others…

  3. As these “wind storms” and “snow storms” keep happening while the world is crumbling around us, it is going to get to a point where the utility companies are going to say that they no longer have the needed parts to repair the wind- or snow-damaged infrastructure and that it will take x amount of days or x amount of weeks to get the parts if they can get the parts at all. I hope that people have a plan b and a plan c.

    • That all depends upon how “green” we go. Conventional power has backup and spares and doesn’t care about wind or snow or cold since they are designed to operate in all of those conditions 100% of the time, renewable “green” energy on the other hand…

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