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Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Who’s running: Senate & House

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Senate and House seats

The filing deadline is in the rearview mirror. Here are the candidates who have lined up to run for Alaska Senate and House. Not all will appear on Aug. 16 primary ballots.

Senate District B
John Coghill, R
Luke Hopkins, D

Senate District D
Lynn Gattis, R
David Wilson, R

Senate District F
Adam Crum, R
Shelley Hughes, R
Samatha Laudert-Rodgers, D
Steve St. Clair, R
Bill Stoltze, R
Tim Hale, pending, NonAff

Senate District H
Kevin Kastner, R
Bill Wielechowski, D

Senate District J
Tom Begich, D
Ed Wesley, D

Senate District L
Roslyn Cacy, D
Craig Johnson, R
Jeff Landfield, R
Forrest McDonald, D
Natasha Von Imhof, R
Tom Johnson, pending, NonAff

Senate District N
Cathy Giessel, R
Vince Beltrami, Pending NonAff

Senate District P
Gary Stevens, R

Senate District R
Bert Stedman, R

Senate District T
Donny Olson, D

House District 1
Scott Kawasaki, D

House District 2
Truno Holdaway, D
Steve Thompson, R

House District 3
Christina Sinclair, D
Tammie Wilson, R
Jeanne Olson, Pending Non-Aff

House District 4
David Guttenberg, D

House District 5
Aaron Lojewski, R
Adam Wool, D

House District 6
Jason Land, D
Ryan Smith, R
David Talerico, R
Justin Pratt, Pending Non-Aff

House District 7
Brandon Montano, R
Sherie Olson, D
Colleen Sullivan-Leonard, R

House District 8
Mike Alexander, R
Gregory Jones, D
Mark Neuman, R

House District 9
Jim Colver, R
George Rauscher, R
Pam Goode, Pending, Const.

House District 10
David Eastman, R
Christian Hartley, D
Wes Keller, R
Steve Menard, R
Andrew Wright, R

House District 11
Richard Best, R
Nancy Campbell, R
Delena Johnson, R
Larry Wood, R
Bert Verrall, Pending, Non-Aff

House District 12
Cathy Tilton, R
Gretchen Wehmhoff, D
Karen Perry, Pending, Const.

House District 13
Dan Saddler, R
Myranda Walso, R

House District 14
Mark Bailey, D
Crystal Kennedy, R
Lora Reinbold, R
Joe Hackenmueller, Pending, Non-Aff

House District 15
Gabrielle LeDoux, R
Patrick McCormack, D

House District 16
Don Hadley, R
Ivy Spohnholz, D
Lisa Vaught, R
Ian Sharrock, Pending, Non-Aff

House District 17
Andy Josephson, D

House District 18
Harriet Drummond, D
Mike Gordon, R

House District 19
Geran Tarr, D

House District 20
Les Gara, D

House District 21
Matt Claman, D
Marilyn Stewart, R

House District 22
Ed Cullinane, D
Dustin Darden, Akn. Indep.
David Nees, R
Liz Vazquez, R
Jason S. Grenn, Pending, Non-Aff

House District 23
Tim Huit, R
Chris Tuck, D

House District 24
Chuck Kopp, R
Sue Levy, D
Rebecca Logan, R

House District 25
Pat Higgins, D
Charisse Millett, R

House District 26
Chris Birch, R
Bill Goodell, D
Bob Lynn, R

House District 27
Harry Crawford, D
Lance Pruitt, R
John Zebutis, R

House District 28
Ross Beiling, R
Shirley Cote, D
Jennifer Johnston, R
Joan Wilson, D

House District 29
Mike Chenault, R

House District 30
Keith Baxter, R
Gary Knopp, R
Rick Koch, R
Shauna Thornton, D
Kelly Wolf, R
Brendon Hopkins, Pending, NonAff
Daniel Lynch, Pending, NonAff
JR Myers, Pending, Const.

House District 31
John Cox, R
Paul Seaton, R
Mary “Beth” Wythe, R

House District 32
Louise Stutes, R
Brent Watkins, D
Duncan Fields, NonAff

House District 33
Sam Kito, D

House District 34
Cathy Munoz, R
Justin Parish, D

House District 35
Sheila Finkenbinder R
Jonathan S. Kreiss-Tomkins, D

House District 36
Robert Sivertsen, R
Daniel Ortiz, U
Kenneth Shaw, Pending, NonAff

House District 37
Bryce Edgmon, D
William Weatherby, R

House District 38
Zach Fansler, D
Bob Herron, D

House District 39
Neal Foster, D

House District 40
Ben Nageak, D
Dean Westlake, D

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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