Governor: Frustrated beyond belief



picture of ineffectiveness

The governor is frustrated.

Governor Bill Walker is so frustrated he would not meet with Senate President Kevin Meyer or House Speaker Mike Chenault last week.

So frustrated that he held a press conference with a white board alongside him to talk about how much he has engaged Alaskans on his quest for nine new taxes. In fact he is not just frustrated, he’s offended.

It was the picture of ineffectiveness: So much engagement and so little persuasiveness that his and the Democrats’ tax-and-spend is the way to go.

The governor’s press conference could have been used to announce that he will sign the operating budget — but offer more cuts, so as to bring down state spending. After all, the Democrats he promised he would bring under control held the budget hostage for the second year in a row.

Republicans, once again, had to pay the ransom so pink slips wouldn’t be sent out on June 1. They gave back a lot of the cuts they wanted. The Democrats — essential to being able to access the reserves that will pay for the budget — gave up nothing.

Alaskans are not asking for taxes. They are asking for leaner government. They are asking Gov. Walker to do what they have to do when their paychecks are curtailed.

It’s a simple assignment, but Walker has thus far failed Alaskans on the budget. And this is the the second year in a row he couldn’t muster the courage needed. If he had cut the budget last year, we would not be in the situation he has put the state in today.

It’s not too late to do the right thing. The governor needs to get over his frustration with governing and do what Alaskans have asked of him.

It’s time to man up and lead.