Who has Trump endorsed besides Tshibaka? He’s now endorsing GOP chair candidates


Former President Donald Trump has not yet announced a trip to Alaska, but he’s now on the road, making the rounds in the country’s heartland, with stops in Ohio on Saturday for his first big rally, as he seeks to leverage his profound influence on elections.

More than 74.2 million voters chose Trump in the 2020 election and many of them still believe in Trump’s agenda for America.

Trump has, to date, made at least 24 endorsement in races for governors, Congress, or for state Republican chairs. He apparently is looking far ahead to ensure that Republican state party chairs are actively supporting conservative candidates in line with Republican values.

In Alaska, the Republican Party under former Chairman Glenn Clary voted by 77 percent to censure Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Clary has since resigned and now-Chairwoman Ann Brown is the leader until next March, when he party conducts elections. Brown, during the most recent State Central Committee meeting, voted against censuring Murkowski.

Governor endorsements

  • Gov. Greg Abbott, Texas
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Arkansas
  • Henry McMaster, South Carolina
  • Glenn Youngkin, Virginia

U.S. Senate

  • Sen. John Boozman, Arkansas
  • Rep. Mo Brooks, Alabama
  • Sen. Mike Crapo, Idaho
  • Sen. Ron Johnson, Wisconsin
  • Jerry Moran, Kansas
  • Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky
  • Sen. Marco Rubio, Florida
  • Sen. Tim Scott, South Carolina
  • Kelly Tshibaka, Alaska

Trump has also said that he wants Herschel Walker to run for Senate in Georgia, against the well-funded Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock. Walker, formerly of the NFL and U.S. Olympic Bobsled Team, has not yet announced.

U.S. House

  • Mike Carey, Ohio
  • Rep. Virginia Foxx, Virginia
  • Julia Letlow, Louisiana
  • Max Miller, Ohio
  • Susan Wright, Texas

State Republican Party Chairs

  • Frank Eathorne, Wyoming Republican Party chairman
  • Drew McKissick, South Carolina Republican Party chairman
  • Bob Paduchik, Ohio Republican Party chairman
  • David Shafer, Georgia Republican Party chairman

Trump has said at least twice that he intends to come to Alaska to campaign against Sen. Lisa Murkowski. He said it once in March, to The Hill newspaper: “I will not be endorsing, under any circumstances, the failed candidate from the great State of Alaska, Lisa Murkowski. She represents her state badly and her country even worse. I do not know where other people will be next year, but I know where I will be — in Alaska campaigning against a disloyal and very bad Senator.”

Earlier this month he restated that he intends to come to Alaska: “I look forward to campaigning in Alaska for Kelly,” he said in his endorsement statement on June 18.

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  1. The GOP needs to broaden their beliefs to allow many disenfranchised Americans back into their party. Toeing the hard line to the far right with candidates like Tshibaka will only accelerate the path to GOP extinction. Today’s traditional voters care about clean water and the environment…these conservation values were once conservative back in the Teddy Roosevelt days. Trump had his chance at the top & refused to yield one iota to the center, now we have China Joe running the show & things look desperate for our long term autonomy as a nation. My advice for the GOP in Alaska & throughout the country is to move a little back towards the center or the leftist agenda of masks, mandates & socialism is here to stay in America.

  2. I would vote for Trump AGAIN, for President, of the United States
    Can’t wait for the Trump rally in Alaska
    Can’t wait to vote Lisa OUT

  3. We’ve tried to get Lisa to quit and go live in Mexico with her unemployed house-husband. Maybe The Donald will get her to see the light, finally.

  4. President Trump knows on an individual basis who his supporters are in various states. He might be surprised at how they are hindered from communicating due to social caste systems.

  5. Friday, the NYC Office of the District Attorney announced the imminent indictment of the Trump Organization.

    The defense attorney for The Former Guy acknowledged to the MSM that a meeting with the NYC District Attorney did occur regarding said indictment.

    All fans of The Former Guy should know that at this moment each and every multi-hundred-million dollar loan he has across the globe with the Chinese, Germans, Russians, Dutch, etc. is being called!

    I just thought I would give The Former Guy fandom a “heads up” because the next time you see and hear him the pressure will have pushed that dementia over the edge– SMH — and all those people who have those “Trump Endorsements” are going to want to set them on ?

  6. Steve, that was the exact advice that got us McCain… and a loss to the far left. The GOP tried to court those who want to follow Constitutional principals but adding an Alaskan firebrand to the ticket… didn’t work then, won’t work now. The choice has to be clearer than a squishy rino and a Marxist. With that choice, it’s only a matter of timing before freedoms are lost. Voters will choose liberty and smaller government if given the chance.

  7. Financial harrassment of a former President using the DOJ as a blunt political weapon is corrupt. Those who champion political misuse of regional law practice are themselves corrupted to the core having long abandoned constitutional values others still hold dear. Political harm wielded by the DOJ is spiritual acuity of a jackal. Thanks for debasing America.

  8. What part of “voted by 77 percent to censure Sen. Lisa Murkowski” do you not understand?

  9. Chairwoman Brown is out of touch with most Alaskans. She needs to leave the “nice” cocktail party set of the ARP and join with those Alaskans who are freedom fighters and love the US Constitution.

  10. The politics of audacity. Perfect example of trump, and the weak minded who follow him. Seeing trumps audacious actions as examples of leadership instead of the bloviating clown he really is.

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