Who done it: Worst ‘betrayal of trust,’ but investigators didn’t find Supreme Court’s leaker of Dobbs decision


After eight months of investigation, the U.S. Supreme Court still doesn’t know who on its staff leaked a draft copy of the historic Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Org. decision, which untangled the nearly 50-year-old abortion law known as Roe v. Wade, and sent the abortion question back to the states, so states can make their own laws regarding the legality of abortion.

The investigation “has to date been unable to identify a person responsible by a preponderance of the evidence.” The report says investigators conducted 126 formal interviews of nearly 100 employees, and all denied leaking the opinion to the media.

The investigation also found no credible reason to believe the court’s computers were hacked.

The justices went on, in an introduction to the report, to say that the Covid-19 pandemic remote work policies led to a situation where it would have been too easy for someone to get access to a document and leak it to the media. An independent legal review of the investigation recommended the court tighten up access to hard copies of sensitive documents and to limit email distribution of them to avoid further leaks.

The May 2, 2022 leak is considered to be the worst confidentiality breach in Supreme Court history and has shaken the faith in the institution. Politico, a publication read by politicos, published the draft opinion on May 2. The following day, Chief Justice John Roberts ordered an investigation by the court’s marshal, Gail Curley.

The justice’s issued a statement on Thursday calling the leak a form of misguided protest, and “a grave assault on the judicial process.” The justices called it a “betrayal of trust.”

Curley’s report, attached below, details what actions the investigation took, and concludes that the culprit remains unknown. The justices say no further investigation is warranted:

The leak of the Dobbs decision is thought to be the reason pro-abortion advocates attacked more than 100 crisis pregnancy clinics in recent months, attacks that started right after the publication by Politico.


  1. There are close to 80 or more staffers for the Supreme Court justices. Many of them are attorneys from prestigious law schools. Common sense says that you don’t need to examine the backgrounds of those assigned to the four most conservative justices. That leaves five remaining. Common sense dictates to examine the backgrounds of the three or four most Left-wing justices. That reduces the number of suspects down to about twenty or twenty-five. Now, look at the sexes of those law clerks and staffers. The radical left women have the most to gain from leaking and causing a political storm for the fall elections. The number of suspects can be whittled down to less than ten. Investigate their backgrounds intensely. The number can further be reduced to about five. Get them to turn on each other. Their code of silence can be broken with diligent pressure. In the end, the answer will be that there were probably more than one radical, leftist, Republican-hating, woman (maybe lesbian) law clerk responsible.
    If found, she faces disbarment, humiliation, and potentially…….prosecution.

    • The leak put the putative supporters of the opinion under threat, including one assassination attempt aimed at Kavanaugh. But to you, no law was broken. Got it. The leak was an infernal issue. You guys really aren’t gonna like playing under your new rules. Cheers –

  2. … another fake investigation?
    Are there any REAL investigations anymore?
    I can’t remember a single one.
    Long before the whole… leather glove controversy.

    • I never have seen so many investigations and so little done to anybody guilty except the J6 group. At any level the committees in investigations always lead to nothing to see here


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