Whitehorse superstore limits supplies due to road closure


A washout on a section of the Alaska Highway has led to the Whitehorse Real Canadian Superstore limiting the number of essential products for sale, including toilet paper, paper towels, milk, eggs, water, flour, and sugar, according to the store’s Facebook page. Limits are two per customer, as the store tries to discourage hoarding.

Travel between Yukon Territory and British Columbia has been detoured to the Cassiar Highway after the Alcan highway washed out at Contact Creek. The highway was damaged British Columbia side of the border, 77.6 miles north of Liard Hot Springs. 

Whitehorse, a town of 25,000, is the major commercial hub and is the largest city in northern Canada. The city and the highway serve a large territory dotted with small towns and villages. People in Alaska cities of Skagway and Haines/Klukwan also use Whitehorse as a commercial hub.


    • Would you like paying air freight charges for toilet paper because your neighbor bought the shelf?

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