Alaska Highway closed north of Fort Nelson, road washed out


The Alaska Highway washed out north of Fort Nelson at Contact Creek on Friday and remains closed to traffic in both directions.

The Yukon government tweeted photos of the damage, which happened in British Columbia between Liard Hot Springs and Watson Lake.

The highway, also called the Alcan, is the route between the Lower 48 and Alaska. Drive BC indicates there is no available detour. The Stewart- Cassier Highway is an inconvenient and lengthy alternative.


  1. If the washout is on the far side of Watson Lake, people trying to get Outside can drive down the Cassiar Highway, then over to Prince George, then Outside … can’t they?

  2. “The highway, also called the Alcan, is the route between the Lower 48 and Alaska. Drive BC indicates there is no available detour.” – Cassiar Hwy 37?

  3. I sure hope we can pay to fix that. Shakwak it! Ought to be easy since JT is one of FJB’s commie bros…

    If that doesn’t work, probably wise to anticipate delays on the repairs due to “supply chain issues” (ie: JT may have to ask his good pal Zelensky for some of that U.S. taxpayer cash to fix it).

  4. Expect food and other supply line essentials to be significantly delayed. Canadians move very slowly on road repair operations. Besides it’s Independence Day weekend. Not ours, yours.

  5. Alaska bound drivers are being diverted to the Cassiar Highway Per Yukon Dept of Highways and Public works.

  6. The Casiar is nice once you get close to Stewart hop on into Hyder and say high to the Friendliest Ghost town in Alaska. A nice bear viewing area and the largest Glacier you can drive beside in North America. The Cassiar was improved when the big towers were put in going all the way. up to White Horse in 2014.. Nice Drive have driven it when I lived in Hyder 2014-15. The port has had major improvements. There is a couple of nice stores in Stewart for groceries. Lots of bears feeding on fish this time of year sometimes you get brown bears, grizzly’s but mostly black bear…Hyder has a large RV park that host caravans to Alaska this time of year.

  7. I thought the Alcan was closed for most of us anyway?
    “Driving to or from Alaska through Canada
    If you don’t qualify for the fully vaccinated exemption, you can’t transit through Canada to or from Alaska by land for discretionary purposes, such as a vacation or leisure.”
    “If you don’t qualify for the fully vaccinated exemption
    When seeking entry to Canada, you will be subject to strict entry conditions and public health requirements. You will need to have proof that your entry into Canada is not discretionary, such as:
    proof of residence or employment in Alaska if going north
    proof of residence or employment in the lower 48 states if going south
    You must provide proof of a valid pre-entry test result to enter Canada.”
    Not one of our elected leaders cares to step up and fix this mess with Canada and access to our road to the lower 48. Shame on all of them.

    • It’s not your road to the lower nothing – it’s a Canadian road through Canada and if you want to go by land to Alaska you will have to drive on it and follow by our rules. Don’t like it then stay at home or fly.

    • So true, Tommy! And if you were on Attu you’d be able to refer to the rest of the states as the “Western 49!” If on Adak, Atka, Gamble, or Little Diomede you might refer to them as the “Eastern 49!” Or if you were anywhere in Alaska you might refer to the contiguous 48 states as the “Lower 48!” And if you want to leave no doubt what states you are referring to, you might want to list them all in alphabetic order. Oh, my! And then, if you were on the surface of the moon….I’ll continue using either the “Lower 48” or “Outside” in reference to the contiguous states. Each man to his own preference!

      Regarding “world views,” Tommy, stick with politics and enlighten us all!

  8. It doesn’t matter — Alaskans’ (and Americans’) right to cross the border into Covidian Canadia ended with their insane and authoritarian clot shot mandate to cross said border, which is still in place and looks like it will be forever.

  9. In the old days, every newspaper in Alaska would have covered this. Today, I only see this story in Must Read Alaska. Good job Suzanne.

  10. Thanks Suzanne! I’m driving the ALCAN starting this coming Sunday! I found a far better and faster route to boot!

    • Well, Mike, you better have your proof of ‘vaccination’ (sic) up to date, or the Canadian Covidian Gestapo will not let you cross the border.

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