Which group of registered Alaska voters didn’t show up in 2022? A look at the participation drop-off by party


The general election had a noticeable drop in voter participation in Alaska in 2022, but the drop-off in voter interest wasn’t the same in all groups of registered voters.

Just 266,573 of Alaska’s 601,795 registered voters cast ballots, a 44.30% turnout. That means 26% fewer voters participated than in 2020, and 6% fewer voters participated than in 2018, the last midterm general election.

We compare the 2022 to the 2018 election because they are midterm elections and were not interfered with by Covid policies across the country. The breakdown by party shows that Democrats and Republicans in Alaska dropped out of voting this year at different rates.

Republicans: About 3,200 fewer Republicans voted in 2022 than in 2018, or a 2.2% drop-off.

Democrats: About 3,200 fewer Democrats voted in 2022 than in 2018, a 4.1% drop-off. (Democrats represent only about 12.5% of the total voter file).

Nonpartisans: About 4,500 fewer nonpartisan voters showed up at the polls, compared to 2018, with the largest percent drop-off percentage at 5.4%

Undeclareds: Undeclared voters are the largest group of registered voters and although 6,900 fewer of them voted than in 2018, it represents a drop-off of 2.6%. Undeclareds include many people who were automatically registered to vote when they applied for their Permanent Fund dividend.

The number of registered voters in Alaska as of Nov. 3 divides into these main groups (with several other minor parties with small memberships):

  • Undeclared: 266,085
  • Nonpartisan: 83,576
  • Republican: 144,542
  • Democrat: 77,137
  • Alaskan Independence Party: 19,277
  • Libertarian: 7,009


  1. How many Alaskans were having strokes(s), heart attacks, and large bypass surgeries not to mention other stress-induced ailments at this time of dark money penetration, loose morality, integrity loss, deceitful “leadership” and estrangement of we the people from US Constitutional processes and values as DC has transmuted itself into a red carpet host of the likes of Trudeau and K. Schwab to announced he should be called “leader” which is “fuhrer” in his tribal German tongue.

    • Our legislature and the governor need to get us OFF eric, clean up the roles, and impose a minimal voter id law. Its a start. Also, you 56%, wtf.

    • That’s putting it mildly. We should just erase the voter roles and have all eligible voters reapply. No auto sign up for ANY reason. Apply and show ID to prove who you are. No excuses. No exceptions.

  2. Spot on. The corporate and establishment tactic of making the voter throw their arms up and surrender, appears to be working. If you are moderately left, you look at the freak show your party has become and are demoralized. You stay home. If you are on the right, you see corruption in the legislature and a lack of will in other quarters, and no one concerned about election integrity, so you say to yourself “what’s the point?”

    And both reactions being a smile to the faces of the powers that be.

  3. Nobody attempted to correct the obvious voter fraud of 2020 (when Ranked Choice Voting was slipped through), not much incentive to trust the same people managing 2022? Einstein defined “insanity” as; doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results!

  4. Wow…just wow… 12.5% registered democrats. And people say elections aren’t rigged when 12.5% is somehow greater than 50%. Wow. so 90% of registered voters (which seems low when I look out my window in my neighborhood and see all the support for president trump signs), don’t want a demoncrat in the office and yet somehow they still weezle their way in. Did each demo make 4-5 votes or did they just dump a huge pile all at once? curious.

    • There is no joy, acfak, in “rehashing” electoral suppositions and hypotheticals with disgruntled losers: that’s right up there with drinking stale beer left over from the bash the night before–if you know what I mean, and I’ve downed a lot of stale beer! It is a hell of a lot more pleasurable to drink fine wine and smoke good weed with a pleasant woman! Let the boys have at their Tonka toys and drive around in their sandboxes!

  5. Turnout appeared to be better in West Anchorage and the Hillside where the competitive races were. East Anchorage did not appear to be as competitive motivating voters less.

  6. We don’t have tens of millions of dollars being spent on ballot harvesters, among other things this time and the participation rate is lower. Imagine that.

    • Mark Johnson, Good Point! I guess Sarah was all the Democrats needed after they Black Mailed Allen Gross and their pally China Mitch lavished Lisa with 7 million in attack adds.

  7. With the auto vote registration everyone got registered to vote whether the person wanted to be registered or not. We need an auto unregistered to vote law. Don’t apply for a PFD, don’t renew a drivers license, didn’t vote? That person needs to be taken off the voter rolls.

  8. How many voters are like one voter when asked then are you voting? They said with a sharp tone no, trump’s not running– period. I could’nt inquire a second question if they for or against him-it is rude and nosy. Made
    me think there are voters who only vote for big events like a twice a year “christian” show-up for church at christmas and easter, they vote for / or against colorful candidates or ballot measures.

  9. So, I would like to see how many voters of the ones that supposedly didn’t vote actually voted without their knowledge. How many ballots went out to wrong addresses and were used to stack the percentages for a particular candidate. How many moved from the State? How many were deceased? How many votes did the machines either flip or discredit? How would the voter know? Did you get the receipt for your vote or did the person in charge of the machine tell you, “Look the number changed on the display, your vote was counted.” Wow, that is so reassuring!

  10. A lot of us who actually work for a living were too busy putting food on our tables and heat in our houses to vote. All those libs get time off – as proven this year with all the ASD teachers getting the day off to vote- what about the rest of us who work 12 hour shifts, who don’t have childcare, who vehicle share, who can’t make it to their voting precinct within the hours required because they have to be at work?! There are so many reasons and ways that voting sometimes gets pushed to the wayside when making a living and caring for a family come first for many conservatives. Many of the Alaskan villages and native peoples in those communities were entered in voting “contests” to win large amounts of money as individuals and as a community if they went to vote… while the rest of us, who don’t get a government subsidized handout, were working. I’d love to see some incentivized voting options for hard working Alaskans who are responsible and considerate enough to be productive members of society.

  11. I saw a good (and correct) quote from the Epoch Times newspaper.

    “You might be able to “vote” your way into Communism.
    But eventually, your grandkids will have to shoot their way out.”

    • Well said Emily, great quote. Some of my favorite quotes were from Winston Churchill; one attributed to him was, “If you’re not a liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by 40, you have no brain.”

  12. > Just 266,573 of Alaska’s 601,795 registered voters cast ballots

    601,795 voters out of a population of 733,391? Sure.

    When you begin with a baseline that is (wildly) inaccurate and then you sprinkle copious amounts of dark money and ranked choice voting over an election season (opposed to election day) you are so far from any reflection of the electorate that any results are baseless and null. They have been for some time.

    Wake up people. There is no cavalry coming to save you. Save yourself. Be your own leader. Network with those in your local community to create new parallel structures, as the old structures are corrupt and desiccated beyond repair. Late empires tend to wither from the periphery inwards so it is all about local, local, local.

    If you can’t feed yourself and your family, if you don’t know your neighbors enough to create something new to sustain each other, if you can not add value to your community, if you are reliant on government, then you will not make it through.

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