Bethel police release video images of pot robber


Bethel Police Department has released images from a in-store video camera that show the armed robber of the AlaskaBud cannabis store in Bethel, which may give Bethel residents a clue as to the suspect’s identity.

The suspect is wearing a “Res Alaska” jacket. Res Alaska is a renewable energy company out of Fairbanks. The suspect also has on a “AK” beanie style hat. The suspect has a distinct gait, police said, possibly due to a limp. The duffle bag he carried has a camouflage pattern on it.

Update: Police say the man is left-handed. Only 10% of the population is left-handed.

In the original press release, police speculated that the jerky movements of the man made it appear he may have been intoxicated.

The store was hit on Monday night by a lone gunman with an M-16-style firearm, who fired several shots. One shot ricocheted off the floor and hit the counter, after which two employees at the counter fled, as the man shot at them several times, but missed. One of the shots went through the wall and hit a third employee hiding behind the wall.

The robber fled the store in an unknown direction on a snow machine.

The Bethel Police Department is looking for help from the community in establishing the identity of the suspect. Those with any information may call: 907-543-3781.


  1. Pretty sure this desperado headed straight to one of the Tundra Villages or up river on that Sno- go. Good luck in finding him.

  2. Wears the jacket of a renewable energy company. That sums it up right there, they probably know who he is. He may have been intoxicated, do ya think? Shouldn’t be too hard to track this guy down.

  3. Again. Should I feel bad? Two criminal hell bent toward evil- one sells drugs taking advantage/or exploiting of mentally weak people, and the other a criminal who does the same- he get tired of another criminal getting rich off of him? Both are living

  4. Probably got the coat from the salvation army. People who are demon-possessed (a major health problem in our pre-Armegeddon day) always move in a jerky marionette puppet fashion according to Catholic priest class exorcists. Puppeteers pull strings resulting in jerky movements. An entity can choose to reside in the air of the joints of a federal agent and “rulers” just as well as a drug-addled minority. The effect of the (ellicit?) pharma is to reduce the personal will of the host “person”. This is “binding with a spell”. God does the opposite of that. He gives us free will. Authoritarian types wish to reduce any rampant free will we still see in this nation. This is an example. Who is directing this person at this time if drugs are supressing his will. Marijuana and other psychotropic drugs reduce personal will and makes a person unable to act on his own volition. THIS AUTOMATON behavior is desired of Americans by our enemies/globalists as they break our system before our very eyes. Don’t use psychotropic drugs ever.

  5. Don’t count on the Bethel Police Department on catching this criminal. That’s a Defund the Police
    Region. Bethel based criminals generally have a field day with their Democrats.

  6. Come on Bethel! A guy that rides in all black, cold weather clothing, left handed, carries a civilian made M4 clone. And if he was drunk at the time, he’s been running his mouth bragging. Someone knows who he is right now. Stand up and do right by your community and turn this guy in.

  7. Having had a look at his left handedness and then having looked at the small portion on his face that is visible above the mask and below the hood, taking into consideration the makeup of the population in Bethel, I’d say the universe of possible suspects is really, really small…like two or three.

    • He was probably from Fairbanks. Check all flight manifests, snowmobile rentals, and alternative energy businesses up in the Banks. And do a close up image for skin color. Was he Native? Maybe Caucasian wearing blackface? A wedding ring? And finally, analyze his gait. Maybe he was LGBTQ……….or presenting a good facimile thereof.

  8. Did the Bethel cops ever catch this guy? Or, are they all sitting around the cop shop getting loaded on seized evidence?

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