What’s this? Don Young heads into White House?


That’s the unmistakable square-shouldered profile of Alaska Congressman Don Young heading through security to enter the White House grounds this afternoon, as caught by a loyal MRAK reader.

But what was the Dean of the House doing visiting the White House? Did he have a meeting with President Donald Trump? We’re digging to find out.


  1. Don Young has to attend to Alaska business because the “idiot” Lying Lisa Murkowski refuses to work with the President during a luncheon she was invited to attend. The woman is stupid, stupid and stupid. Alaska has issues addressed in a budget and Don Young is going to work through it. The President just signed the budget for the December 20 date and “no show” Murkowski. She needs to go a long time ago……

  2. The president called in some Republicans from congress today for an impromptu White House meeting. One of them was Mitt Romney.

    Obviously Trump needed The Don to keep Romney from getting out of line.

  3. If Don ran for Lisa’s Senate seat in 2022, he would end four decades of the Murkowski tyranny and idiocy. Please, Don, do it …….just once. Then, you can ride off into the Alaska sunset with all Alaskans praising your greatest piece of work……ever. PLEEZE!!!

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