Watch video of vandal who painted over Bronson sign


A man with a bucket of white paint and a roller brush on a long handle painted over a Bronson for Mayor sign in Spenard early in the morning on May 8. He was caught on security camera, not unlike another Bronson sign vandal who was caught recently any who has now been arrested and charged with a felony.

The sign that was defaced Wednesday was on the side of the Carousel Lounge, a popular bar on Spenard Road.

Watch below as the man then sets his brush and bucket down behind a dumpster and then, masked up, skips away, perhaps to go vote for Bronson’s leftist opponent. The incident has been reported to police.

Security video from Carousel Lounge captures the perpetrator skipping away after getting rid of the paint and roller brush.


  1. Why are leftists so afraid of “democracy”?

    Probably the same reason why they are so quick to resort to violence, vandalism, harassment, and reputation destruction. Given a honest assessment, they lose more than they win.

  2. Do these simpletons really believe that vandalizing Bronson signs will magically make people change their minds and vote Democrat??

  3. Not yet Seattle, at least our cops are doing their jobs. Now, let’s see how the rest of the judicial system works concerning this individual?

    • Yes. Paint is a hazardous material AND can be used as a weapon. Not just a physical weapon but a political one as well

  4. What does a toddler do when they hear something they do not like?
    They cover their ears and scream “LALALALALALALALALA” so loudly that no one else can hear it either.


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