Police make arrest in Bronson campaign sign ‘Free Palestine’ vandalism


Anchorage Police have made an arrest in connection with the vandalism of Bronson for Mayor campaign signs this year.

On April 25, detectives charged 27-year-old Amanda M. Pineda with Criminal Mischief III, Improper use of Plates, and Filing a False Police Report. Pineda has been given a court date of May 17, and is out of jail on supervised release. Charges include a Class C Felony.

On March 12, Anchorage Police Department received a report that approximately 30 “Bronson for Mayor” campaign signs had been vandalized with words associated with anti-Israel, pro-Hamas sentiments such as “Genocide” and “Free Palestine.” Through the subsequent investigation conducted by detectives, it was apparent a citizen had not only witnessed some of the vandalism, but had captured a photo of a Toyota RAV4 being driven by the suspect; the license plate was also recorded.
At some point after the vandalism had taken place, and after the license plate was revealed on social media and on Must Read Alaska, the owner of the suspect plate reported that license plate as stolen to APD. 

It was later discovered the plate had not been stolen. The plate, which was registered to a Dodge owned by the suspect, had actually been removed from the Dodge and placed onto the RAV4 which was also owned by the Pineda.  An old out-of-state license plate was then mounted onto the Dodge.

Over 50% of the vandalized signs were sprayed with anti-Israel, pro-Hamas words, such as “Genocide” and “Free Palestine.” Mayor Bronson is a strong supporter of the right of Israel to exist peacefully.

Other signs label Bronson as the “worst” mayor and with associated vulgarities.

Pineda has a social media history that indicates she has a leftist political point of view. Her social media history has since been scrubbed.

Must Read Alaska had the name of Pineda in March, but did not publish it then, as she was only a person of interest.

In March, the Bronson campaign said of the vandalism, “These acts of destruction not only damage private property, but undermine the democratic values that Anchorage voters expect and deserve. The vandalism, which targeted signs across Anchorage and made multiple pro-Hamas comments, is not just an attack on Dave Bronson’s campaign but an affront to the principles of free speech and fair play essential to any election. At a time when political discourse can become heated, all parties and their supporters must recommit to conducting themselves with respect and focusing on issues important to citizens.”

The Anchorage Police never notified the Bronson campaign that the suspected perpetrator had been arrested.


    • So, by your twisted logic, hate crimes exist in order to give someone in a leadership role the opportunity to prove themself in the eyes of the public?

      Kind of like committing arson so fire departments can be heroic?

      You are disgusting. I pity you.

      • Showing Colors…., Let’s discuss irony. I agree Paola’s comment is “disgusting.” However, she has every right to utter it. I commend her boldness in attaching her actual name to it…. as disgusting as it is. In expressing herself, she is fearless.

        You, on the other hand, declared the truth… which is I commend you for. However, even though your comment is truthful, you hide behind a fake name. Ponder why You are fearful.

        • …… it is not a name at all. It is used as part of the comment itself: it is a form of artistic license used to add emphasis to the body of the comment. Poetic icing; a verbal sprinkling on top if you will. Enlighten yourself with some creative intelligence. If your comprehension of such aesthetics is too plebeian there’s really not much I can do for you.
          You mask your attack of me with agreement on the statements written. By defaulting to such a low form of chicanery with your attempt at covert hostility you show yourself to be the true coward.
          Also: You defend the commentor’s right to comment, as if to defend it from me, however I never infringed nor attacked the subject commentor’s right to speech.

            • “Wayne Coogan: However, she has every right to utter it. I commend her boldness in attaching her actual name to it….”

              So Wayne, if you did not believe it was her real name then your entire diatribe is fake.
              Praising a person for using (according to you) a fake “actual name” means she was neither bold nor courageous by the very standards you seem to hold so dear. She (if indeed she is a “she”) is on the same level as “not a fake name” (who is being more honest by not fooling people into thinking that is his real name), whom you chastise for cowardice.
              Thanks for the laugh!

      • “Hate crimes” is an oxymoron and a symptom of the sickness of our time. Almost all violent crime has a hateful aspect, however we do not need to drill holes into men’s minds. We ought to have much fewer laws, but enforce them properly.

        • An oxymoron is a self-contradicting statement, like “legal crime”. How does “hate” contradict “crime”? If anything hate reaffirms crime, which I think is actually your point — adding the “hate” descriptor is unnecessary, but not oxymoronic.

      • I See: 1) my comment isn’t an argument; it’s an opinion. 2) YOU brought up hate crimes, not me. 3) applying the term “disgusting” to my comment is exaggeration and hyperbole, which diminishes the value of your comment. Nothing in my short statement should induce revulsion or indignation. Disgust should be reserved for truly heinous acts like trying to violently destroy America’s Constitution and rule of law.

  1. Well done by the citizen that went the extra mile to catch this person. There is no place for antisemitism in Alaska. Thank you 🇺🇸🇮🇱

  2. Sounds to me like a (gasp!) HATE crime. Prosecute!

    Upon conviction the proper penalty for such vandalism and false reporting should be full restitution to the Bronson campaign for the monetary damages, plus no voting for five-ten years.

    And let’s return to applying the sting and stripes of the lash, which once was widely and effectively employed throughout the USA in punishment for property crimes. Jail and prison sentences are costly to the public purse, and can be inhumane punishments – but not the lash!

  3. Funny how don’t mention who her employer is.
    Jack White Real Estate.

    For transparencies sake, don’t you think you should disclose the relationship between the owner of this blog and Jack White ?

    • Yeah, it’s interesting how information on criminals is doled out by the media like it is by government.

    • Because every employer must take responsibility for each employee, right? And then, if one employee goes off, ALL employees or associations with the employer are guilty by association. The logic is dizzying, Ford.
      If a racist donated to the Biden campaign, does that then make Biden racist? Of course not. We are really reaching here to find any association we can. Hitler owned a dog, you know….

      • I think the salient point is that when it’s a conservative such information is usually offered in detail and when it is a liberal favorite it is usually hidden. So the focus is more on the double standard rather than the association. At least that was my take.

      • “……..If a racist donated to the Biden campaign, does that then make Biden racist?…….”
        No. But if 90% of Biden donors are racists? Isn’t that important to know? How would you know if that was hidden from you?

      • “If a racist donated to the Biden campaign, does that then make Biden racist?”
        Not automatically.
        However, the question is: “Why is a racist supporting Biden? What is it about Biden that the racist likes?”

        • Further point.
          Do not automatically assume the racist donating to a politician is because that politician is a racist. There could be a myriad of reasons why the racist likes a politician enough to donate.
          An unanswered question is proof of nothing. It is where you start the investigation, not end it. So, “Why is a racist supporting a politician?” could lead anywhere.

    • Are you saying the sign culprit here & Suzanne Downing both work for Jack White?
      Are they both realtors or in the office?

    • Before Titus destroyed Jeruselem, the people in Gaza were known as the Philistines. Part of the anihilation of the Jews by Rome was renaming of the region, now known as Palestine, derived from Philistine.

  4. Pineda the graffiti-happy liberal. She should be tried for election interference, destruction of property, and pay back every last cent plus more.

  5. Praying Pineda, as well as her legal counsel has a true awakening to Jesus as her only hope like everyone needs. Palestine needs Jesus as much as Anchorage and the world does.
    No Jesus No Peace, Know Jesus Know Peace.
    Our Founding Fathers “Began” the process of bringing a Moral freedom to humanity, but sadly we have compromised those great ideals through compromised educational systems by educators who prefer control of the masses over individual liberty. 🗽

  6. The reason the “free press” is protected by the 1st Amendment is to enable it to hold those engaging in politics or crime accountable to the citizenry. To fulfill this purpose, I ask Must Read Alaska post on this website the police mug photo of the one arrested.

    • Just put ‘www.amandapineda.jack white.com into the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

  7. I will bet every dollar that pResident Briben allows me to keep in my wallet that Amanda will whine and cry about how she does not deserve to be arrested and she was just fighting for what is right…

  8. She sounds like quite the leftist coward. She’s old enough to know better, so I’m goingvto guess she must have brain damge…possibly since birth. Don’t they have residential mental facilities to lock people like her away?

  9. These criminals will continue until there are real consequences for their actions. This woman is not a model citizen.

  10. “The right of Israel to exist peaceful” contradict their current act of refusing any ceasefire, bombing the Gaza bomb, mostly killing at sight, and labeling any critic of their regime as Hamas and terrorist.

    • Oh… wow. Sorry, maybe you were in a coma last October 7th or something? Perhaps you have missed the last 1,411 years of history?
      News flash. The so-called “religion of peace” has not allowed any Jew to live peacefully since 613 AD.
      If the muslims put down their arms and petitioned for peace in the middle east, there would be no more wars in the middle east.
      If the Jews put down their arms and petitioned for peace, there would be no more Jews.

  11. I am always amazed at how terrorist groups rule their people. They leave them in poverty and hopeless. They have no concept of governing for the betterment of their people, but rather they dictate for some warped concept of advancing their cause. Look at the results; their land has been devastated and innocent people (if that what we can call a people who put a terrorist group like Hamas in power) become collateral damage.
    Now they must find fault and so they blame Israel because they retaliated in response to Hamas’ unprovoked and misguided attacks on innocent Israelis (and Americans as well). Then the biggest mystery of all, a mindless agitator like this 27-year-old Amanda M. Pineda, feels that our conservative mayor and candidate should be the target because of some international discord while the other whack-job sycophants are blaming progressives (i.e. Joe Biden). Why didn’t she deface Lafrance’s signs? She is far more in line with the Biden administration, politically and philosophically.
    Pineda needs to be locked up for a while. Radicals like her can easily turn violent. She must understand that being a martyr is of high honor for the radical Islamic mindset and our judicial system should not disappoint her.

  12. I give her credit for this…she managed to spell Palestine correctly. Many of the college educated protesters spell it Palastine.


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