Watch video: Eco-extremists shut down reception for Murkowski, call her ‘murderer, ecocidal pyromaniac’

Climate Defiance disrupts a gala honoring Sen. Lisa Murkowski in Washington, D.C.

An event sponsored by Chevron in honor of Sen. Lisa Murkowski was interrupted by a radical eco-terrorist group on Thursday in Washington, D.C.

Video footage by Climate Defiance shows people rushing the stage and Sen. Murkowski walking to the side and standing undefended, as people nearby intervene and a brawl breaks out, with people tumbling from the stage.

The group wrote on X that Murkowski is a murderer, who “incinerates us to enrich her cronies.”

Climate Defiance calls itself a “youth-led group using direct action to resist fossil fuels.”


  1. I wonder how many of the eco warriors drove in fossil fuel burning vehicles, or utilized other means of transportation that utilize fossil fuels in order to advocate for and end to the use of fossil fuels.

    • My first thought as well. Must be a back room story to the ‘Why?’ that resulted in Chevron’s display of affection for “Murky”

    • Incorrect; The honorable senator from the great state of Alaska gave us Willow and has always been pro oil, gas and mining except pebble which 99.9 % of Alaskans opposed.

  2. It almost looks like a fake movie. Who are the people in front of the camera pushing spectators away from the action?

  3. Lawlessness gets us more lawlessness do. Just because of such leaders as Murkowski are lawless leaders doesn’t mean the public can meet her lawlessness with our own lawlessness.

    Then what will restrain new leaders coming out of the group overturning the corrupt leaders from being corrupt when they have power when they used lawless measures to take down a lawless leader

  4. Nice spectacle kids.

    Just remember if you want your funding to continue Mr. Soros expects you to vote for her.

  5. When will the big bad oil company’s start to say we have no fossil fuels for you protestors?
    I would like to see the spigot turned off and see the reactions.

  6. That’s her posse.

    She consistently sides with progressives over conservatives whenever it counts. She voted to confirm Halland.

  7. Well, we get a little raucous here in the comments section sometimes, but even our Dear Leader Lisa would have to admit we are not that bad…

  8. This could be a ploy to demonstrate how “courageous” she is, and is really pro-development, despite her lefty record. Why would Chevron want to honor HER?

  9. Murkowski lone Republican senator to vote ‘present’ on 1st Mayorkas impeachment charge.


  10. While I can not stand Lisa and her RINO ways It is funny that her leftist supporters are turning on her. The “Climate” change nut jobs are the most uninformed group of useful idiots the left has created. Convinced that exhaling and Water vapor are destroying the planet takes Stupid to new Heights. The Methane and Cow farts are also comical. So do these low IQ voter ever ask themselves did hundreds of thousands of Bison in the American west not Fart, breath, or defecate? Large Herds of Horses and Caribou? No that would require the ability to think critically. Our public indoctrination centers would never allow that to be taught. Critical thinking is bad for the Marxist agenda!

    • “At the height of the Plains Indians culture, there were over 60 million buffalo in the region now known as the United States”.

  11. The little eco-embiciles aren’t wrong. Lisa loves abortion (murderer) and she always liked playing with matches (pyromaniac) when we were kids. She lit her own hair on fire once, hoping to singe it black, and she had to go to the ER for a CAT scan.
    Dad said the scan showed lots of empty matter.

    • It’s hard to trust anyone these days, with sensitive family information. Especially the in-laws.

  12. “This is what democracy looks like,” as the senator’s Democrat colleagues have repeatedly said, particularly whenever leftists are blocking traffic and rioting. To my thinking, this is what anarchy looks like. And the denouement of anarchy is dictatorship.

    Arrest, prosecute, and punish these criminals. A suitable punishment for such crimes is lashing.

    • I totally agree. This definitely has the same aura as when the bad actors went rushing into the Capitol on Jan 6!

  13. Dear Lisa, your collaboration with communists is coming back to haunt you, because they eat their own!

  14. These people are out of control and we need to push back with whatever it takes. I have had enough of all their crap. I’m not a Lisa fan but she has a right to hold her event without having this kind of crap happening!

  15. Climate Defiance?!? Wha?!??! What does that mean? They are defying the climate? Murkowski has incinerated people to enrich her cronies? She may have incinerated any support I may have once had for her to enrich her cronies, but not people. This Climate Defiance crowd must be college re-educated, comrades. I hope some left with stitches and the rest with their hands ny-tied behind their backs.

  16. *Posted with a phone made of petroleum products on the internet that runs off of electricity generated by… you guessed it, fossil fuels.

    Kids these days. Next time you see one of these ecoterrorists working at Starbucks do not leave a tip.

  17. They’re right about one thing:
    Murkowski does have blood on her hands, since she’s supported the killing of children in the womb and built her political career on their broken, bleeding backs.

    May God have mercy on her soul.

  18. She sits on the fence enriching herself. Pushing for the murder of unborn children , undermining freedom in America by trying to take down trump with lies While pretending to be something shes not .
    Shes not democratic shes not republican shes “murkowski” one of the most corrupt families alaska has seen.

    Murkowski must go .

    We need ethical leaders who stand by all Alaskans.
    Not just special interest groups.
    Leaders who understand you don’t kill defenseless children.
    Murkowski supports murder.

  19. Congratulations, Senator Murkowski.
    Anyone can be a murderer, but to be selected for the rarely awarded Ecocidal Pyromaniac title… now that’s a big thing, no?

  20. If only some of Biden’s illegal terrorist foot soldiers from the border would have made their way into Chevrons party for Lisa.
    It would be more appropriate they do some raping and pillaging there instead of innocent victims on the street.
    Maybe that would give her time to reflect on how she responds to charges brought up against a the jackal thats running the free for all border express lane.

  21. Couldn’t have happened to a better person. Nothing makes me happier than watching liberals eat their own.

  22. Daddy’s girl has senior citizens for a security detail?
    Well she is our Senior Senator (unfortunately)
    Lucky for her, eco-hippies are a mild mannered group.

  23. And, from Alaska Public Media Dec ’23, “More than 100 countries fought hard — and unsuccessfully — at the COP28 climate summit for a pledge in the final agreement to “phase out” oil. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, was among those saying it was a step too far. “To move to a phase-out, I think does not recognize the transition reality that that we are, we’re currently facing,” she told reporters at the summit in Dubai. Murkowski was the ONLY Republican senator to attend the COP 28 summit in Dubai, and her presence underlined her unusual spot: As senator from an oil-producing state, she favors more oil and gas production from Alaska while also advocating for reducing carbon emissions to avoid the worst impact of climate change.”

    Says something about Ms Murkowski, to make the effort to represent Alaska’s interests in the world of oil production compared to the Republicans from Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma –all states that have some oil production.

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