Wasilla man captured after home invasions, sexual assaults in Soldotna


A series of home invasions and sexual assaults that alarmed residents in the Soldotna area came to an end with the arrest of Michael Ingersol, a 35-year-old resident of Wasilla.

Alaska State Troopers, along with the Soldotna Police Department, Anchorage Police Department, and Hooper Bay VPSO, collaborated in an extensive search and investigation stretching from Soldotna to Anchorage, Bethel, and Hooper Bay, that led to Ingersol’s capture.

The incidents took place on June 11, 2023, when the Alaska State Troopers responded to reports of a home invasion and sexual assault by an unknown assailant in the Soldotna area.

The investigation revealed that the suspect bypassed the locked front door of an apartment and sexually assaulted the victim while the person was asleep. The victim confronted the intruder upon waking, leading to the suspect’s swift departure.

Later that day, a second victim reported a similar experience, describing the same suspect entering an unlocked apartment on the opposite side of Soldotna. Once again, the suspect fled after being confronted by the awakened victim.

The Alaska Bureau of Investigation was brought in and eventually identified Ingersol as the perpetrator of the assaults. With investigators from Soldotna, Anchorage, and the Mat-Su Valley on the lookout for Ingersol, the search intensified.

On June 14, the Anchorage Police Department located Ingersol in the Anchorage area, but he managed to evade capture by fleeing in a vehicle.

On June 15, Alaska State Troopers discovered that Ingersol had fled to Bethel before making his way to Hooper Bay.

It was there that village public safety officers and troopers in Hooper Bay apprehended Ingersol on June 16 at approximately 6 pm. Ingersol was subsequently remanded to the Yukon Kuskokwim Correctional Center.

Ingersol now faces multiple charges, including Sexual Assault II, Sexual Assault III, Burglary I (two counts), and felony eluding. Authorities urge anyone with additional information or potential victims to come forward and assist investigators in their ongoing efforts. Individuals who can contribute to the case should contact the Alaska State Troopers at 907-262-4453, referencing case AK23058989.

This was not Ingersol’s first serious encounter with law enforcement. In 2014, he led troopers on a high-speed chase during which he hit two troopers with his vehicle.

At the time, Ingersol, who attended Wasilla High School, had outstanding felony warrants for probation violations and was on felony probation. Troopers responding to a woman’s request to remove Ingersol from her residence, and got out of their vehicles to confront him as he was leaving the property in a blue Ford Taurus.

Ingersol accelerated his vehicle toward the troopers, striking them before fleeing the scene. The two troopers got back in their vehicles and gave chase, but he eluded them. They then both drove themselves to the hospital, where they were checked out and found to be bruised but not debilitated.

A Wasilla police officer caught wind of the incident and was on the lookout for Ingersol, who was now a fugitive of the law. The officer spotted Ingersol in his vehicle, and gave chase. That chase exceeded 100 mph and went all over the Wasilla road system. The police officer wrote at the time that after finally getting Ingersol to stop, ” “I then ordered the driver … to shut off the engine of the vehicle while having the driver at gunpoint. I then noticed the vehicle had back up lights on and the vehicle backed up and sped off at a high rate of speed through the parking lot.”

After a pursuit, during which Ingersol ran red lights to escape, he was eventually apprehended.


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    • He’d be a non voter being a felon as well he so messed up he wouldn’t even know who is the mayor nor those who are leaders of wasillla, and would’nt care whether or not Wasilla is Blue or Red. Like most prisoners if he had an opinion he wouldn’t like the current Alaskan leadership whom are democrat and rinos. I never never met a prisoner who liked the phoneys good hearted leaders-people who’d say they care but only care to keep you struggling. Prisoners and addicts are dumb but they aren’t stupid. They know who is making money off their struggles.

  2. This article begs the question, why is this very obviously dangerous and reckless individual, free to continue to inflict pain and suffering amongst innocents? Based on his current and previous actions this man does not care one bit about the value of human life or his very own.

    • Pray tell, how 8 years since he attempted murdering of two troopers with a vehicle, he’s all ready out of jail to continue assaulting again ? What a justice system we have!

    • He’s a two-pager on CourtView. Appears to be an angry man somewhat like Clayton Charlie; the low-IQ doof that killed the gardener at O’Malley Zoo a while back.

  3. One would think that this time, they’d put him in a cage and not release him again. But that would be considered “cruel and unusual” by the powdered and ignorant classes, and the right wing money huggers will refuse to fund enough prison space construction for these losers. So they’ll cage the predator for a few years, and this crap will repeat yet again.
    And the world continues to spin……….

  4. This guy is a perfect example of why the occasional use field expedient gender reassignment should be legal.

  5. He will be out sooner or later. Hopefully the next time he makes the news it will include his demise.

  6. How about the Cruel And Unusual Punishment we Law-Abiders have to endure because of the release of Criminal Repeaters. Banishment to a remote Aleutian Island should be their reward. No fancy Lockup, just MRE’s dropped by a plane, along with a sleeping bag and a pup-tent.

  7. And what is being done about the crime committed against Mary Fulp ? The last news I saw on this was January 27 2023. Most of my calls to public officials were met with indifference. Looks to me as if most Alaskans don’t really care what happened to Mary. And when it happens to them or you or me they will only care about themselves. There seems to be a pattern emerging here. How many of you know what is taking place on June 23 2023 in Soldotna Alaska. I predict the few who do show up will be from Soldotna. Please prove me wrong.

  8. Why Hooper Bay? Was he from there despite attending school in Wasilla? What brought him to Soldotna?

    If he is from the village, someone might want to ask around for sexual assault there, too.

    • You purposefully misspelled Democrat as “demoncrat” and I don’t have time to fix stuff like that, but it’s not allowed here. Even if it feels accurate, please don’t purposefully mangle names. – sd

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