Was it sabotage? Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline loses pressure, is bubbling, after ‘seismic events’ in Baltic Sea


Three sudden and separate leaks in the Russia-owned Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines in the Baltic Sea are possibly due to acts of sabotage. Gas from the gas line is bubbling to the surface of the sea, as shown in the photo above from a Danish military flight over the pipeline route, and scientists say that there had been two bursts in undersea seismic activity during the hours leading up to when the pipelines lost pressure.

Comprised of two 1,224 km-long pipelines, Nord Stream is the main supply line for Russian gas to Europe, which gets 40% of its gas from Russia. The lines run from Vyborg, Russia to a port in Germany.

The Kremlin has not ruled out sabotage after the pipelines underwent sudden falls in pressure after seismic spikes, according to Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov. The Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said sabotage was a possibility.

In February, 2022, President Joe Biden said on ABC News, “If Russia invades…then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.” A reporter asked, “But how will you do that, exactly, since…the project is in Germany’s control?” Biden replied, “I promise you, we will be able to do that.”


    • MA – too many protests in EU countries over high energy prices were starting to cause cracks in support for Biden’s sanctions over buying Russian natural gas. It appears the USA has removed the possibility of the EU caving in, at least for the short term. This probably will not go over well with the average European as these pipelines were energy infrastructure jointly owned by Russia and the EU. It will be a cold, dark and long winter for the EU.

    • MA, perhaps there are sinister forces at work here, those who have consistently called for a reduction of human population. ?

      I dunno, that bunch in Davos? Seems Covid is losing its punch , time to try hypothermia? Your guess is as good as mine.

      However it occurs to me that the Russians have a history of epic infrastructure failures. Did Russia build this pipeline or did they subcontract?

      • While I can’t rule out environmental nut jobs willing to sabotage the line, who among them has the skill and technology for this?

        I’m inclined to say it’s another in the long list of Russian infrastructure failures.

        Either way, Europe is about to pay a very high price for their green arrogance.

        • Good I hope they suffer enough to wake up and just maybe some of us in this country will wake up to the lefts bad policy’s.

        • MA – the explosions that damaged both pipelines occurred within seconds of each other. Nordstream 1 had been in operation for years although it was recently shut down at the source by Russia due to EU sanctions. Both Biden & administration official Victoria Freeland among others, are on the record as favoring disabling the Nordstream pipeline as far back as February of this year. The Nordstream 2 pipeline never went into production but did contain 300 million CF of gas in order to prevent damage to the line while it was mothballed. Denmark is estimating that the toxic release of methane will amount to a third of their annual greenhouse gas emissions for the year.

      • Chicken Man,
        Let’s review what we know:
        Joe Biden promised to blow up this pipeline back in February.
        Victoria, “Bio-Labs in Ukraine” Newland also seconded the notion that the Nord 2 pipeline would be toast. This from a deep state operator, who happens to be Assistant Sec. of State, so it’s not just old poop pants mouthing off aimlessly again.
        Russia has been throttling back on Gas deliveries to Germany causing wide spread support for pulling away from the Russian sanctions.
        A month ago a story appears in the Defense Post about the UK donating a robotic sub to Ukraine for the purpose of “mine hunting”…this robot could also lay mines? Along a pipeline perhaps?
        The day before the explosion Russia completed a referendum in the Eastern Ukraine similar to what it did to the Crimea. Essentially annexing a good part of Ukraine.
        Radek Sikorski, an influential Polish MEP, yesterday tweeted a picture of the gas bubbling up in the Baltic. The caption reads, “Thank You USA”.
        Poland and Denmark coincidently just opened their new Baltic Pipeline bringing Norwegian gas to Northern Europe. The Baltic Pipeline will now not have to compete with the cheaper Russian Gas. Offing the competition is seldom the wrong business strategy.
        And the most surprising thing is that Joe Poop Pants hasn’t said a darn thing about the exploding pipeline episode.
        Weird huh?
        It sure looks like somebody ( a nation state, mine hunters are not found in a Bass Pro Store) blew this thing up, and I’ll bet it wasn’t a Russian.

    • Think of Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles pulling a gun on himself and you’ll be close.

      Russia was under pressure to reopen Nord Stream I and start supplying natural gas to Europe. Now he has an excuse to keep it shut down. Surprised there was that much gas in it. Seismic events mean (at least to me) underwater demolition by his military. Cheers –

      • Uh huh.
        Russia is going to risk deploying saboteurs into patrolled NATO waters…
        …to blow up their own multibillion Euro infrastructure that they already control…
        …So they wouldn’t have to ‘bow to pressure’ to open the pipeline….
        …while they are already fighting in Ukraine in defiance of massive international pressure.

        That is the household equivalent of chopping off your hands so you don’t have to wash the dishes that night.

        Very low IQ comment, but impressively so.

  1. It is quite difficult to understand how this cut-off advantages anyone. Does Panda Joe really think that crippling Germany (and much more of Europe) will somehow help Ukraine, the US and Nato? How does that work, exactly?

    Setting those concerns aside, I will observe that Panda Joe is probably so demented that he actually believes he may be doing some good. I would not be surprised.

    • JMark, I am just assuming that this gas pipeline sabotage was the work of US forces, at the direct behest of Pretendent Biden’s handlers and the warmongering deepstate neocon cabal.

      As always in such situations, one has to ask: Qui bono?
      And the obvious answer here is NOT the Russians, nor the Europeans.

    • “It is quite difficult to understand how this cut-off advantages anyone…….”
      It definitely fits the wet dream of a Russian hardliner like Nikolai Patrushev, Sergei Ivanov, Sergei Shoygu, or Igor Sechin.

  2. And naturally the ‘legacy’ media is expecting us to believe that Putin sabotaged his own gas pipelines even though it makes zero logical sense. Russia spent billions constructing them, and can already shut them down at will. Why would they destroy their bargaining chip?

    Putin was shutting off the gas to leverage Germany (via a winter energy/heating crisis) into dropping sanctions over the Ukraine fight. If Germany suffers massive unrest and cries uncle – the gas once again flows. To do this, there needs to be a pipeline. Boom! No pipeline – Germany is forced to source LNG from the USA.

    The gangsters currently in charge of our intelligence agencies are clearly interested in dragging us into a war with Russia. Would we tolerate Russia blowing a hole in the Trans-Alaska Pipeline – because they disagreed with our Iraqi invasion?

    • “…….Would we tolerate Russia blowing a hole in the Trans-Alaska Pipeline – because they disagreed with our Iraqi invasion?”
      We appear to tolerate Washington DC blowing numerous political holes in it because of their climate religion.

  3. There are two benefits to this. First, Russia has leverage over Europe so some type of truce will now be taken by Putin with hefty demands. Two, the anti-fossil fuel, climate change warriors can now cry about the fuel leak and further their agenda. We could supply Europe with natural gas but Biden and the handlers won’t allow that. People will freeze this winter.

  4. Gas at $1.84 in Canada ? this week. How do they rate? Only six percent inflation from last year. How is that, economists?

      • Galeutian….absolutely best laugh of the day! You nailed it! Heard the speed limit in Canada is 100! Wait, it was only 9 degrees in Whitehorse,Yukon today!?
        Turns out they use a whole different measuring system than we do. Who knew!?!? I bet that 6% inflation number is Imperial too…..

    • “Gas at $1.84 in Canada……..”
      Shhhhhhhh! If the Democrats figure that out, they’ll pass a law in Congress converting us to metric so they can then trumpet their solution to high gas prices.

    • That would explode in their faces.

      Europe will not look kindly on supporting a nation accused of crippling the continent economically and freezing people to death.

    • Bosk – Biden said he’d do it & even though it doesn’t make much sense and will eventually hurt our allies this winter, he appears to have followed through on it. Another foreign policy blunder for the doddering old fool. Nuclear war would be one helluva October surprise!

    • The real problem here is that our own infrastructure is just as vulnerable.

      I’d prefer Europe wasn’t reliant on Russian gas. I’d prefer Europe fracked their own NG resources and updated their nuclear power generation. But Germany and Russia chose to make the multibillion investment to build these gaslines.

      That said, the financiers that control our President (between sippy cup and naptime) – have decided that outright industrial sabotage is now acceptable conduct during peacetime. What happens when our undersea Atlantic fiber optic communication lines are mysteriously damaged as a tit-for-tat? What if massive LNG tankers are targeted on their way to European ports?

      Its pretty clear our highest office is occupied by a dangerous imbecile.

  5. “I promise I can do that….,” as the severely demented one goes back to the basement for a 2pm nap, followed by milk and cookies and a short storybook hour with Dr. Jill.

  6. Russia is known to keep its equipment outdated. More likely it needed repairs, however most likely russia is too corrupt and too cheap to make the repairs. Much like alaska’s outdated anchorage port.

    • I may be proven wrong, but I think you’re right. Appartachiks never think beyond the next payoff.

      Russia has a long history of reckless construction.

  7. Brandon Euthanizes Europe
    Bob Moriarty
    Sep 27, 2022
    If Germany needs natural gas as a feedstock for their chemical plants and to provide heat for businesses and homes, all they had to do was turn on the Nord Stream II pipeline.

    That was until September 27th when the US blew up Nord Stream I and Nord Stream II. Which Brandon has promised was in the works long ago.

  8. Mr. Biden’s threatening remark now makes him look like even more of a potato head than usual. How did we wind up with such an idiot? All conspiracy theorist nonsense and ballot counting machine anomalies aside, this guy is way too much of a clod.

    • “…….How did we wind up with such an idiot?……..”
      The Democrats nominated the idiot because he was the least communist from among their many candidates, and the Trump Haters either voted for the Demonrat or didn’t vote because Trump tweets like a meaniehead.
      In short, the United States can’t seem to elect sane leaders any better than the Russians can.

  9. If this was an act of sabotage, then whoever was responsible is on thin ice. Of course they will try to deny any involvement but my bet is that the U S makes a deal to supply them with LNG This was the intent when this country opposed the original pipeline. Will we ever know for sure? Let’s face it, our intelligence agencies may not be able to fool everyone else, but Americans are no problem.

    • Right now the USA does not have enough LNG tankers to fully supply Europe, nor does Europe currently have the LNG infrastructure to receive it. Somebody in the Biden administration made another foreign policy decision blunder which the people in the EU will suffer for this winter. It is time to remove the obviously senile Joe Biden under the Section 25 clause. He is uniting the world, unfortunately against us!

  10. Any explosive leaves a distinctive “signature”, and since accusations of such are rather vague, the pipelines apparently were not sabotaged that way.
    However, natural gas is cryogenically compressed into a liquid form, for transmission through pipelines. So by opening valves on the German end, then quickly closing them, stopping the flow, could result in a hammering effect, bursting the pipelines.
    This could sort of mimic undersea seismic activity. if done repeatedly over several hours. Undersea seismic activity was apparently recorded, leading up to when the pipelines lost pressure.
    Very possibly it could have been an opportunistic act of sabotage if there was real seismic activity happening at the time.

    • Explosives can cause a recordable seismic event! I don’t think that anyone in authority is seriously suggesting at this time that this was a natural seismic event.

  11. Sir, you are mistaken. Gas pipelines such as Nord Stream transport compressed natural gas (CNG), not liquified natural gas (LNG), which must be kept at extremely low temperatures (-162 C). LNG is stored and transported in heavily-insulated tanks and ships, and is practically impossible to transport by pipeline over long distances due to the need to keep it so cold.

    • I reread my sources, and it appears that you’re correct Whidbey. My bad! I went wrong because CNG and LNG are the same methane gas, but treated differently for different methods of transport.

  12. “There are two leaks on Nord Stream 1 – one in the Swedish economic zone and one in the Danish economic zone. It turns out that Nord Stream 1 is actually TWO separate pipes! BOTH pipes are ruptured!
    They are very near each other”

    The other rupture, of the brand new Nord Stream 2 is at a THIRD pipeline. So THREE pipes have been ruptured, in different areas. This was no ship anchor accident, it looks more and more as a deliberate act.

    “The destruction that occurred on the same day at once on three strings of the offshore gas pipelines of the Nord Stream system is unprecedented.

    Experts say repairs on both pipelines could take up to several years.

    Initial investigation into the situation has revealed that by chance, over the last few days the USS KEARSARGE (LHD-3) incl. Fleet was traveling in the very area where the Nord stream pipeline sabotage is now.

    The last location reports from Marinetraffic shows the KEARSAGE and its fleet north of Bornholm.

    According to some press reports from a few days ago, the ship was also east and south of Bornholm (where the pipeline runs) and switched off its AIS tracking system there.

    The fact that the Nordstream pipe ruptures are in Danish territorial waters is of course no coincidence. The Russians, in order to check and repair this, would again need a permit from the Danes, as was already the case with the construction.

    What was the USS KEARSAGE doing in that area when it shut off its AIS tracking? Planting time-delayed explosives???????

    • Unconfirmed sources state that NATO was conducting mine deployment excercises in Danish waters earlier this summer.

  13. Gonna be a cold, cold winter in Europe.

    Europe has had fantasies of some impossible green energy powered by unicorns and Greta’s scowls. They are about to learn what happens when fantasy meets hard reality.

  14. Russia may have blown up their own pipeline, that way they can blame it on the west.
    That said, gives them (Russia) the excuse to start WW3

    • Phil, you sound like a democrat. Sorry, not everything is a Russian Disinformation ploy. Sometimes a Duck is a Duck. Old Joe and Victoria Newland both claimed publicly that they were going to blow the line up. Motive?
      A thing called the Mid-Term elections in the U.S.A. Seems to me that the sleepy diaper wearing, POTUS, delusional Warlord named Joe Biden wants to distract the American voter with a little bit of foreign hostilities.
      Hopefully his handlers can do better then they did in Afghanistan.

  15. Lesson to be Learned: Regardless of the Geo-Political (globally) and the Green Energy Zealots (within the US) … “We” need to be vigilant here in AK907 with respect to the O&G Infrastructure in our own state.

  16. It was obviously us. Biden and his administration projected this months ago. If you think Russia would blow up one of its main sources of leverage over Europe you’re watching too much Clinton News Network.

  17. I haven’t heard one single person say that maybe ….. maybe it just broke because it was made by RUSSIANS?

    • joel – you haven’t heard that because it is absurd to think that two separate pipelines, one of which has been operating for years, simultaneously exploded! Turn off your CNN & NPR and try to find some real news. It’s still out there, but it is being censored as we speak which should tell you something about the current state of affairs.

    • Actually , many people who seem to be in the know, have pointed that out. Again, we will see soon. Can’t jump to conclusions. It would be an act of war if it were to be pinned on us, so let’s hope that it is not the case, despite the rambling idiot that pretends to be president.

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