Was it Antifa?


A rash of vandalism on the Anchorage hillside was discovered on Tuesday, with campaign signs for Republican candidates defaced with Antifa symbols, words, and anti-Trump messaging.

Candidates Sen. Josh Revak, Rep. Mel Gillis, and the “Vote No on One” signs were defaced.

Antifa is a loose-knit group across America that purports to be anti-fascist but is actually a terrorist network.


  1. The more that ANTIFA pulls these kind of antics, the further right they are pushing the American voter! People are fed up and they certainly aren’t going to vote for democrats if this is what they have to look forward to!

  2. It’s happening in Fairbanks!

    In North Pole our Republican candidate for Alaska Senate, Robb Myers, was attacked this morning about 7am at his home. They broke out the window of his family minivan right after his wife, Dawna, had just put some stuff in there.

    If the kids had been in the van who knows what could have happened?

    Left wing violent political activism needs to be stopped.

    Keep our elections safe Alaska. Stop this violence.

  3. Who know’s the perpetrator for sure.. Be careful jumping to conclusions at this point could be hoax. Maybe not?

  4. It was only three signs? In one location? Need a bit more detail here.

    If it was only three signs in a single location, odds are it was just some bored pre-teen trying to be cool, and not any kind of organized antifa effort. Probably trying to impress friends with how “worldly wise” they are. I could just as easily have done something stupid like that when I was around 14 years old.

    Now, if this starts happening across the Anchorage bowl, that is concerning.

  5. Anti First Amendment Communists who have been created by the Public School System and further radicalized by the University System.

  6. Everyone should note how this feels more and more like a George Orwell novel. The Democrats simply saying that “ANTIFA is not a real organization”. Yeah, right. Similarly, and my personal favorite: “All white people are White Supremicists”. Third place goes to “mostly peaceful protests”. I could go on. Please, conservatives, start calling out these lies.

  7. Wanted to ensure you understood.

    WASHINGTON (AP) — FBI Director Chris Wray told lawmakers Thursday that antifa is an ideology, not an organization, delivering testimony that puts him at odds with President Donald Trump, who has said he would designate it a terror group.

    • Director Wray is being disingenuous and is playing games. But then he has fairly clearly established that he is a swamp creature. He fails to acknowledge the corruption that has infected the culture of the FBI. His appointment was a mistake. Look no further than his education to see where his culture of corruption arose: Phillips Academy-Andover; Yale University; Yale Law School.

    • You are correct that it was reported that Director Wray called ANTIFA “not a real organization”, but he clearly stated that it is “the real thing”. In that sense Marxism isn’t an organization either, yet it has wrecked millions of peoples lives over the centuries. What you conveniently omitted is that he also stated that there are multiple investigations into self-identified ANTIFA members for violent anarchist acts. So designating ANTIFA as a terror group may not fit the conventional definition, but it no way contradicts.

  8. Anyone who thinks the state will protect them from these domestic terrorists is sadly naive. These types of acts must be dealt with swiftly, and with wherever force is required to stop the threat. Personal security is a personal responsibility. Only YOU can protect your family and loved ones, and we have a God giving response ability to do so. Shame on us for tolorating this garbage.

  9. Of course it was! Look, over there, it’s Antifa! Jeezus their everywhere! today I was in Safeway and swear to gawd I saw Antifa guy spitting in a yogurt container!

    And not a comment on Bluto’s disastrous self immolation. This is a comedy site, yes?

  10. I like the sign that states “God is Gay.” Shouldn’t the Left and Antifa be upset here, a gay being harassed and called out with graffiti on a sign? This should be considered a hate crime. At least they spelled everything correct, but if you get words with more than 1 syllable…

  11. Last night while travelling downtown by the 5th Ave Mall three males that looked like they were right out of “Portlandia” shined a very powerful laser into our car. I assume the laser is the types these rioters have used in the lower 48, as it was very powerful and quickly hurt my eyes. They fled afterwards, and quickly were hard to find amongst all the homeless wondering around. The affects from the laser hurt enough I immediately called 911, and went to the ER to get checked out. I am fine other than still having sore eyes, and a bad migraine, a day later.

    I encourage everyone to report things such as this immediately to Law Enforcement, and press the issue to have law enforcement, the muni, and others (State, Feds,) to take action. Anchorage is becoming lawless. A change in direction is required by our local government.

  12. I feel like this is a hoax by conservatives. I mean, we live in a red state, for God’s sake. I doubt “antifa” is this far north.

  13. Well I thought the signs marked with the A were marked by DOT. I felt that way because DOT does tag signs and each sign tagged were placed in the right of way or government land and signs there are illegal. Non conservative signs were put up, then tagged then removed now they are back up. Even private property rights have not been respected.. As signs are shoved in private property with out consent of land owners. Is just disrespectful!

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