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Walker-media link: Rebecca Palsha edition

Alaska News Source (KTUU) news reporter and anchor Rebecca Palsha vacationed with the daughter of gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker in Hawaii recently, and talked about their close friendship in a Facebook post that featured both of them sitting on an embankment over the Pacific Ocean.

In Alaska’s newsrooms, relationships between liberal candidates, politicians, and news providers can be notorious. In October of 2020, Democrat former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz of Anchorage resigned after becoming entangled with a local news anchor, once the news of their flagrante delicto became known.

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Palsha and Lindsay Walker-Hobson are well-known gal pals and have hiked and adventured together in the past. Hobson was the spokesperson and “ethics advisor” for the Walker-Mallott gubernatorial campaign in 2014. A lawyer like her dad, she now works for Enstar.

Palsha is married to Kyle Hopkins, who writes political material that shapes the narrative for the Anchorage Daily News.

After losing badly to Gov. Mike Dunleavy in 2018, Walker is back for a second bite of the apple under the new ranked choice voting system, hoping that Democrats and Republicans will pick him as a first or second-place choice on the new experimental ballot to be revealed in November.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Just looking at these two women, I can sense their strange self-loathing narcissism, without even reading the article I know they are progressives who will destroy America.

  2. Dang, those Bolsheviks are incestuous, at least in a figurative sense. I’d say the wrongly formed TV news monopoly of “Alaska News Source” has diminished credibility, if they ever had any to begin with. And, I think anyone who takes what Kyle Hopkins writes at face value needs a lesson in critical thinking. What is the difference between the ADN and the Titanic? The Titanic had an orchestra.

  3. Disgusting, but understandable. Media wants access and power stroke. Politician wants to control the narrative. A veritable cabal of lefty spinmeisters. Thank you Suzanne for not making us dizzy.

  4. As long as Palsha is with KTUU there can be no trust. She is a typical leftist liberal unethical journalist.

  5. Huge LOL. Walker’s daughter is Bill’s “ethics advisor?”
    Where was she when her dad was picking a pedophile as his running mate in 2014?
    Hope this woke girl has gotten her clearance from Ryan Binkley before she starts retaking her ethics exam with the ABA.

    • Wonder if Bill Walker’s little girl took her “ethics” class from Scott Kendall, former COS to the corrupt, disgraced former governor, and unsuccessful “fixer” for Byron Mallott? “Exposure 101” is usually the best countermeasure for people who view themselves as ethics advisors. Walker seems to surround himself with corruption. If Binkley was really smart, he’d get far away from Walker and his motley crew of woke degenerates. Getting dragged down the muckhole by slithery miscreants like Kendall will not bode well for a young and inexperienced CEO.

      • Good post! Anyone associated with Bill Walker and Scott Kendall will be viewed in the same skeptical manner, that is, unethical piece POS
        who is not trustworthy or believable.

  6. I used to watch the news while preparing and eating dinner. That stopped during the
    Walker years with the introduction of a particularly smarmy and cloying personality to the old KTVA news lineup. Palsha didn’t impress me at all, and when Alaska News Source was formed, I stopped watching altogether. Having a nice dinner didn’t include the tripe! Music choice is a good selection for dinner if one finds a channel of choice. Jackie Purcell is a good choice for weather information, however, if one can get past the obnoxious news reporters like the ones featured in this article. Meanwhile, I try to glean reliable news information online.

    • When I travel out of state and watch local news programs there, I see clearly what professional television news is all about. What we have in Alaska is by no means high quality programming. Often it is three-day old, recycled information.


      In Alaska and since the recent merge of NBC and CBS here, the “reporting” is unbalanced, thrown together, and filled with errors of fact and even pronunciation. There is no evidence of quality control because there is no incentive to put on a quality show. The KTUU staff and the higher-ups display a general “who cares” attitude during every news broadcast.


      Put another way, Rebecca Palsha would never be hired to read the news on any respectable program IF competition were involved. She is unattractive and has a terrible speaking voice. And now we know all about her bias. And Kyle Hopkins should have held his story for one day to allow an accused man sit with his family in Kodiak before Hopkins published the salacious, unconfirmed, and probably inaccurate announcement.


      Tracy Sabo (formerly of CNN), who really should give a damn about stuff like this, doesn’t. All she cares about is filling the 30-minute programming segments with talking heads reading stupid scripts that often represent three-day old information.

      It’s enough to make people move out of state or get a satellite.

  7. I will suppress the impulse to say something really nasty about the named individuals. What is perhaps most important is to recognize that the Left does not even pretend to be guided by principle. They know they can do just about anything and get away with it. That said, some day these folks will be judged.

  8. What was the carbon footprint of this trip to Hawaii? Did they buy the Alaska Airlines carbon credits? I recently booked a flight to Seattle and was offered to buy carbon credits for $9. My sins for flying would be forgiven.

  9. I very much still await Austin Baird and Grace Jang getting back to Alaskans – in two hours, they said on that day – about exactly what it was Mallott did. People who were at AFN at the time said he propositioned the daughter of his girlfriend and that fierce girlfriend was going to do something explosive, possibly wring the old guy’s neck; maybe Walker’s neck too. It had to be a big deal to have the ticket collapse right before the election, the Lt. Gov. of a state resign, and to make the history it did. But there was no investigation, no look at an indictment, no media examination, nothing – even to today. If Walker and Mallott had been Republicans it would have made the national news for at least 3 or 4 news cycles, and a prosecutor would have done his/her job. But Alaskans still don’t know why their Lt. Gov. suddenly resigned, even as he cited some sort of misdeed. Walker explained the lack of indictment by saying Mallott’s family had suffered enough. Is that how the law works when an adult man has some sort of misdeed done to a young girl? Is that the Governor’s call, superseding the courts and even law enforcement? Did Walker tell the state troopers, “If one of you had done this you would be fired and indicted, but we can’t very well do that for a former Permanent Fund CEO who won the Democratic nomination for Governor?” Did the Court System say, “Well we can’t very well touch this if the Department of Public Safety won’t touch it?” Exactly how did this work? Was anyone promoted or give special PERS benefits at Law and Public Safety for keeping their mouths shut? Was Kyle Hopkins and his Pro Publica in on the fix? Can anyone have any faith in the honesty and fairness of Alaska state government systems while this matter is outstanding? Is there any difference between this corruption and corruption we see on the news coming from Russia, South American banana republics, and (from time to time) Washington, DC? What do you think?

  10. What a perfect photo. The symbolism is staggering.
    Two elites have the resources to fly in for a “quick 36 hours” and find a perch high above the working class schlubs below who don’t have the bank to do nothing during the week.
    Look at the happy smiles as they sit, relaxed and elevated above the common riff-raff, wholly unaware the entire edifice upon which their existence rests is corrupted and stained.
    Not to worry! Can we assume those are rose colored glasses?

    • Picture was taken above Lanikai Beach, at the bunker where Japanese enemy planes could be seen.
      Interestingly, Bill Walker and his wife can be regularily seen walking this beach, or the beach at Kailua. And they don’t look like a happy couple.

    • That comment seems overly generous.

      His supporters limited reading comprehension will take that as an accolade.

      As with so much else they are wrong.

      • Thieves indeed. I still have my files on the income tax proposed by Bill Walker and the great seafarer from Homer with a captain’s hat. That bill passed the house. Scary for the working and retired folks. Voters need to be informed loudly about everything this magician does.
        Buckle up folks if this thief gets reelected.

    • That’s rich coming from you. I used to have a subscription to ADN and posted there. I no longer do but the regular commenters there. (including you) are way more petty. Pretty much gang up and attack anyone who doesn’t think like them.

  11. LMAO.. do these twits not know that every overlook, boulder, welcome sign, etc gets peed upon?? HAHAHA have fun sitting in the pee pee!

  12. Hahahaha meanwhile Suzanne is a sponsor of the Mia Costello fundraiser! Ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black!

  13. Walker is in fact a liar and a thief. He also is responsible for the huge cluster we still have about the PFD amount and state spending; he caused a big mess for no apparent reason. Had he left that alone every Alaskan would be better off today, and even our economy would be better prepared for what is happening outside of Alaska today. I suppose there is a danger, given this new ranked choice voting, that he could be elected governor – again. I’m not all that sure Gara is actually running for anything except being in a good position to negotiate with Walker. Their combined ticket, coupled with the Daily News doing again what they did to Parnell to give Walker-Mallott the misogynistic win in 2014. We all have to work hard to make sure that Walker is not elected again, and we have to make sure we elected Republicans, real ones, to the Alaska Legislature.

  14. Here’s hoping that the Alaska Supreme Court strikes down the ranked-choice voting system. It is is a method by which the leftists can cheat.

  15. Walker’s daughter must be a bigger idiot than Bill himself. If all she can do with her law degree is be her dad’s ethics advisor, then Bill is going down the crapper again. Again? Yes, because Scott Kendall sent him there once already.

  16. If these girls were conservative, lefties would be hysterically screaming about the environmental ignorance of taking a 10-hour flight to spend the day in Hawaii and publicly shaming them for their arrogant display of wealth and white privilege. But in this case… crickets. We’re it not for double standards, lefties would have no standards at all – Chris Plante.
    Does anyone else find it strange that Walker would hire a family member to watch over his ethical conduct? Walker never demonstrated an understanding of conflict of interest and this is yet another example that he still just doesn’t get it.

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