ADN’s history of bullying Amy Demboski continues with newspaper calling for her to be fired as city manager


The Anchorage Daily News has never liked Anchorage Municipal Manager Amy Demboski. The newspaper has a pattern of partisan bullying of her as a candidate, as an assemblywoman, and now as Anchorage’s city manager.

During her race for mayor in 2015, the newspaper wrote a story questioning the paternity of her child.

“What media source goes back 20 years and questions the paternity of a child born to a teenage mom?” Demboski said. The ADN did, and said her teenage divorce “suggest” that she was not truthful.

On that news day, ADN sent out reporters who staked out the front entrance and back entrance of the Demboski campaign office all day long, waiting for her to come out and declare the paternity of her child. It was savage journalism.

When Demboski busted a guy who was destroying her campaign signs, and confronted him for cutting her picture out of a sign, the ADN made a big deal about her holstered pistol, saying she was “laying in wait,” which is a legal term for ambushing.

The man was a mental case and was using a box cutter to cut Demboski’s picture off her signs, so of course she was going to have protection on her.

Then there was the Greg Jones incident. Jones, a Democrat candidate running for office, was asked by Demboski on her radio show about a national article detailing his relationship with Socialist Bernie Sanders and Muslims of America. She was characterized by the newspaper and leftists on the Assembly as an Islamophobe, someone with a prejudice against Muslims.

After then-mayoral candidate Ethan Berkowitz said on the radio during the show that he and Bernadette Wilson hosted that he had no problem with a father marrying his son, Demboski was asked by another radio host what she thought. She told the radio host that she didn’t know what Berkowitz meant by that.

The ADN wrote it up as if Demboski had pushed the “fathers marrying sons” narrative. Later, radio host Wilson produced the audio clip that showed that Berkowitz had, indeed, said that he didn’t care if fathers married their sons. All Demboski had done was acknowledge she heard it on the radio, saying, “maybe you should ask him.”

Now, the ADN is going after Demboski for her management style as the city manager.

Must Read Alaska asked Demboski for her response to the ADN editorial demanding her firing that she is used to the newspaper attacking her.

“The truth is when they are scared, when you’re effective or when you are winning- they will always attack. This is what draining the swamp looks like. I will not be deterred, distracted, or bullied. Bring it on,” Demboski told Must Read Alaska.


  1. Seriously, it is time to boycott, divest and sanction anyone and everyone who is part of the Achorage Daily News.

    It neither serves our community nor does it represent our beliefs.

    The owners, employees and advertisers must be boycotted, divested and sanctioned immediately.

    It is time for the conservatives of the Anchorage community to condemn these Marxists for attempting to destroy our community and its honorable leaders.

    • Michael, you are exactly correct! And more generally, every decent and sane person should be doing the same with EVERY known local ‘wokester’ and radical leftist — boycotting their businesses, letting them know why they are being boycotted, and simply shunning them altogether.
      Societally destructive policies and advocacy should have consequences!

    • I think Craig Medred called it right about the ADN; they have no choice but to be what they are. They’ll never earn the trust and confidence of conservatives and most moderates, so they have to cater to the left, their only audience. There isn’t a lot of local business here anymore and most of what there is is niche market trendy places usually with leftist leanings. It isn’t coincidence that so many lefty lawyers, lobbyists, consultants, and politicians have what at least looks like an equity interest in small businesses here. If nothing else it helps keep the gestapo away. The corporate advertisers buy from the Lower 48 headquarters and couldn’t care less about Alaska politics or their millennial/X-er ad buyers agree with the ADN’s editorial stance.

      You’ll find the ADN in the fever swamps of the South Addition and some tony areas around the U-Med and West Anchorage at other than that it is in doctors and dentists’ waiting rooms, at least those that still offer reading materials, something many of them stopped because of the scamdemic.

  2. It’s not enough for leftist vermin to win. They have to destroy their oppression as totally as possible.

    It’s vile, ruthless, and effective. It’s part of why they win.

      • The only fascists in the last 50 years, have existed on the left. Repealing laws, remanding more property and liberty back to the individual? These are not fascistic policies. Cancelling, othering, lawfare, political prosecutions, weaponizing the IRS, the CIA, the DOJ, the state department, the media? These are all fascist tools and they are all completely and wholly owned by the left, now used with great effectiveness by their partners in big corporate, modeled after their sponsors in the CCP. If you are searching for someone to lay that label on more accurately, you might try the unhappy soul that stares back at you each morning from the bathroom mirror.

      • Haha, you just called us all fascists. Haha. Kettle calling the pot black and being proud and smug about such blind hypocrisy.

        How can you not see how the left controls the media, the education, and censors social media and information, chases conservatives out of entertainment, runs political correctness and cancel culture and abuses executive powers at will without any shame and wants to take over the world and remove borders to force countries to also do all of the above and adopt left ideologies with globalism and then see us as fascists because we don’t bend a knee? I could go on and on about the left wanting to control corporations, and especially now with how the left wants to handle pandemics. Get a grip. Socialism at its core is arrogance and you have exemplified it beautifully.

      • Only in your fervid and fevered radical leftist dreams, Frank!
        When will you authoritarian radical leftists realize that you are not only NOT in a majority, but that you are wrong, wrong, wrong in virtually every one of your political and social positions? When pigs have wings, I’m guessing.

      • It’s your left thinking type of personality that is ruining this town, it’s time for a
        alaska constitution reset, and rid this town of the communist (9) assembly member take over and this town will prosper.

      • Dems always have to recall, impeach, riot or target and destroy when they lose…no wonder they are so unpopular.

        • Geez Clarrisa. Have you heard of Felix and Meg? Both of which won handily and with more votes than their first election.

          • Yeah, with the corrupt and hyper-partisan Babs Jones overseeing our elections, it’s almost assured that every radical leftist is going to win.
            (Mayor Bronson was probably only ‘allowed’ to win due to an overwhelming landslide in his favor that she simply could not cover-up.)

      • How long did you meditate on that comment Marcus? That’s not a good look nor good representation of Stoicism.

        If you need TP…the ADN is your answer. The ADN also works well to line the bottom of bird cages. And the ADN also makes for great packing paper for all those presents you might need to pack and ship. Tis the season…don’t you know!

  3. ADN – What a vile mouthpiece! And it is sickening that this (toilet) paper is the major news outlet for this state.

  4. Demboski sounds like a good person to support, and ADN should be boycotted!! Wonder what they would think about that.

    • “Should be” boycotted? I’ve been boycotting them for a decade.
      When I see or hear a business being endorsed by the ADN, I purposefully seek out a competing business here in town and make a purchase. Whether or not I need their goods and services.
      Whatever it takes, I am determined to make it clear to the ADN they are not welcome.

  5. Amy Dembowski had no experience managing a city government. She is a right-wing ideologue who lacks the management skills and the temperament to run a government with hundreds of employees. She has only been in office a few months, and she is failing spectacularly. If her goal is to destroy Anchorage’s municipal government and drive away the competent hard-working people who take care of basic city services, then she is succeeding spectacularly. I hear she bought a house in the valley. Perhaps she will do us all a favor and quit to become the manager of Wasilla.

    • As opposed to who, Rick? Some radical Left-wing ideologue with not a scintilla of business experience, no common sense, and only interested in protecting the interests of bigger government? Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll take Amy over any woke Democrat effing IDIOT, every time.

    • Can you give specific people she’s run out that are objective hard working people? Not denying what you are saying. But if you are referring to the people in the health departments that allowed this community to be scarred permanently with vindictive division, I’m not in agreement that those people were doing a good job at providing wisdom and leadership when we needed it most from them. They were less than useless.

    • I agree, Rick. Amy has been spectacularly and histrionically successful at failing. Bronson picked an excellent model to highlight his administration.

  6. ADN is perfect for Anchorage, it’s a piece of s— paper just like the assembly majority. The truth and freedom doesn’t matter to the people of Anchorage, otherwise the percentage voting would be higher.

  7. The ADN is a horrible paper. Alaska Public Media isn’t much better and it gets funds involuntarily from me and everyone else that opposes their extreme left slant on everything while they smugly act as though they aren’t slanted at all, but objective and truthful and only the left believes that to be true making them more and more self righteous and divisive, just like the leftist Anchorage museum. The majority on the left is so damn presumptuous and arrogant and never apologizes for themselves, ever, but will quickly apologize for their opponents as if they are being so noble, when in reality they are being narcissistic and ego driven. They will get their justice. You can’t operate on lies and double standards and expect it to last the test of time. Even if they are successful at squashing us away like a socialist/communist take over, they will be the snake that eats itself and they will get the government they deserve. Let’s say they get the assembly, the mayor position and continue to have the city clerk and the media all operating in an elitist regime, what will stop them from just keep stroking each other, never being accountable, and robbing the public of anything good and successful…. oh wait. That’s been already happening for a long time. Hope the Anchorage leftist public enjoy never having the Sullivan ever again and/or enjoy being afraid to walk alone smelling urine and kicking garbage off the beautiful trails they will continue to fund exorbitantly so they can feel righteous while they make their cool latte sipping bureaucrat friends feel morally superior and richer. They have done such a wonderful job of keeping the budgets balanced, the city safe, clean, and beautiful and downtown something that charms the tourists. People go the Anchorage Alaska Museum to learn so much about the rich heritage of Alaska and how all of the different people survived this extreme frontier, and ever since the lower 48 leftists modernist graphic designers have taken it over, it’s been soooo fulfilling. I mean who doesn’t want to learn about the 50 different ways you can eat kale? That’s part of Alaska heritage.

    The ADN and the local media makes the left so delusional and obnoxious it’s getting too much to take and people are moving out to Eagle River and wanting EaglExit to happen, and I can’t blame them. The only issue is that Anchorage will just keep growing and getting more and more leftists because so many of them just want their egos stroked and truly can’t be around people that don’t think like them and it will become a pit of homelessness and crime and sky high housing costs just like Portland and Seattle and they will still continue to blame something like “capitalism” and “gun rights activists” and “white privilege” as most of the people on the streets will be Natives that they will only have pity for and pity will only amplify the problem.

    Sorry I’ll stop ranting. The ADN is just so vile and it affects us so much and the left has no idea how bad it is for themselves and their own community that they can’t hold themselves accountable for anything because they are afraid it will help those that disagree with their philosophies and ideas.

    • Holy moly. Sorry. Didn’t realize how long I went on there. Sorry Suzanne. I need to start a substack or something that people will never read, just like my long comments, except it won’t fill up your comment section. I have a lot of run on sentences too. You can just trash this. It was just a vent session anyways and it has already served its purpose.

  8. We get more truth from the Examiner, Globe and Star, than we do the ADN.
    The National Enquirer is like the bible compared to ADN. The ADN has turned into a gutter rag, not worth the trees layed down to print it. Ryan Binkley must be horribly embarrassed to be the owner, knowing that with each passing day his family name and reputation sinks lower into the bucket of slime that is produced from ADN ink. It’s become a bottom shelf newspaper that disgusts the overwhelming majority of Alaskans.

    • Me thinks that Ryan Binkley is slowly cooking his goose. Not a good position to be in for a young guy who depends on his dad for everything.

  9. At this point ADN is a failed news outlet. Half the articles they carry are reprints from AP and WAPO. Their comment section is an utter joke, populated by leftist halfwits. I suppose it does give them a outlet where they can be harmless, so maybe we can count that as a plus.

  10. Amy, when you are taking flak, you are over the target! I had to remove ADN reporter Nat Herz from Amy’s campaign HQ during her mayoral race. Then he lurked outside waiting.

  11. ADN? Is that even a thing nowadays? One would certainly be showing the neighborhood their low IQ if they had that rag in their driveway!

    • Several summers now I’ve found this rag wrapped in orange at the bottom of my long driveway. It goes in the trash immediately. Must belong to the neighbors, but it was littering my driveway. Snort!

  12. I noticed a common name in all but the opinion piece – Devin Kelly. Is she their only “reporter”? Why does she have it out for Amy?

  13. Is the Anchorage Daily News still around?!?!? Last I saw it it was stuffed inside an orange doggie doo bag being run over in a neighbor’s driveway. You couldn’t even wrap a good fish with it. Some monsters never die.

  14. ADN is a dangerous ‘news’ source. They have good writers, print some great local human interest non-political stories, but then sandwich within that their agenda driven, editorialized, engineered ‘reporting’. All the ‘warm and fuzzy’ and even the truthful that is indeed in there builds reader trust and favor in the unsuspecting, prepping for the indoctrination. And now you cannot read any of their publication without paying for a subscription. No thank you. If they were more forthright, fair and balanced in their actual reporting, we likely wouldn’t need other sources to give us the ‘rest of the story’ and the ‘missed details’ they, ADN, selectively omit.

  15. The Best move Mayor Bronson made for Anchorage was hiring Amy.
    Why do the Radicals in the Assembly hate Amy? Amy is smarter than them.
    Radicals that follow the same Democratic play book of lies and deception in cooperation with the ADN and KTUU. Manufacturing false realities to confuse the uninformed.
    Very predictable and expect more of the same.
    Time for different faces on the Anchorage Assembly, Vote the bums out.

  16. Does anyone use the ADN for any reason other than bird cage liner?
    I would not even use it as a drop cloth when I am painting, that would show it too much respect.

  17. I haven’t read ADN for 20 years. Horrible Marxist propaganda rag. Go Amy!! You are right above the target, they are squealing, keep up the good work. Patriots please get involved, Only WE THE PEOPLE can take back our county from these China bought off Marxist Democrats.

  18. Wouldn’t it be nice if: we lived in a community and state where we said “I care about each and every one of your constitutional rights, neighbor. Every one of them.” We could make it like that you know.

  19. It’s the same all over. Liberals have purchased all forms of media and use it to attack. Here in Juneau the Juneau Empire, as well as other publications throughout SE AK, are owned by Liberal groups from the lower 48. Fortunately, subscription numbers are way down and they have to be supported by outside means to survive.

  20. That is why myself and everybody I convince quit taking the left rag. ADN is good for clean up of a mess but not worth the paper it is printed on. Go Amy and anybody who does not stand for the leftist clowns.

  21. Yeah, let’s turn the City Manager position into something wholly political. Traditionally that position, across the country, is for QUALIFIED candidates, not to be politicized. A minimum Masters in Public Administration is asked for. This is a position for which Demboski is woefully not qualified to hold.

    • Same is true for city clerks and all government salaried employees, but that’s definitely not what we have here. Here if someone was objective and only followed the rules, they would be blamed for pandering to the right wing because they would hold assembly accountable for all of their violations.

    • So, how are you “qualified” to judge her “qualifications”? (As a professed Socialist and proud of it on this forum.)

      Mayor Bronson was duly elected. All of this outcry and condemnation is against the will of the electorate.

      Butthurt Socialists are obstructing the will of the folks who elected him. Get over it and roll the dice on the next election. Best wishes, honey! The odds are currently in your favor with all the sneaky shenanigans going on.

    • You are a naif! A city manager is someone who knows the mayor or has the support of a majority of the Assembly/Council in places where they confirm. That is the only qualification. And if you’d ever worked in government in a meaningful position, you understand that the MPA is the scourge of civilization.

  22. I cancelled my subscription to the leftist rag adn during the October deviant assembly display due to completely one sided reporting and the left leaning Marxist style commentary they promulgate.
    ANYONE who still financially supports those communists needs to stop NOW. You will never be able to gain equal voice so… starve them out. Turn off the money faucet. Do not support the spread of woke deviant communism in our city.

    • Says you after ignoring the fact that ADN has been anything but objective. If you’re a parent, I hope you hold yourself to the same standards and blame all irrational toddler fits on yourself and give your kids whatever they want every time they are irrational.

      • Nope. Amy is great at doing it on her own. Doesn’t need any help.
        Some girls just never get past the junior high, mean stage.

        • Says you who insults and goes along with the ADN that goes out of their way to insult her with sensationalism. Ya, sure, she does it on her own.

  23. This column ignores the fact that ADN was purchased by the Binkley family in 2017 after the supposed ADN misdeeds, implies that any comment on Ms. Demboski’s action lacks merit, and, most important, does not address recent questionable actions of Ms. Demboski.

    • Nothing changed after the change of ownership at the Daily Rag. The same bunch of socialist typists are still extolling the same line of BS as has been the case for decades. Demboski is doing her JOB, unlike the assembly 9, who are all about shuffling money into pockets of their compatriots. And the ADN comments did lack merit.

  24. If adn thinks they can push out demboski. She lived through worse frustrations as a single mother w/o losing her dignity while increasing her strength.

  25. Go Amy Go! Common sense to run city government is more important than 4 years of leftist indoctrination to get a worthless degree, that leftists claim is vital to mismanage the city to their twisted goals. Boycott ADN advertisers!

  26. “in Our View” should be retitled “In Our Selective View”
    ADN, what about the assembly violating the Charter, ignoring meeting notice laws, trying to bust the tax cap, limiting who can attend meetings, and of course your belated and light touch on the previous pervert of a mayor.
    ADN ‘s mean spirited takedown of Ms Dembowski is affirmation that the Mayor made the right choice. She is up to the relentless attacks because she is not a quitter and she is smart. The assembly is stupid but they will not quit either. Meanwhile ADN is and has always been a s- – – – show..

  27. GO AMY..GO..GET-EM. The ADN is a bunch of suckers who can’t think on their own.. The outsiders that support them are liars and thieves that take our monies and give it to the political outsider scum bags..

  28. The libs are right, the ends does justify the means so lets fight fire with fire. Lie, cheat and steal. Follow libs everywhere home, bathrooms, restaurants etc.

  29. We are in real need of adults. I take the ADN to check the obituaries and read Pickles. The price is far too high. I will be dropping my subscription. Hopefully someday I will be able to subscribe to an Anchorage daily that provides impartial factual news.

  30. Ask any propagandist on the ADN, “what do you want to achieve with your writing?” and the reply will be that of a 5th grader, “I want to make a difference, and change the world for the better.”
    It’s as if they never studied the basic tenants of journalism…………..

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