Walker dusts off ‘restoring trust’ theme from his 2014 campaign; using former Rep. Chuck Kopp’s media company


Former Rep. Chuck Kopp sent out the press release for former Gov. Bill Walker for his announcement that he is running for governor.

Kopp did not actually send the release to Must Read Alaska, but others did, and it has Walker’s full statement in it:

August 18, 2021

Bill Walker and Heidi Drygas file to run for Governor and Lieutenant Governor “Restoring Trust, Rebuilding Alaska”

Anchorage, Alaska – Today, former Governor Bill Walker and former Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Heidi Drygas announced they are running as a joint ticket for Governor and Lieutenant Governor in the 2022 election. Both were born in Fairbanks and are lifelong Alaskans. Bill currently lives in Anchorage with his wife Donna of forty-four years, and Heidi resides in Juneau with her husband Kevin and three-year-old daughter Olive. “The last few years have driven divisiveness and caused economic alarm and instability at a time when our state’s future is at stake,” said Bill Walker. ‘‘I will work with the legislature to bring an end to this fiscal uncertainty that continues to threaten our future. Time is of the essence. We must rebuild hope, trust, and Alaska. Our opportunities are endless when we work together.”

“Alaskans need leadership. They want leaders who will reach across the partisan divide and are willing to work hard to solve our biggest challenges,” said Heidi Drygas. “Alaska is a vast and majestic state with immense resources and unlimited potential, but those opportunities are being squandered. We can’t let national politics rise above our state’s interests. Alaskans deserve better.”

‘‘I’m pleased that Heidi is on our ticket,” said Walker. “Given Heidi’s experience in job creation and workforce development and our combined passion for responsible resource development in Alaska, she is the right person at the right time.”

The Walker-Drygas campaign is committed to bringing together a team of Alaskans from across
the political spectrum to work together to save Alaska’s future. In the coming weeks, the campaign will announce members of their team, endorsements, and events. More information will be available at walkerdrygas2022.com.

Kopp, who lost his reelection bid in 2020 to Rep. Tom McKay, formed a consulting company and is its chief executive officer. Kopp had significant support in his campaign from Big Labor, but his work to save Senate Bill 91, the catch-and-release crime bill, cost him his reelection.

WINfluence Strategies, LLC’s other principal is Cherie Curry, former Southeast Alaska marketing manager for Frontier Media, which owns radio stations in Southeast Alaska. She lives in Juneau.

Walker also ran on the “restoring trust” theme when he ran and won against former Gov. Sean Parnell in 2014.

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  1. Walker is a has-been and took away Alaskan’s PFD. And he condoned Lt. Gov. Mallott’s inappropriate behavior. Just say NO.

  2. The lust for power is the greatest draw in the world. If he is reelected we deserve what we get, although the alternatives are not a whole lot better!

  3. I know Bill personally from my days in VDZ. The dude is a snake, sinister as the day is long! He’s not only a Democrat, but a Progressive!

    Good luck!

  4. This dude is talking to us about trust….?!??!? Does he have amnesia or does he believe we do? This permanent fund mess was started by him, no one wants to cut state spending now because they believe the pfd is a honey pot bank account for state spending because walker laid the ground work on how to side step the issue! The way Alaska is now he probably win, cripes

    • Great comment C’mon. Walker & Flatulence are the last folks in Alaska I would ever “trust”. This is some seriously mentally disturbed chutzpah.

  5. ‘Dust’ is a good word to use when thinking about Walker and his new running mate…as both are in the ‘Dust’ bin of History already…!!!

  6. ”the catch-and-release crime bill, cost him his reelection.”
    Not with me it was the fact that he was giving tens of thousands of dollars to the Bayshore community service patrol all while telling me (through email) in one breathe that there was no more money to cut from the budget and tens of thousands of dollars was nothing & that the affluent neighborhood deserved the money
    also downlow he wanted an income tax

  7. Fool me once, shame on you.

    Fool me twice, shame on me.

    Go away Mr. Walker. You did enough damage in your four years as governor.

    Chuck Kopp… What a low life. His true colors are showing. Wonder what commissioner position he’d get in a Walker cabinet?

  8. LOL. What a bunch of clowns. Chuck Kopp had his a$$ kicked in his last election. Bunch of losers trying to regain their goose-steps. A local loser backing the re-candidacy of the friend of a pedophile and his union-backed running mate who plans on getting a heap of the $$billions heading our way from Joe Biden’s infrastructure package that will benefit unions only and devestate the US economy.

    • A former, disgraced Governor trying again to prove that his deceased, pedophile ex-Lt. Governor fares no better than a huge dry fart.

      • Heidi Drygas might have a little more in the tank than Byron Mallott. But yeah, gas can be dry, or wet. And always fungible, even when it silently escapes, unlike Byron’s sudden departure.

  9. Yet he will probably be elected our next Governor thanks to rank choice voting. If rank choice works how I think it does let’s say first two candidates Dunleavy and Elvi Gray get 50/50% split with voters as their 1st choice and Walker gets let’s say 60% of votes for 2nd choice in the overall does that make him the winner? I don’t know how it works but either way that’s now how our voting system should work.

  10. Does the Kopp connection indicate that Governor Walker is not using the services of the Ship Creek group and the vaunted John Henry Heckendorn? And I am really hoping that should Walker be elected we can get Forrest Dunbar as Attorney General!

    • Thanks for the good laugh! If I had my way both John Henry and Dunbar would receive “blue tickets” back to San Francisco never to be heard from in Alaska ever again.

  11. Remember the gas pipeline and all the money that went to his lawyers and his planning commissioners then he ran away like a coward. Walker, sir, do you think you are talking to children? We have business owners in Alaska who had nothing; they built very successful businesses. It’s time to put successful business owners in charge of our company, Alaska.

    Our dividend checks alone should average 3500.00; research it all. Our state, constitution, country are all at hand.

  12. With ranked choice voting, Dunleavy has little chance. Dunleavy, Walker, Begich, Gross, or Gara – what a sorry bunch of choices. Is there not a true conservative that will run? And if you are wondering why I include Dunleavy in that bunch? – anyone that supports universal basic income, and now, wealth redistribution (taxes for dividends) is no conservative.

    • Chris, If I didn’t know any better I would say that you are a wealthy man who is worried that the State will come knocking on your door for it’s “fair share” of your property. I think you automatically link the distribution of the P-funds earnings to the situation described above Giving up the P-fund to the parasites will not keep the tax man away for long Chris.

    • Chris, I am not a fan of Dunleavy, however I must wonder how you as a “conservative” could be in favor of Robbing the People of Their $ ? Seems anyone with a memory who was around back then understood that the P-Fund was never to fund the disease known as Government. In fact Chris, it was a device to keep the $ away from the politicos and their spending addiction. It was set aside for the “People”. Better check under the hood Chris and see if you might have lost your “conservative” moniker somewhere .

      • Robert and Bravo Sierra, thanks for the polite feedback. You both seem to ignore the fact that we do not have sufficient income to pay large Dividends and maintain the size of the current State government. I am all in favor of reducing the size of that government. However, the Legislature is our system for doing so and they have achieved the current status quo. Now, many of them have turned to taxes either on oil companies or income or sales. Both of you are revising the actual history of the Dividend and seem to also not realize that the State and the People are one and the same. I dislike the Dividend for many reasons, How can you deny that the Dividend is a socialist idea? And how can you deny that income or sales taxes while paying a dividend is “wealth redistribution?

        • Chris, the p-Fund was a device to limit the size and scope of Government. If you had been paying attention back then and listened to Oral Freeman you might have gleaned that info. Oh, didn’t the fund earn 18 billion last year alone? uh huh… Chris why do you side with the parasitical money gobblers instead of your fellow citizens? Are you a secret Bill Walker supporter? Why are you so quick to disobey State Law by not dispersing a dividend? Is that ” Conservative” ? Just wondering Chris.

          • …..state doesn’t have sufficient income to pay dividends.” Uh, really Chris?
            What do you call 27% earnings on the PF since January 2021?
            $83 Billion in the fund. I guess we are broke …….at least under Chris accounting rules. LOL.

  13. “Restore the trust “
    They might be on to something there since dunleavy stood so “tall” and revealed he has no balls

  14. Remember when Bill Walker announced cutting the PFD in half?? Actually he left that job to a 9 year old girl and had the whole thing per-recorded, since he is such an upstanding, trustworthy guy. If memory serves he was actually not in state at the time. He can say what he wants, but THAT cost him re-election. Squandering money on his pipeline buddies, schmoozing with the Chinese, while taking what belongs to every Alaskan.

  15. Can’t see how walker would stand an ice cubes chance in hell after screwing over the residents of this state with stealing the PFD and promising that legislators would cut their budget to lower the spending deficit…. that never happened!! If anything, the State Legislation now steals more and more of our dividend every year while they increase their pay and per diem. Can’t see how he thinks anyone would be stupid enough to let him back in office; he did nothing for the people of this state (Well except for the legislators) who are supposed to be our voice and instead just think they are there to dictate to us!!

      • That’s it, Avenger. Scott Kendall pushed Prop 2. And who do you think was pushing Scott Kendall?
        The disgraced former governor Bill Walker. Walker has been busy running Prop 1 & 2, and Recall Dunleavy ever since Dunleavy won by a vote of the people in 2018. Bill Walker is a very disturbed, POS, hell-bent on revenge against Alaskans who outed him for what he really is. (The best friend of his pedophile Lt. Governor).

        • ……and that, about describes what Bill Walker has been doing with his life since late November 2018. Harassing Dunleavy at every turn and plotting a comeback through his Chihuahua lapdog, Scott Kendall. Walker is a scumbag of monsterous proportions. AND, a criminal.

  16. Sounds a lot like : Build Back Better” mantra of Agenda 21 to me… Claus Schwab and the Cabal. Oh, is he going to invite Chyna back too? Or did Pompeo nail ’em when he spoke at the Gov. gathering a couple yrs. ago. Dig deep Alaska, follow the money trail.

  17. Walker was the worst governor Alaska has had in my lifetime, and that is saying something. He should be opposed in every way possible in his next run at the office of governor.

  18. Chris, you seem to be math challenged, didn’t the p- Fund earn 18 billion last year? Hmm, your Father was an Engineer, surely you know someone that can help you ” crunch” the numbers and see that yes, we have the loot. Please recall Chris that the Fund was Created to keep Government, ie, the swamp from spending all of the $. You seem to be on favor of big government spending? Please tell me this isn’t so.

  19. Can’t wait to see how this plays out:

    -Explain the PFD debacle
    -Explain the gas pipeline debacle
    -Explain the attempt to sell Alaskan sovereignty to China
    -Best of all, explain what the hell your potential pedophile Lt Governor was us to.

    Wonder who will carry his water since The Godfather Vince Beltrami “retired”?

    • Actually less than Biden. Walker doesn’t have Alzheimer’s quite yet. But that’s coming. Walker is a crook who still Knows what he’s doing.

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