He’s back: Bill Walker files for governor


Former Gov. Bill Walker, whose administration melted down in scandal in 2018, wants a do-over. He filed this morning to run for governor.

Walker withdrew from running in 2018 in the final days leading up to the General Election. He ran as undeclared with any party. His lieutenant governor, now-deceased Byron Mallott, had resigned in a sexual harassment scandal. This time, he has picked up Heidi Drygas, former commissioner of the Department of Labor under his administration and a hardline leftist, as his running mate.

Walker’s filing was not unexpected, nor was his choice of Drygas. He has been making the rounds across the state with his former chief of staff Scott Kendall, who is a chief adviser and legal counsel to the Recall Dunleavy Committee, which failed to get enough signatures on a petition to recall Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

AFL-CIO photo: Heidi Dryas and Vince Beltrami

Both are registered nonpartisans. The new jungle primary and ranked choice voting, a system designed and promoted by Kendall and approved by voters under Ballot Measure 2, makes it easier for candidates without parties to advance to the final round of general election voting.

The last time Walker ran, he ran as the candidate approved by the Alaska Democratic Party. The party has not issued a statement about whether he will be their candidate again.

Walker was still on the ballot in 2018, and got 2 percent of the vote. Tuckerman Babcock, who was chair of the Alaska Republican Party that year, predicts Walker will double that vote this year. “That’s about all he’s going to get,” he said.

Walker also tried to make deals with China to take over financing and construction of a gasline from the North Slope to Nikiski. He signed the get-our-of-jail Senate Bill 91, which led to a major crime spree across Alaska, which ended when Gov. Mike Dunleavy signed legislation correcting the catch-and-release laws.


    • Eh, how we vote is irrelevant. The whole point of RCV is to make the vote counting process as opaque as possible to enable fraud.

  1. Given the unfulfilled promises from Mike and the fact that most alaskans have the attention span and memory of about a week to 10 days, I would say that Bill has a shot.

  2. Scroo Walker. He’s about destroyed our PFD profit sharing program!

    Plus he’s in league with Leftist Lisa.

  3. I don’t agree about the malleable nature of the corporate bylaw on the books for no one else to follow it but the public servants regarding pfds distribution. AS the executive of our instructed will he failed to follow it and is therefore a clear and present danger to such property rights of Alaskans. NO. Oath means oath.

  4. Red China Bill and his Leftism won’t get past the first turn. Voters always remember who hangs out with pedophiles.

      • You mean Democrat Bill Clinton who flew to Pedophile Island 61 times. Come on Bob, wipe the thick fog out of your Lefty brain b/4 you come here.

      • All they got was what…one picture? No reports, no manifests, ever single him out, they even did a documentary on this and Trump was only mentioned because Orange Man Bad.

  5. Welcome to your second term, Dunleavy. Bill Walker is trying to rise out of his political grave. A second load of dirt ……. on the way to the cemetery.

    • Send three truck loads. Another for Chuck Kopp and his new buddy, Scott Kendall. Make sure to spread more manure over the top.

  6. Gee. Who saw that coming?

    He’s been laying the groundwork since Dunleavy was sworn in.

    Go ahead Alaska. Re-elect this slime.
    Get what you deserve.

    • You are correct – he and his minions have been laying the groundwork while destroying any chance that Dunleavy had to pressure the legislature to go along with any of his policies. In short, Walker’s recall efforts by his Scott Kendall also told the legislature they were free to revolt at every turn. But there is too much at stake to allow him back in. He needs the just desserts for thinking more of himself instead of Alaska and Alaskans. Re-elect Dunleavy by a huge margin and show these slimes that their actions will not be tolerated. Then pressure your legislators to make the necessary changes the gov wants and Alaskans need.

  7. Well, it could have been worse. Given Walker’s inclination to put together a kakistocracy, I expected his running mate to be Val Davidson.

  8. He is actually running as a Democrat. Remember who got us in this mess! Who stole our PFD?

    He is very destructive for our State!! Liar and cheater!

  9. Democrats aren’t honest. They are liars to the BIPOC community. Democrats racial equality talk is empty, it’s hollow.

    • The fact you believe a separate “BIPOC community” actually exists in addition to simply Americans, or Alaskans, is a testament to the Democrat’s victorious claim over your thoughts.

  10. I thought we sent him on his way to Communist China long ago! We need to run him out of the state for good. Let him go and live with his commie friends in California.

  11. As Governor, Walker ushered in the largest increase in spending in recent history. He unilaterally pushed Obamacare expansion on Alaska even though the Legislature was opposed to it. It doesn’t matter that it was mostly federal funds – it has led to more government dependence and control. Then, he and his attorney buddies figured out a way to ignore the statutory PFD distribution formula so he could protect his public union cronies. This was also a unilateral move with no Legislature support. He is an arrogant, big government socialist swamp thing and she is the worst kind of union thug. Why would we want to elect a couple of silver-tongued, slimy attorneys to run Alaska?

  12. Prop 2, Alaska.

    He’s gonna win, as is Princess Lisa.

    Once again Alaska, you did it to yourself

    • Gerry Mandering we had a principled governor—Sean Parnell—but Alaskans threw him out because most Alaskans couldn’t get it through their heads that someone principled enough to stay within their legal lane as governor must of necessity also be someone who will not grant political favors to constituent groups (“but Frank Murkowski pulled this string for us! Why won’t he?”), and also didn’t understand the difference between executive departments carrying out legislative mandates and rule by fiat (which, btw, is anti-republican). When we get a good candidate or official, we don’t recognize it. And then we elect somebody like Walker, who talks a big talk but has no actual ideas. As others have said, it’s something we do to ourselves.

  13. Everyone should list Walker as choice number 5, but this corrupt DOV and their new toy Prop 2 would find a way to get that number as a 1 and this egotistical sellout would be back in office. This is a gift to Dunleavy, but only provided the election is not rigged. Let’s not forget the guy handling elections is the one that sent Dunleavy into the basement office and stripped him of all his staff when they were both in the senate, because Dunleavy wouldn’t go along with the PFD steal. Of all the states that need a complete forensic audit, Alaska may be the most important as it’s so easy to cheat here, through the DOV and just by buying off legislators, and it’s gone on for so, so long..

  14. Walker single handedly put over 48,000 childless, able bodied working-age people on Medicaid across the state.
    We don’t need more of that. It’s corrupt and it stinks.

  15. When will this “goon” realize he is NOT WANTED in Alaska anymore.. He screwed up the PFD, tried to sell Alaska to China.. They’re not JUST after the oil, they want our land for food, and our seafood and strip what would be left.) and now he is on the left hand of politics.. added able-body working people who don’t care to work to our already overloaded Medicaid.

  16. There is not gonna be an election. Too many will die from the spike protein bioweapon injections by then. 64 in one day at one hospital in Japan, and its only just starting.

  17. Walker needs more than “construction therapy.” He needs lots of psycho-therapy. He’s a true sociopath who needs to resurrect himself from shame and guilt. I am writing a psychoanalysis on him based on his behavior since he ran for governor the first time in 2010. I will share my findings with MRAK readers. Mr. Walker is a troubled man, something Alaskans need to be forewarned about.

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