Walker digs out in first video of campaign season



Gov. Bill Walker stars in his first big campaign video ad of the season today, and it features him endlessly shoveling snow into a place where he shovels it some more, while others criticize. But no matter how much he shovels, he appears to be making no progress and the likable critics finally have a barbecue.

Whether it’s an effective message is uncertain. Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

“Our first video ad of the 2018 election: It’s been a long winter and a long journey towards a sustainable fiscal future for Alaska over the last three and a half years. We’ve got farther to go, but we are grateful to all the Alaskans who’ve rolled up their sleeves and gotten to work tackling our challenges together. Thank you!”

As soon as the video was posted on Facebook, a few fawning compliments appeared within the hour, as the Ship Creek Group, which is the Walker campaign team in Alaska, had salted the promotion in advance, like laugh tracks for a sitcom help the viewers feel more jolly.

This is a technique that is called “astroturfing,” which makes it look like there is a grassroots movement. But soon the critics found the video and started posting their viewpoints, many of which were removed by the administrators.



Several political observers said that while the ad was technically good and in its original form looks like a lot of money was spent on it, it tells a lot about what Walker thinks of both himself and Alaskans:

He’s the only one who is working and all the critics are out of touch.

He paints his critics as clowns and ne’er-do-wells; one of them clearly looks like an outside Texas oil man, with hat, blue jeans and cowboy boots. The other looks like a … metrosexual of some sort.

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  1. Wow. I guess it’s a good thing that Bill is the only one willing to lift a shovel to save us, right?

    Except… In the video he’s throwing the snow back into his own pile. Doesn’t that say something about his own ineptitude?

  2. Lame video but what else can you expect from Walker. Good job for him, shovel snow or dog crap. Running the state…not so much. One and done.

  3. Shoveling to where it will need to be shoveled again in a couple steps is not working smart. I have a 12 yr old that can point that out. Actually this clip says a lot. Just nothing very good. We got fooled once. We wont be fooled again. Take notice Mr. Walker, just like your shoveling job you just cant move money around and then say your cutting the budget if you don’t actually get rid of the overspending. Ill bet if this clip kept going it would show him eventually dumping the snow in his neighbors drive way passing on the burden to them just like he has done with the permanent fund. and the people of AK.

  4. He coulda used a snow blower, but he is afraid of offending liberals by producing too much carbon.

  5. For someone that wants so badly to come across as a non-politico, he cannot help himself from believing all the lies he tells.

  6. Too bad this video wasn’t ran before the last election. The outcome surely would have been different.
    2 politicians trying to shovel their way through a snow berm to help a kid and shoveling the snow into their own way. They are going to be there for a while! Lots of work and going nowhere. They even had an audience, too funny! Just like the last 4 years of a chaotic administration.

  7. What a Smucks the two are.. I hope that little work gave them a back ache… that’s probably the most work he’s done in years !

  8. LMAO! That video says it all!! They shovel and shovel .
    Throwing the snow right into the driveway.
    Just like the way they have run Alaska, shoveling crap into the people, while smiling and saying see how much work we do.

  9. I often say ” you likely would not hire most Legislators to cut your grass” but now I can see you sure would not hire the Governor to shovel your driveway or cut your grass..!!

  10. Bottom Line, with Governor Walker I lost money, I am not better off. He chose not to be my friend. No vote for Walker or any of those that took my PFD.

  11. This is fantastic a politician a shovel and Wait a minute arn,t they Union boys Where’s their ppe That driveway is going to cost 600 k by the time there done. One driveway done by these boys = the cost of this years stolen PFD from each citizen in the state . I don’t think we can afford them.

  12. it takes a real leader to figure that out and a leader he’s not, not good for the state of alaska, nothing is getting done with this guy.

  13. Walker is a joke and always has been. Only a fool would vote him in again. He is a liberal and will have all your dividend in time. Wake up people!!

  14. Sorry, leaders definitely do not do the work. That is a sign of a leader that cant do his job. A leader gets the right people to do the job, and want to do the job and take pride in it. A leader he definitely is not! He’s just another corrupt, lying politician of the worst kind…

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