Walker and Mallott arrive with their signatures


Gov. Bill Walker and Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott, under the guidance of campaign manager John-Henry Heckendorn, delivered to the Division of Elections some 5,000 signatures apiece this afternoon.

The campaigns had paid signature gatherers acquire them so the two can appear on the November ballot.

The two will not be taking part as candidates in Tuesday’s primary, although each of them could, in fact, vote. Just not for themselves.

They both live in District 33, downtown Juneau, but Walker is registered at his Anchorage home in District 21, where Republican Marilyn Stewart is unopposed in the primary, and Democrat Rep. Matt Claman, the incumbent lawmaker, is also unopposed. There’s not a lot of motivation for him to vote.

There are no Republican candidates running in District 33, but Mallott could vote for Democrats Tom Morphet, Sara Hannan or James Hart for House, for the seat being relinquished by Rep. Sam Kito.

Walker is an undeclared voter, which means he can vote either ballot, and Mallott is a Democrat.

The two needed just 3,200 signatures each from registered voters, and they had to get them into the Division of Elections no later than Tuesday, Election Day. Arriving a day early gave the two plenty of time to spare.  It’s also the governor and first lady’s wedding anniversary today.

A paid signature gatherer for Gov. Bill Walker and Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott stands outside the REI store to gather signatures so the two can appear on the ballot in November.

Heckendorn directed the two to walk into the Division of Elections on Gambell Street in Anchorage not once, but twice, so that more photos could be taken of the historic occasion.

The two had three helpers with them delivering boxes, 11 total, but the boxes may have been lightly loaded for the staging value. Both of the aging men easily carried three of them apiece through the doors of the Elections office, while the others trailed within camera range.



  1. Pure political theatre. By my calculation the 5000 signatures each candidate delivered would have comfortably fit in a 3 ring binder. As phony as a Walker election promise.

  2. You can see it in both their faces in that picture, they think we are all fools.

    The idiots carrying empty boxes think we are fools.

    The idiots who have a campaign manager that got women beaters and child rapists elected.

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