Walker Administration congratulates Walker?


The official Alaska Department of Administration Facebook page for “State Office Closures” on Tuesday congratulated “Gov. Bill Walker and his amazing DOT.”

That congratulatory note happened the day after Walker was out of office.

The post was only up for a brief period on Dec. 4, before someone with administrative access to that Facebook page took the posting down.

Was it a prank by the Walker Administration? If so, at least they didn’t glue down the keys on the keyboards.


  1. It is all the rage. At one of the briefings from the Municipality, the Mayor and Municipal Manager spend most of the first five minutes telling people what a great job the Municipality, i.e., themselves, had done in responding to quake. Of course, the media just eats that up and starts their “news” coverage with that exact description. Channel 2 will run with that lead nine times out of ten.

  2. Typical Democrat BS. Anything to pat themselves on the back or throw a party for one of their own. Self congratulatory losers. Pretty soon Mallott will come out of the woodwork and Dems will make him a distinguished friend of women and honorary citizen of the year for fighting against pedophilia.

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