Voters say Alaska’s mail-in ballots have security flaws


Alaska’s all-mail-in election was a hurry-up solution by the Division of Elections for the empty seat left vacant by the late Congressman Don Young. The ballots, including the instructions and the “secrecy sleeve,” that the voted ballots go into, went in the mail to Alaska voters on April 27.

With 30 days to go until the June 11 deadline, 25,000 ballots have been returned to the Division of Elections.

But one Alaskan wanted to see if the ballot and the secrecy sleeve really protected his vote. He assembled his ballot packet, sealed it, and then shined a mini flashlight to the opposite side of it. Indeed, it was easy to see the names on the ballot and exactly what bubble he had filled in. The same could be done with a light table or a car headlight.

This makes Alaska’s mail-in ballots especially vulnerable to ballot harvesters, who could collect ballots from communities, elders, or by going house to house, hold them up to a light, and toss or shred the ones they don’t like.

Another security flaw of the mail-in ballot is the instructions telling voters that if they make a mistake and fill in the wrong oval, they should put a line through that candidate’s name and write the word “No.” Then, they should fill in the bubble for the intended candidate. That method is insecure, critics say, as it allows someone else who has access to the voted ballot to re-vote that ballot by following that instruction.

“This seems sketchy,” said a voter who contacted Must Read Alaska about the technique for fixing the ballot. While it would be difficult for an election worker to change many ballots surreptitiously, on a ballot with 48 names on it, the top four will advance to the general election with fewer votes than what people would normally expect to see. The voting system that confuses many Alaskans is brought to them by Ballot Measure 2, which they passed narrowly in 2020. It established a jungle primary and a ranked choice voting general election.

Alaska is conducting the special primary election to finish out the term of Congressman Don Young, who died March 18. The special primary election has 48 names on the ballot. The top four vote-getters from the special primary will appear on a special general election ballot for this fill-in seat. That general election will be held the same day as the regularly scheduled primary election, Aug. 16, where many of the same names will appear on the ballot to serve a regular two-year term in Congress.


    • Great plan. Now lets get voters to pay attention to what is being done to them instead of just swallowing the BS and voting like they are rooting for their team at a sports event. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE !!! Ranked Choice Voting, Mail Ballots and no ID and Signature Verification are the easiest way for manipulated elections.

  1. Thank you Mike P you pushed this measure 2,. Fraud plain and simple, if you control the count you control the election! This must be repealed,. Alaskans need to go to the polls and vote like we have always done!

  2. Drawing a line through a “mistaken “ vote……..
    Anchorage has had the same thing since the beginning of this charade.
    I draw a line through all but the one I choose to receive my vote.
    ZERO confidence if our system. The silent majority is without a doubt being disenfranchised.

    • It’s cool, I’ll be there counting ballots crossing out every democrat and changing it to Dustin Darden. You’re safe.

  3. Look at #1 blue or black pen. I was made to sign with a pen but they insisted that i use their black sharpie to fill in the rest. This was Palmer Alaska last pres election. We need paper ballots and purple fingers before I believe any of this. Remember the ballots from the bush that got Lisa M elected.
    big sigh

  4. Strangely, my wife, who left the state 6 years ago, got her ballot nearly 2 weeks ago. I still haven’t got mine. Had to call division of elections twice to get them to resend, but all they could promise was that it would go out this week.

    All the ballots are created in Arizona and mailed from there. Makes no sense. We need to get rid of this mail in ballot process.

  5. So is there in person voting for this or not ? I read somewhere here in the mat-su we can vote in person .

  6. Of course the mail-in ballots have security flaws… – how else could the democrats steal the election? You forgot to mention that the pull-off tab for examining who the voter is is terribly loose – anyone could check the name against a voter list and throw away the ones from the party they don’t like. Mail-in ballots is almost as bad an idea as BM2 RCV.

  7. Just did the light test on mine, it depends on where the name is but you can see some names clear as day and could see if a vote was cast for that person. The part about if you make a mistake is a joke. This election wouldn’t pass muster with any independent election audit.

  8. Our voter rolls haven’t been cleaned in several years either, so ballots are going to people who don’t need them. My sister received 2 ballots, one at her current residence and one at a former residence (from over 10 years ago). Its ridiculous.

  9. I drove my ballot to the post office rather than putting it out in the box to be collected. But I’m sure most didn’t bother going that far. Apparently we learned nothing from 2020.

  10. Forgot to mention the counting machines that get “updated “ on Election Day during counting! Light up the AG’s phone with investigation demands. The petition drive to push the senate(they have power over elections right?) to a new vote on ballot measure 2.

  11. Mail-in ballots are and always will be a security risk. This is why the left is so fond of them because it makes it so much easier to steal an election.

  12. Where is the governor on this issue? Where is the honest politicians at?
    Oops there are no honest politicians they are busy steeling your PFD.

  13. There exists no good reason for mail in ballots. Anyone that wants one can request an absentee ballot, in person voting is WAY less expensive than mail in voting and in person voting is much less susceptible to manipulation in local elections. Time to turn back the clock on our local elections and take back the city.

    • Plus, all those working liberals won’t be able to make it to polling places in time! Win-Win!!!

  14. Is that why every arrest for voting fraud in the 2020 election was a registered Republican?

    • That brown ring around your neck is very unbecoming, you might want to wipe it off.

    • Mark Meadows is a RINO! He might as well be a Demo-Lib-Crap-Tard! And he wasn’t even arrested, so there!

  15. Doubt it was done as they said. Seen no security sleeve only the envelope. Just more propaganda. Been a two years almost and still no real evidence of mass voter fraud, just more excuses and propaganda from the rright.

  16. Ya thank?! I am so angry about this I am seeing red. First – why are we even voting by mail when we have never approved by vote statewide mail in voting? Did I miss something?

    We, my husband and I, received our ballots two weeks ago with no instruction for those that wanted to vote in person. I called the division of elections and they directed me to their website for ‘absentee voting” locations – hence if you want to vote in person you are ‘absentee’ voting? There were indeed locations on the website but when I went to the location closest to me, last week, which is the Matsu borough building, there was nothing set up and the sweet gal at the information desk referred me to – the division of elections, whom had already given me very minimal information.

    Now I see that the ‘absentee voting’ begins the 27th of May. Well that would have been really good information to include with the sketchy mail-in ballot. There are so many holes in the system it is astounding.

    Yes we need to do away with all mail in voting unless one is out of state or incapacitated and requests a mailed ballot. And while we are at it the rank choice mess also needs to go.

  17. Here is a portion of a letter to the editor of the ADN (yes, somethings can be noted there):
    Letter: Security concerns – I have deleted the sender’s name for protection, but note what it says about the ballots and who authorized them:

    “Yesterday, I spoke with the lieutenant governor’s office about the new ballots that I received in the mail. I told them that my mother moved here in 1984, that she was placed into assisted living around 10 years ago and had not voted for around 7 or 8 years, yet her ballot shows up.

    Now I looked up on my computer and found out something: Did you know that in 2018, we had 731,545 residents in this state? There are tens of thousands of Alaskans who suffer cognitive issues, and 8,500 who have Alzheimer’s. Why are we allowing these ballots to be put into the hands of caregivers with no way to verify who is actually voting? The elections official I talked to told me that they have to sign the ballot upon return. I told her that I understand how a person’s signature changes over time from injuries, arthritis or old age — how you would verify it? So why is the state placing all these ballots in danger of being false? The official said that the lieutenant governor made the choice. I thought we were self-governing.”

    This is precisely the problem many people were warning of. This letter was from a concerned voter who made his concerns public. The numbers that this concerned individual cites are a real cause for concern and are more than enough to steal any election in Alaska. Also note that the Lt. Governor authorized it, or was at least credited with that position. The issues are real and this law needs to be repealed. Or, as Joe Stalin purportedly said “It isn’t who votes, it is who counts the votes.” The legislature has stalled on passing the governor’s voting security proposals. Alaskans need all the safeguards they can get.

  18. Forget the multi-flawed mail-in ballot concept which demonstrates the Administrations is not informed, how are the ballots tabulated? If it’s a tabulated by machine, after all we know now about the 2020 election fraud, maybe it’s time for some new Republican leadership. Get it right Governor.

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