Vince Beltrami’s Begich signs get an edit



Over the past two days, signs posted around Anchorage blast out that “Dunleavy Voted Against Our PFD.”

Dunleavy for Alaska, a group supporting the candidacy of Mike Dunleavy, has made sure that the public knows the other side of the story: It has posted small signage saying, “Fake News” with an arrow pointing to the signs put up by AFL-CIO President Vince Beltrami.

The large signs hoisted by the union folks are in clear violation of state law as they block the line of vision in areas of high traffic.

Can’t read the fine print on the small signs?

They make sure everyone knows that Beltrami backed Gov. Bill Walker, until recently. “Yes, that Bill The Bill who already stole half of your PFD. Vince doesn’t care about your PFD. He cares about staying in power and he’s happy to lie about Mike Dunleavy’s record.”


In Fairbanks, the Left is getting desperate and has taken to destroying the signs of Sen. Pete Kelly, as shown in these two examples photographed today:



  1. Beltrami is the REASON THE BIG ITCH “Won’t” be governor there tactics started the financial crisis Anchorage now faces when the One Term Senator went from the mayors office to the Sentors seat, Beltrami lied then and he lies now with his signs!!!

  2. Pete Kelly voted with the Majority in the State Senate to limit the size of the Dividends in 2017 and in 2018. In 2016 his majority caucus decided to not attempt an override of GOV Walker’s veto of 1/2 of the dividend. In all three years he voted for state budgets that continue to be unsustainable (and larger), all the while telling us to look at the UGF numbers while sliding spending into the new magic “Designated General Fund” or DGF, which is not tracked or reported on the same as the UGF.

    Taxes? I haven’t heard his stance for sure, but if it’s anything like a majority of the rest of the Senate, it goes something along the lines of “It would be stupid to pay a dividend while taxing Alaskans”. But, I have witnessed absolutely nothing along the lines of intestinal fortitude from these so-called Fiscal Conservatives required to make the tough decisions to keep us from getting to a point where the Dividend is 100% gone and we are facing taxes as well.

    I do not condone or support the destruction of these signs, but they are patently untrue.

  3. That is really funny! Good for them!! So what, are they running around down there putting up these little Fake News signs in front of all those other signs? So funny!

  4. Know what o call guys like Beltrami? “Goons”.

    Know what a Goon is? “Goofy, Obnoxious, Ornery, Nutball”.

    • If I ever meet Vince Beltrami, you know what I would say? “Sid Haig? I love your villanous performance in the film Coffy!” Of course, that’s a Dennis Miller-level obscure reference, like the time he deliberately confused Joseph Ratzinger (aka Pope Benedict XVI) and John Ratzenberger (who played Cliff Clavin the mailman on Cheers).

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