View them for yourself: Speaker Mike Johnson releases Jan. 6 Capitol Police tapes


Three weeks after being elected House Speaker, Congressman Mike Johnson released a batch of tapes of the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol mostly peaceful protest that turned ugly at times on a House of Representatives committee website.

Johnson first announced Friday on X, “Today, I am keeping my promise to the American people and making all the January 6th tapes available to ALL Americans.”

He then posted a link to the Committee on House Administration’s website where the files are located. Note: The files do not open in the Safari browser, but appear to work in the Chrome browser. More footage is being uploaded by the committee; only the first tranche is now online.

This is same footage that had been blocked from the public by the previous speakers Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy, although McCarthy had released much footage to Tucker Carlson.

“To restore America’s trust and faith in their Government we must have transparency. This is another step towards keeping the promises I made when I was elected to be your Speaker,” Johnson wrote on X/Twitter.

Rep. Barry Loudermilk, Chairman of the Committee on House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight, announced that United States Capitol Police video footage from Jan. 6, 2021 would be made available to the public through another method: in person at the subcommittee’s offices in Washington, D.C. 

“Starting today, all video footage previously released to media outlets will be uploaded to an online viewing room for public access. This includes all videos released to Tucker Carlson and other media. Following the initial tranche of footage, the Subcommittee will continue to populate the viewing room with additional footage for public view,” Loudermilk wrote.

“The goal of our investigation has been to provide the American people with transparency on what happened at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 and this includes all official video from that day,” Loudermilk said. “We will continue loading video footage as we conduct our investigation and continue to review footage. As I’ve said all along—the American people deserve transparency, accountability, and real answers supported by facts instead a predetermined political narrative.”

Access the footage via an online public viewing room on the Committee on House Administration’s website here.

Also, beginning November 20, the subcommittee will allow any U.S. citizen to access Capitol Police video footage of the Capitol from Jan. 6, 2021 by scheduling an appointment to view the videos in person in the subcommittee’s offices in Washington, D.C. This is the first time the general public will be allowed to view and request clips from all USCP video footage from the Capitol Police cameras at the Capitol for that day. Click here to view the full policy.


  1. “View them for yourself…….”
    I wonder what we’re supposed to be looking for? Are we going to see something that somehow identifies he event properly? Let’s see……..insurrection or riot.
    And this is what we hung around the water cooler for three weeks about?

    • You’ll get to see a lot of cops very friendly with the protesters, waving them on, fist bumping, patting them on the back. Tough to stage an insurrection to take over the country without guns, wandering around taking selfies, and glad handing with security on site. The videos completely undercut the narrative of Jan 6 being an insurrection, demonstrating that framing is yet another democrat hoax. Cheers –

      • “You’ll get to see a lot of cops very friendly with the protesters, waving them on, fist bumping, patting them on the back……..”
        Not my idea of entertainment or information. If vacating the Speaker justifies such tv fare, well, enjoy the show.

        • What did you expect, mean, evil Trump supporters ransacking the interior of the Capitol like Bolsheviks storming the Winter Palace? What this footage clearly shows is that far from being an insurrection as the lying Democrats parrot over and over, this was a peaceful, legitimate protest – with police escort! All these protesters received was a free tour of their own Capitol building.

        • Sanctos stop your lying mouth.

          Im curious if you know this?
          Regarding assault. You seem familiar.

          You are the one with no “cred”.
          Agimarc has stated common sense.
          Nearly every protester left their guns home. Or away from the protest site.
          Thats a huge statement for a bunch of redncks . The protesters carried American flags to the us capital .
          Insurrections would carry- idk an opposition flag?
          Liars like you should go to h—-

          • American. Trump scares me. He is the biggest threat to American democracy. But he will die and disappear but those who support him will remain, redefine themselves and continue the violent destruction of our country.

            You’re acceptance of lies and unwillingness to employ critical thinking makes you a part of this domestic threat

    • What you will see, are cops on the rooftops, talking between themselves about when they go down stairs, they will put their “Antifa” garb on…. All on video…. completely corrupt government!

      • Sanctos is full of baloney with her critical thinking narrative. Pure gaslighting from a non-critical thinking Democrat. You can always spot them. It’s the same destructive garbage, regurgitated by monkey- brained leftists. Ignore!

  2. VERY COOL MRA! Had not even heard Johnson had done this…not on Fox and certainly not on ADN or AK news source. I viewed some of the videos. Loaded just fine…I have chrome. This is excellent and I’m so glad for this story and thrilled with our new Speaker! The Truth shall prevail!

  3. While at it, release all the information about the death of Ashli Babbit. ALL of it.

    That’s the only way I’ll ever be fully convinced it was a completely legit shooting and not manslaughter by a nervous or politicized cop.

    • “While at it, release all the information about the death of Ashli Babbit. ALL of it…….”
      Like what? She was climbing through a broken window, unarmed, and the fed shot and killed her. The fed faced no charges whatsoever. After some time, we learned his name. The only thing left to know is, why did he face no charges or disciplinary actions?

      • Taylor. Capitol police train with strict democracy protecting protocols. When they have to, they use deadly force. Babbit while certainly not knowing that nuance, violated the law and got the only fair but horrific response.

        Consider the consequence had she and the flotsam behind her been allowed to continue.

        • Then, why weren’t they all killed? Why did just a single officer discharge his weapon? Are more details about the legal investigation into this death going to be released? What does “fair” have to do with it? Since she and “the flotsam” were unarmed, what “consequences” are to be considered? Offensive screaming? Frightened huddling in the bomb shelter? A government shutdown? What justified lethal force for her, but not Mr. George Floyd? Why wasn’t she just strangled like Mr. Floyd, since gunfire in that crowded hall endangered many, including other “good guys”?
          Confused minds want to know. Not all of us possess such command of understanding as thee.

        • Sanctos
          You have a poor view. You’re so left it’s like we have another troll on this site. Your way out of your league with the nonsense your spewing.

          • I tend to agree, but need to see all they saw, and read what they learned before supporting sending the cop to jail for the rest of his life.

            I’m not abandoning rule of law because the left does.

        • Sanctos, what do you ACTUALLY KNOW about the training methods of the capitol police?? After this idiotic statement clearly nothing.
          ” train with strict democracy protecting protocols” this is nonsensical!! Our constitution is set up to protect the rights of the individual citizen not some nebulous concept of “democracy” open to interpretation of what that means. Ashli Babbit was in the wrong to enter the Capitol and for that she should have been arrested not killed. We all deserve to know why this young woman died and why the police officer walked away. IF there was a legitimate use of force, then state so or prosecute per the statutes. No one should be above the law and it should be fair and evenly applied.

      • If I had answers I’d not be so curious to see the footage.

        My guess remains she was doing something stupid and a scared cop overreacted and killed her.

        Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

    • I’d like to see more info on Ashli Babbit’s case too.

      The fact that she was trying to climb through a broken window into the senate chamber (or maybe it was the house chamber), makes me think the guard was justified. I want to believe she was unfairly targeted, but why would she be climbing through a window? That part seems extreme on her part. I wouldn’t be climbing through a window at the US capitol, that’s asking for trouble.

      • I’m willing to have an open mind, but the fact the Pelosi House went out of their way to bury info makes me suspicious.

        It is very possible to me she was doing bad/dumb things and a scared cop overreacted.

        • “……..It is very possible to me she was doing bad/dumb things and a scared cop overreacted.”
          The video of her death was shown from that date forward. She was doing something stupid (everybody in that hallway/stairwell were, too), and a cop overreacted.
          Questions remain. Cops overreact all the time. Some go to prison for it. Not Lt. Byrd. He got promoted. His claim months after the shooting was that he ‘saved countless lives.”
          I saw the video. I don’t think he saved a single life, and it has been proven that he committed the only homicide that day.

          • I’ve proved two things.

            1-I understand how our government works
            2-I actually value the rule of law.

            Concepts far beyond your understanding

    • Ashli Babbit is a patriot in the eyes of a traitor and a traitor in the eyes of a patriot. I know every time I visit a capitol I thinks its appropriate to drag a gallows in with me.

    • Could not agree more. This video shows just how peaceful and respectful the tourists were being. About time we got the rest of the video released. I see nothing but peaceful, patriotic, God-fearing Americans.


      Back the Blue!

      • I see what you are trying to do here. Every one of those videos are either staged or they are crisis actors/ANTIFA (or maybe feds!!!), not Trump supporters. The Deep State hates DJT and wants him gone. DJT supports are united in their support to our LEO community. Your videos prove nothing.

  4. I bet the lawyers for Jan 6 defendants will be all over this. From reports it seems they did not have access to that material at trial and the government relied heavily on eyewitness accounts by police officers. I further read the accounting of the eyewitnesses do not always jibe with the video that was released to certain news outlets.

    • If Trump wins, it will be damn close. Probably without popular vote.

      This election will swing on 4 states. All of which went Biden last time.

  5. You cannot trust the federal government as there is proof of lies deceit corruption, political retaliation and evidence tampering from our crooks called politicians. The courts are rigged along with evidence. Watch out for the feds.

    • Do you feel the same about our federal government workers in uniform serving within the armed services? Where do you draw the line?

      • Yes. The military has been infected with wokeness since Obama.

        I trust the guys on the ground. Not political, civilian, and upper brass leadership.

        What exactly has the government done to earn yours?

      • I don’t trust any government agency including our military who has shown its colors by Covid and freedom of speech protocols.
        I have and had family and friends who served and they all say the same thing the left has control. You can trust them all you want but the lies and different disinformation have taken over the government.

      • The rank and file are not to blame. They just follow the orders. It’s the upper crust and non law enforcement, appointed individuals who have been corrupted.

  6. Mothers pushing baby strollers, praying, singing. Trump supporters late arriving after first listening President Trump’s Farewell Speech running long. Early arrivals who did vandalize put on new MAGA regalia after they “arrived” may have been in disguise? Some people go to the area for every event because it is a customary, contemporary urbane lifestyle to do so in “DC’. I will never go for any reason after the agencies showed their hostility to American Constitutional liberties and liened their rights. It is a private, foreign and regional club and we, the people, are never evidentially actually welcome. Fine.

  7. Galeution,
    it’s a poor idea in my opinion to project fear. They are in the wrong and we don’t have to take it. Courage man, there are multitudes more of us then them but we must stand. Die on your feet and not on your knees.


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