Video: Young Anchorage man tells Assembly why he’s moving. Assembly Chairman Constant then calls him dishonest and scolds the audience

Jordan Harary gives testimony at the June 25 Anchorage Assembly meeting, after which Assembly Chairman Chris Constant told him he was dishonest.

You’ve heard that young people are leaving Anchorage. But why? Prices? Opportunity? Or liberal policies destroying the city?

Jordan Harary, a young technology professional and resident of Anchorage, stood at the podium in dress shirt, tie and slacks, and with poise gave the Anchorage Assembly a three-minute lesson on Tuesday about why Anchorage is dying and why he is leaving.

He told them he moved to Anchorage in 2008 when he was 20 years old to get away from the hellscape Los Angeles, and that he had unknowingly brought his liberal idealism with him. Anchorage has broken that idealism and liberal views, and he now realizes that the progressive policies that ruined Los Angeles are ruining his hometown of Anchorage as well.

At the end of his three minutes, Assembly Chairman Chris Constant called him dishonest, and then told the audience at the meeting that their clapping was celebrating dishonesty. He insinuated that if he had known what Harary had planned to testify about, he may not have allowed it. Under new rules of the Assembly, the three minutes of public testimony at the beginning of meetings has to be essentially submitted in advance and approved by the chairman.

No member on the Assembly dais interrupted to call a point of order about the chair disparaging a member of the public.

Watch Harary’s remarks and stick around to the end of the three minutes to see how Constant treats him after Harary’s prepared remarks, in the video clip here:

Harary ran for House in 2022 against Democrat Andrew Gray. Gray won the seat to represent East Anchorage in the Alaska Legislature.


    • Oh ya chris, tell us lies and more lies about the money wasted on port projects that failed. Meanwhile the dock is failing. Derated for weight allowed on southside of dock now, due to compromised structural integrity

    • Chris Constant constantly complaining is at it again (still really).
      He hates us, demeans us, writes rules to block our free speach, has performed many crimes against humanity, especially during the plandemic with his covidian lockdowns.
      When can we hang him for treason?

    • This young guy didn’t swish for Constant. If a homosexual man is in charge, the swish factor weighs heavy. If you testify before Constant, get your swish.

  1. This is what you can expect Anchorage. Your ruling “elites” calling you liars when you point out their failures.

    Get out while you can.

    • Yes the politicians don’t care or hide their discontent for the public and the taxpayer.
      The non voters are going to suffer for their lack of participation.

    • Already out of state looking for a new home.
      Christy and his minions are driving us all out.
      Last one out, turn off the lights, Anchorage is an official sh1$hole.
      Thank you Commie Assembly for making this once fabulous city a toilet bowl.

  2. “Shut up peasant!”
    -Chris Constant

    So this is more of a “the beatings will continue until morale improves” philosophy being brought forth by the assembly. Interesting. One thing about lefties, they really don’t like it when you point out how bad at a running a city they are.

  3. Good man, that takes some self reflection and intelligence, qualities lacking in the average American urbanite….
    Also where are all the strait pride flags? Can we popularize them?

    • There should only be three flags flown by our Assembly “members”:
      The American flag
      The Alaska state flag
      The Anchorage flag.
      All other flags should be REMOVED within all official government buildings.
      Fly your freak flag at home.

  4. Leftists will never accept the possibility they might be wrong about anything. Ever.
    Much like toddlers, whatever fancy thing catches their eye is what they want, they will distort reality to justify it, and consequences be damned. Anchorage IS dying, and the current assembly and mayor elect are the reason.
    Unfortunately, no amount of evidence will convince them to ever examine their positions or decisions. It will always be someone else’s fault when their plans fall flat.

  5. Great Speech calling it like it is and done by someone who moved into what he thought was a different environment that he left to better his life. Wake up Anchorage. Put pressure on decisions by the Assembly that are not in the best interests of the majority of the people. Speak out and push the needle back to the middle for the majority of the people.

  6. The Assembly’s testimony rules set up to control dialogue and Constant’s reply to Harary are proof positive that the Left has absolutely no intent or tolerance for moderation within Anchorage municipal government. Anchorage has been politically conquered by far left wing fascists, and those not willing to engage in political, social, ideological, and commercial warfare had better leave, or they will be relegated to political serfdom.
    Unfortunately, most of those fleeing will be coming out here to the Valley, much like Harary fleeing the L.A. bowl to Anchorage 15 years ago or me 50 years ago, or the current illegal immigrant waves fleeing crime and corruption in their home nations for America. And thus the cultural refugees represent the current and longtime demographic tidal waves……….until the inevitable war(s) puts it to rest………for a while………..

    • Anchorage, Juneau, and soon to be Fairbanks are going the way of Portland, Seattle, and LA. Fascists, Socialists – it’s all totalitarians. The state will experience a significant decline in standard of living. Businesses will flee. The state will vote blue as people with means seek Galt’s gulch (leave). The rugged individualism that made Alaska is dead and the truly strong are slowly dying. Most people do not want to face these facts… the enemy has breached the gates.

        • There you have it.

          This mess was potentially completely avoidable IF the Muni had bothered to vote.

          But they didn’t, so…

          • You are mistaken.
            The muni did vote.
            Wouldnt it be a wonderful experience to meet the fine citizens who elected this POS?

          • You know who likely didn’t vote?
            The two people whose mail-in ballots arrived incorrectly at my address.

            Probably just a couple innocent postal whoopsies, right Mr Constant? Single family zoned neighborhood (formerly), in a competitive swing district that has had both Rs and Ds in the last 10 years. Whoopsie-daisy!

            As much fun as it is to blame the electorate – I’m not sure winning city elections is in the cards when the voting system has been nakedly rigged by our Assembly since 2017.

  7. This is in large part why I left in 2021. More misery will come until the city is broken to such a degree that people will recognize (finally!) that wishes do not bring forth unicorns. Reality will assert itself once the ASSembly runs out of other people to blame and other people’s money to spend.

    • Chris is a little tyrant and rules the Assembly with a Soros infused iron fist.
      The other “members” just go Long with this power monger.
      Crimes against humanity….

  8. Why bother talking if everything you say has to be approved? This is a clear violation of the 1st Amendment.

    • indeed it is. i did not realize the tyrants had to approve of your speech. some sick people these biden wannabes

  9. I’m impressed with the courage of Jordan Harary. It’s really easy to nod in agreement to his speech. As for the “Bolsheviks” (aka Assembly), this approach to governance won’t end well for you.

  10. You are a slow thinker, Constant! So you think Harary’s comments were dishonest, eh? So what? I suspect that the “man” has “backbone” enough to cut and run. I would have dug into my pocket for some loose change to help him on his way and told him, “Goodbye and good luck, keep warm and well fed!”

    • Edit: I would have dug into my pockets for some loose change to help get him on his way; then I would have told him, “Goodbye and good luck, keep warm and well fed!”

    • They’ve been doing it for at least a decade, and is accelerating. The rate of home building out here is breathtaking. Have you noticed the apartment complex going up in that Wasilla Creek flood zone between the new Trunk Road and Stringfield Rd off of Bogard Road? I’ll bet $20 against an apple fritter that’s being developed by an Outside developer. Another Jesse Sumner type.
      It’s happening like a nuclear explosion.

    • Answers may be found at “How Narcissists Turn Emotional Responses into Emotional Abuse”.
      “Narcissists have an excessive sense of entitlement along with an intense need for control, praise, and special treatment, even in the midst of hurting you. Anything that challenges this delusional self-image threatens their fragile egos and can provoke rage.”
      … and at “Narcissism and self-esteem among homosexual and heterosexual male students”
      “The hypothesis, which is based on the Freudian connection between narcissism and homosexuality, is supported by the results, indicating that the homosexual students score higher in both measures of narcissism and lower on the self-esteem measure, compared to their heterosexual counterparts.”
      Bottom line is Constant, by going on “tilt”, may have revealed an Achilles heel, career-endingly exploitable by generous investment in opposition research.

    • First off, they have serious mental health issues that were never dealt with.
      Secondly, they hate those of us that are not queer, after all, we are happier people cause we accept ourselves as we are, they do not.
      Third, their self loathing has turned into allowing themselves to be owned and controlled by George Soros and his ilk, makes them feel good to hurt others.
      Fourth, too many opople have coddled the queers and allowed them to become terrible human beings, again, they have unresolved mental health issues.

  11. I do not live in Assembly member Constant’s precinct, but I do have a X/twitter account, and the man spends too much time being terminally online and sh**posting than he does engaging with constituents. Not that my reps are any more useful—I have gotten prompt replies from my State rep and State senator (who I CC when I email my Assembly reps) and zilch from my local reps. Its maddening.

    • Sadly, this piece of garbage human idiot MISrepresents me and is insulting when i do contact him.
      He is a despicable human and needs to resign as the total disgrace that he is.
      He hates us, he hates AnchorGe and he seems to want to destroy our city entirely.
      One tuesday at a time.

    • Yea too bad he voted in this bunch & then woke up.
      And now, instead if staying to fight, he is leaving (because he lost an election)
      We all know this mess is from Left Coast transplants like this guy, electing other lefty transplants.

  12. THIS is what Anchorage votes for. How bad does it have to get for the deadbeats who don’t vote to get off their collective asses and take part in the process instead of complaining after the fact? Constant’s condescending attitude was known well in advance and this reaction by him/her/them/they is not surprising. Now he/she has an even more impervious über majority with LaFrance in the mayor’s office. Buckle up. You’ll be seeing those $500,000 toilets soon as they usurp the will of the majority who voted against them.

    • The writer either knows for a provable fact what Anchorage voters voted for and how many voted
      …or what unelected officials with a vested outcome in the election reported about outcomes and numbers.

  13. Chris Constant is the perfect example of a Left-Wing Liberal Communist Democrat with his rainbow flag on the Dais! Sadly our new Mayor LaFrance will support these pathetic losers and turn Anchorage into the same sh*thole as Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and LA!

  14. It’s good to see there are people like Jordan out there, people who are waking up. Constant’s rude quip only seves as further proof that he and others like him are the most utterly intolerant people our society has ever seen.

  15. The Portland Loo carries significant symbolism for what the Anchorage Assembly has delivered to Anchorage through its opposition and obstruction of the Bronson Administration. Delivery of the Portoland Loo will forever represent the crowning achievement of the Anchorage Assembly, and what Anchorage has evolved into under their policies. Anchorage has become the figurative colon of Alaska. The Portland Loo reeks of Assembly stench. In just six short years, under Assembly leadership, the primary political focus has devolved into the overwhelming need to process human waste. Perhaps it is because so many people in Anchorage are beginning to lose thier s*** in response to Assembly actions.

  16. All you people leaving Alaska will soon find to your regret that the socialist nightmare is alive and well in the lower 48. It is so entrenched that it is no longer news. So instead of leaving, stand and fight for your community and state. Never surrender!

  17. This guy is great.

    All a classy Constant would have said is, “Thank you for your testimony.”

    Yeah, only 4 more days of celebrating gay sex and then the rainbow flags go down, right?

    • Absolutely not!
      The one hanging on the White House is there for good as long as Democrats figure out another way to cheat a sham election….everybody ready for another strange “bat virus” to come floating out of the Batcave in China???

  18. Something was nagging me about Constant’s response. Finally figured it out.
    The “You were dishonest” and “You are celebrating dishonesty” is really nothing more than a “You spelled ‘you’re’ as ‘your’ in your post.” It is trying to dismiss valid points because of a minor technicality.
    It is exactly what children do.

  19. One of the traits of successful people is flexibility and openness to other ideas. Totalitarians do exactly what Constant did. Shuts down different points of view and any criticism. So testimony now has to be submitted and approved by the Assembly ahead of time? This means no criticism is allowed to be expressed to the “honorable” Assembly”. Isn’t this Communism? Aren’t they supposed to be public servants?

    • Absolutely improper for constant to say anything in response. That guy had every right to say what he said. Constant is a mean spirited person. I predict this entire group of thugs will be run out of anchorage before 4 years is up. Generally people like these fall on their own swards. Should be entertaining to watch from a distance.

  20. You all know what is coming next, right??
    Chris, Felix, Meg et. al are going to see that they change the term limits set in the charter, so that Chris can be emperor for life and continue ruling over his fiefdom like some royal lord of old….
    (Okay I am facetious but that video and the fact that you need your comments “approved” invokes these visions)

  21. This guy stinks (Harary) he comes up, votes these leftys in, realizes it has ruined ANC and then leaves.
    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out s head.
    Did it ever occur to you to stay & fight, to reverse the damage you have done?

  22. Anchorage as a city is in a dark place with the election of a leftist like LeFrance as mayor and being supported by a majority socialist Assembly. All their utopian dreams can be pursued without interruption! Mr. Constant is an example of what leftists (democrats) do when in power: eliminate free speech by requiring public comments to Assembly be approved and also by humiliating speakers who dare to testify from their heart. Beware, Anchorage! You may continue to vote in lunatics like Constant but you will suffer the consequences of a city diminishing of population as well as economic vitality.


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