Video: White House evacuates ‘non-essential personnel’ due to violent pro-Hamas protest outside


The U.S. Secret Service ordered a temporary evacuation of non-essential White House personnel and journalists on Saturday as a mass protest against Israel took place outside the White House gates.

Police in the District of Columbia reported that some protestors threw items at them, and the fence at the White House was damaged. Video shows the protesters shaking the fence so hard it came loose from its moorings. Protesters were shouting “F*ck Joe Biden!” and “Break it down!” They carried signs that proclaimed, “GENOCIDE JOE,” and “JOE BIDEN YOU CAN’T HIDE. WE CHARGE YOU WITH GENOCIDE.” They spray-painted graffiti on national monuments in Lafayette Park, across from the White House.

Secret Service are seen pushing back on the fence to reinforce it from the White House side as protesters pressed and shook the gates.

No arrests were made, Secret Service said.

The news of the violence at the White House, which occurred while the president was not in Washington, was not reported by the New York Times on Sunday. The Washington Post wrote an extensive and sympathetic account of the grievances of the rioters but made no mention of the evacuation of the White House.


  1. Maybe we could do a political prisoner exchange between insurrectionists of popular flavors, depending upon the prevailing political beliefs of those in charge. But only one flavor is being locked up so far. A bias justice system is not a sign of a stable civilization or government, and should be an equal concern to both sides of this newly formed fence. Justice should always be blind. Even at the local level, maybe especially where we live and raise our families, Anchorage. It doesn’t do to give immunity to any group, despite sympathy.

  2. Imagine the official reaction if a group of MAGA protestors arranged a similar event. I wonder if Bezo’s rag would have published a sympathetic list of their grievances?

    Remember, Democracy dies in DARKNESS.

    Oh My!

  3. The federales were unavailable to control and arrest the destructive rioters at Lafayette Square yesterday, because Biden and Garland have them still spread out all over the USA to round up even more of the January 6 ’insurrectionists’ – including the peaceful ones who did not step foot through the open doors of the Capitol Building. This is justice – as practiced in Moscow.

  4. OK, cman, Whidbey, Sebastian, Paola, and all you others who have been shills for the establishment (false and disingenuous) narrative that the January 6, 2021 protest in the US capitol was an “insurrection”.

    HOW is this protest and riot outside the White House any different? And is every single person who was involved in this riot going to be hounded, imprisoned and denied due process of the law for the next three years as a result? I think we all know the answers to those questions.

    • Jefferson,
      I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the DNC pushed their radical Islamic terrorist wing to stage this riot. The optics are intended to bolster Joe’s image with the center right commie leftists and Jewish voters.
      Being the recipient of the Islamic terrorist ire won’t hurt Joe. Especially so since nobody will get arrested!

  5. This crap continues until someone decides enough and enforces the law.

    So in blue states, Hamas rioting is now a fact of like poop in the streets, rampant homelessness, and open drug use.

    Ah, liberal utopia.

  6. Many of these are “our” past political asylum refugees that have chosen to stay.. I’m not talking about the many wonderful people who had to flee to a safe country, I’m talking about many children of these people who grew up not really understanding what coming to America really meant for their parents.. Remember the Somali’s a few years back. We have open arms for many people, but we need to “weed” out potential threats, or go back to teaching what it means to come to America for political asylum refugee status.

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