Video shows Donald Trump backing away from support for Gov. Mike Dunleavy


In a short video posted by an anonymous account on Twitter, former President Donald Trump can be seen at Mar-a-Lago saying he’s “not happy” with Gov. Mike Dunleavy of Alaska, because he hasn’t seen Dunleavy supporting candidate Kelly Tshibaka, who is running against Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Trump said he was displeased about Dunleavy’s neutral stand in the Tshibaka-Murkowski race for Senate. Trump opposes Murkowski, supports Tshibaka, and was hosting a fundraiser for the Alaska Republican challenger at his six-star resort in Florida last week, where someone in the crowd took the video.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy is running for reelection and has taken pains to not involve himself in the Senate race between the senior senator for Alaska and Tshibaka, who is his former commissioner of the Department of Administration. He finds himself in a tricky spot because Trump also endorsed Dunleavy and had a fundraiser for Dunleavy’s recall fight at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey last year. Now, he thinks Dunleavy should support Tshibaka.

Dunleavy is challenged by former Gov. Bill Walker, former State Rep. Les Gara, Kenai Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce, and Rep. Chris Kurka, as well as a small crowd of other candidates, as he runs for his second term.

Dunleavy has been a big supporter of Trump, due to Trump’s pro-Alaska policies, and Trump has been a fan of Dunleavy’s, but the feelings may have cooled at the moment, according to the video. See the video here.


  1. Let the trumpets blow from heaven and look out all Jesus is in his way back because we can’t get it right on earth. If we can’t police ourselves and our oath takers can’t give us oath integrity then the ship will run aground. President Trump showed us all how easy it is to do the right thing for the people by the people of the people. Accomplishments and integrity president trump set the pace. Exposed it all he did now we know about all the evil oath breakers and just how corrupt it all is. Our dividend checked alone should average 3000.00$ yearly oath breakers with no guts got us all here. Look at all you oath breakers mocking GOD the citizens so help me GOD you all swore to.

  2. Trump is on it! If Dunleavy can’t fire Dr. Anne Zink, then he shouldn’t be our governor. She is the Dr. Fauci of Alaska. A real politicized medical bureaucrat that needs to be fired. Go Trump!

  3. We at my house are luke warm about Mike Dunlevy as well. He doesn’t seem to have a backbone. Seems to be afraid of the left. One thing is for sure, if you’re undecided and you show levels of fear the left will take full advantage of that and grind you up and spit you out. They will then run over you with the bus.

    I myself have a number of beefs with Mike Dunleavy as he told me straight up that he would make sure that the previously stolen dividends, thanks to Walker, would be restored to alaskans. At that time, that very money was sitting in a savings account. Well, here we are 4 years later and we’ve never been given our money back. So I’m not so sure that I will be supporting Mike this time around.

  4. First I would like to disclose, I sent Donald Trump a letter through his media email, asking him to run for President. As soon as he announced I was on board and was a Trump Delegate at the Alaska District and State Conventions as well as the Republican National Convention to support him and attended his Inauguration. My support for President Trump never waivered. I appreciate what he is doing in helping support strengthening our Congress and Senate in the 2022 elections. Yes, I feel and understand the frustrations of Alaskans with Senator Murkowski voting against our party with the intentions of undermining our sitting President who hands down won Alaska, and did more for Alaska then any President I can recall. When she tried to impeach him once he was out of office, I feel was the final straw. President Trump promised to support whoever decided to run against Senator Murkowski and as always he backs up his promise. At this point in the game Senator Murkowski is still our senior Senator and Governor Dunleavy is still our Governor. I believe there is a thin line of integrity that should not be disrespected. Despite emotional tensions if any between our Senator and Governor they have a responsibility to continue to work together for the good of our state. I am writing because just as President Donald Trump have done things or said things his supporters didn’t like we didn’t turn our backs on him. As we stayed loyal to Trump, out respect for Alaska, he should let Governor Dunleavy fulfill his responsibilities with out threatening him with support.

    • Thank you Sharon, for reminding us all that the governor must work with whomever is in office. Trump should understand that and remain true to his commitment to support Dunleavy. As for the PTFD, the legislature has to OK it. Dunleavy called multiple extra sessions this year trying to get it done. But it was Senator Stedman that stood in the way and also said there will be none of the three proposed constitutional amendments passed because they interfere with the legislature’s financial appropriation powers. So there you have it, the legislature does not want citizens voting on anything that would limit their power, or their perceived power. Governors only have so much power, as Big Mike has sadly found out. Instead of blaming one man, people should look at the whole picture to see what is actually going on. Thank you for being one of those people instead of blaming one man.

  5. I don’t like Dunleavy either, but my vote against him is due to rank ineptitude, not Trump’s latest hissy fit.

    Mr President, you were a good president. Great for Alaska. But you’re crap at being an ex president. Don’t burn down places that supported you over your butt hurt. Use your power for good.

  6. Governor Dunleavy: STEP UP NOW !!
    This is serious. Murkowski is supported by the Democrats and a few RINOs. Get your ground forces together. If you don’t, the snakes will surely strike ……… above the knees.

  7. Dunleavy is a weak gov in a time when strength is needed. He should have come out in full support of Kelly. No excuses.

  8. The current administration ran on badly needed state budget cuts. A family of 4 Alaskans represents over $70,000 in annual state spending. Add that to the amount spent by municipal governments in Alaska and it’s no wonder the private sector is struggling! We have unsustainable, uneconomic and unhealthy state spending. So this administration tried reducing the budget once, the legislature pushed back and the administration now proposes annual budget increases. Now the administration not only has budget increases but it wants to sell more state debt, borrowing from the future for 25 to 30 years! Walker is a dishonest crook. Gara is exactly like Bernie Sanders. We have until August to decide what to do.

  9. Trump is doing just fine and can say what he likes. Dunleavy is the governor and has not stood tall for Alaskans. He in my opinion has a lot of catching up he can do, but doubt he will. Looks like I’ll be supporting someone else this time around.

  10. Dunleavy needs a back bone. Pray for Alaska though. The last thing we need is a liberal governor. Stupid ranked choice!

  11. Eventually, folks will come to the realization that the only person that Donald Trump actually supports is Donald Trump. And that is hardly a viable long-term proposition.

  12. No one who associates themselves with Donald J. Trump comes away unscathed, and that includes his VP, his kids, his accountants, his advisors, his business associates, and no, not Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

  13. Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about Alaska. It’s not exactly a red state. With ranked choice voting, Alaska has gotten more complicated. Maybe he can buy a home here and start living here. Donald can help not further dividing us. Else kelly might lose.

  14. Trump realizes that Lisa Murkowski can do MUCH more damage as a Senator than Dunleavy can do as Governor.. Not only for Alaska, but also for the nation. Better to get rid of a deadly brain cancer than worry about a nagging hemorrhoid… Just saying…

  15. Who’s Dunleavy? Is he really the Governor? Haven’t seen him in a long time. Is he sick? Afraid of Covid?

  16. Sorry Big Mike, but Trump’s opinion aside, I’ll not be supporting your bid for re-election. You sat on the fence waiting to see which way the public opinion winds would blow before you took action far too many times. I expected a bold man of action when I voted for you. Not a withering Pollyanna. You and Sullivan are two birds of a feather.

  17. Armchair journalists trying to make something out of nothing, making mountains out of molehills is what journalism has turned into. My dad used to say don’t sweat the small stuff and Trump’s comment about Dunleavy is definitely small potatoes.

  18. Ask the 70 plus Gravel Pit owners , members of the KPAC , if they would support Pierce ! I think not. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. all the while personal property “TAKINGS” by the Borough are at foot.

  19. While Dominion voting machines down south in 2020 were doing what they were programmed to do in swing states, by switching votes to change the outcome of the presidential election, I strongly suspect the Dominion voting machines in Alaska were programmed to change the outcome of the ranked choice issue. Outside of Lisa Murkowski, and/or Bill Walker, I can’t think of a single republican who would have benefited from its passage? Worthy of suspicion, or debate?

  20. I voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020. I was not happy with him in 2020 when I voted for him.

    I voted for him even though he made a colossal error in judgement regarding the Pebble Mine.

    His son, Donny, came to Alaska on a junket to go big game hunting.

    While on guided hunt, it appears someone bent Donny’s ear. It appears Donny then ran home to Daddy – as a self-proclaimed ‘newly knighted’ expert on Alaskan affairs.

    Former President Trump is unhappy with Governor Dunleavy for not endorsing his Senatorial candidate, good for him….

    Former President Trump needs to address his colossal error in judgement by not guaranteeing that the Public Process is equally applicable to all industries in the United States.

    Resource Development projects in Alaska have due process rights equal to any Lower 48 project.

    I believe he stopped the U.S. Governments own defined and regulated scientific review process, based on his son’s brief hunting excursion vacation.

    That is not ok.

    There is no guarantee that the Pebble Project would have cleared the review process.

    But it is absolutely unacceptable that he blocked the review process from being completed.

    In these threads of discussion, folks often talk about not acting out emotionally in formulating your narrative.

    People often talk about using the data, statistics, and facts to formulate policy or political narrative on issues discussed here.

    I agree.

    It is challenging for me at times, when there’s an issue that is personal to me.

    I believe that Politics only exist for the purpose of effectuating and impacting each of our day-to-day lives.

    What is more personal than that?

    However, I strongly believe that while serving in the role of a Policital Leader; facts need to drive decision-making.

    It is natural to revert into the role of father versus policy-maker when being so closely surrounded by your children.

    At the lowest benchmark of decision-making, it would be prudent to ‘trust but verify’ with local constituents on an issue of this magnitude.

    He should never have made a sweeping decision that undermines equal public processes for all.

    Obviously. I am still outraged by this.

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