Vaccine passport: Mayor eases up mask orders for those on the job who got the jab


Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson says people can remove their face masks — sometimes. In workplace settings, vaccinated individuals may remove their masks under limited circumstances. Those who are not vaccinated may not.

The mayor has revised Emergency Order 13: Those who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 no longer need to wear a mask when separate from the public and unvaccinated coworkers. But if they are around coworkers, the mask must go on.

Fully vaccinated means someone who is two weeks past his or her full series of vaccine: Two weeks after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or two weeks after the second dose of Pfizer or Moderna.

Masks are still required indoors when in public settings or communal spaces outside of the home and at outdoor gatherings in public, the mayor said.

The mayor’s emergency powers are given to her by the Anchorage Assembly, which votes on renewing them once again at Tuesday’s Assembly meeting. At every Assembly meeting, Assemblywoman Jamie Allard makes a motion to remove the emergency powers from the mayor. At every meeting of the Assembly for the past six months, it is voted down by the progressive Assembly.

Suzanne Downing is the publisher of Must Read Alaska. She is a former business owner, longtime journalist, and political adviser who worked for Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida and Gov. Sean Parnell of Alaska.  Raised in Juneau, Alaska and based somewhere in Alaska, she was the editor of the Juneau Empire and now writes on current events and politics.


  1. Its none of anyones business whether or not you are vaccinated. Businesses never gave discounts to you for recieving the annual Flu vaccine? Since medical information was, or at least it used to be, never anyones business.

    • Carrs gives you a 10% discount on your next grocery shopping after getting your flu vaccine in their pharmacy.

  2. Mayor? We don’t have a Mayor….nor POTUS. How many installed people are you going to put up with?

  3. I didn’t know that the fake mayor can re write the HIPPA laws. It’s embarrassing that Anchorage is the only Alaskan community, which still imposing the draconian mask mandate. Mandates and Executive Orders are not Law.

  4. Papers, please.

    Happy Anchorage? You voted for the Assembly she came from and the mayor who created the opportunity.

    Elections have consequences. Like the loss of freedoms.

    • I live in Chugiak and I never vited for any of these dumba** my Assembly person has common sense and the know all to tell the others to go stick it wherd the sun Don’t shine. Jamie Allard understands what freedom is.

  5. How about those who had C19, and have the antibodies? How about those who have a natural immunity to C19? I’ve never had the flu in my 75 years … or if I did, the symptoms were no worse than the common cold.

    • “Three Hawaii residents who were fully vaccinated against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus have tested positive for COVID-19, according to the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH).
      They all experienced mild symptoms and did not appear to spread the disease to others, the DOH told the news station.
      COVID-19 vaccines don’t prevent infection, however they mitigate severe symptoms and lower the risk of hospitalization, health experts say.”
      By Isabel van Brugen March 23, 2021

  6. Self identify as vaccinated… And how dare anyone pigeon hole you in their bias view of who you are. You know who you are and only you can define yourself. It’s mental cruelty to be force to bow to small minded people who refuse to let you live your as who you feel you are. I hear alot about the power of self identity! Legal docs must allow medical records be updated to show your vaccination self image.

    • Those names active in directing research in the CDC like Fauci have controlled destiny of research for decades in HIV illnesses. British doctors are perplexed by the advent of HIV similarities of “strains” reactions in the carefully monitored international vaccine process. What does that mean. Who can know. I doubt unelected public servants have more knowledge of the dance of covid than anyone else. An Ambassador has read the budget allocated by the UN for the funding of Covid-19 through March 31, 2025. So the UN is funding Covid through that date when it may be “over” by edict of the United Nations. I do not wish to breathe the droplets of vaccinated others. And, I won’t.

  7. This coming from an illegitimate mayor. What happened to that special election 90 days after Ethan’s resignation? And isn’t it ironic that as soon as the vaccines hit the market, news of the Brazilian and African strains were reported. Say, can we even say “Brazilian” and “African” without being accused of xenophobia? Apparently some people can.

  8. Again, a mandate is not a law. Being forced to get the vaccine or mask is like telling someone you are going to be assaulted if you like it or not. What ever happened to my body my choice?
    All I can do is sit back and laugh at Anchorage for allowing this person to dictate to them what they can and can not do.

  9. That is just soooo precious that her royal majesty has condescended to allow the peasants living under her iron fist, to actually go without a face diaper as long as they are outdoors….All. By. Themselves.
    Are all you folks in Anchorage going to prostrate yourselves face down in the dirt in unison, and chant your adoring homage to your benevolent queen?

  10. I would like to know what, if any, science exists to support this relaxation of the mask edict. I suspect that there is none and that the decision is arbitrary – based on how some faux “expert” feels at the moment. And therein lies the problem. Of course from the beginning the “experts” at the MOA have been quite opaque about the science they are relying upon. Give me liberty. Stop the nonsense.

  11. Seems like they are requesting you divulge your medical history to participate in something. Should we start requiring all medical history to be divulged for any activity?

  12. What the hell, you have been vaccinated and you still have to wear a double mask.
    HOW STUPID is that.
    Stop the madness

    Anchorage you need to get out the Votes, are your going to be seeing more of this craziness
    It’s not going to end with this mayor or Dunbar as mayor.

  13. Mask Nazis.. PC Nazis.. Femi-Nazis.. Enviro-Nazis.. when are we going to realize who we are dealing with and drop the damn qualifiers?

  14. I cannot believe people actually let people like this, tell them what they can and cannot do. She works for you, not the other way around. Someone needs to tell her what she can go do.

  15. You are a health risk when you choose to be a disease vector. You can easily mitigate those risks much like we adults have done with polio, small pox, measles, etc.

  16. Hey Mayor, still waiting to see your clinical study that shows masks do anything against the virus. I can show you at least 3 that prove they do not! In fact, a study out of New York proves masks actually exacerbate more sickness by concentrating all the bacteria in the air around your face.

    If we continue to act like sheeple, we deserve the draconian measures of tyrants!

  17. I believe in science and scripture. The earth appears to be our home. The earth was created to be inhabited. There are healing properties in the elements of the earth and trees. Trees like our carbons and thrive. They clear the air for our respirating. I will have fresh sprigs of eucalyptus around, thank you Bagoys. I may smudge more with white California redwood bundles. In the end our immune systems work 24 hours around the clock and don’t take any orders from elected or unelected personages. I’ll be glad when the public fascination turns elsewhere.

  18. The monarch, United Nations, has “Covid” budgeted until 3/31/2025. I have seen the line item. The US funds the UN SOOOOOO…that’s the date “it” ends. I’m not going near anyone emitting vaccine droplets in the meantime. I don’t feel safe.

    • You are hilarious G. How are you going to recognize them?
      Will they be slobbering uncontrollably? You won’t be going on any cruises, that’s for sure. Heheh!

      • Bill, you never know what later side affects could appear. Slobbering, a third earlobe on the forehead, we might actually be able to tell in the near future. Awwww.. and to be stuck on a ship with not only a bunch of strangers, but touristy strangers, what a shame to miss out on that experience.

        • Well, that wouldn’t be my concern as those ships are nothing but big petri dishes IMO. That said there are large numbers of folks clamoring to get aboard-I sure don’t understand it.
          Anyway, no hurry as CDC just left their conditions as is until November so another season without having to get that vaccine to board one. Heheh!

  19. So … basically when you are all alone, you don’t have to wear a mask?

    Haven’t we been doing that already? Who’s going to know if you’re wearing a mask when you are alone?

  20. Can I go to the bathroom AQD? Oh I don’t know which bathroom to use as I self identify as a sheep. I like taking orders from a illegitimate mayor, it makes me feel all fuzzy inside!

  21. Austin- keep burning Anchorage down and spreading misery with your King George style edicts. Meanwhile in the free state of the Matanuska Borough, we are enjoying the increased business due to the refugees flowing out from combloc Anchorage. Capitalism does work and it’s working well on the other side the Knik River bridge.

  22. IF you are vaccinated, you can ALWAYS take off your mask. That is why you should be vaccinated (unless your doctor says there is a personal reason not to). It is nonsense to require masks for ordinary people otherwise. [Some medical and laboratory environments are technical exceptions. People who work in them will understand why?]

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